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You are the true stars on Earth.  You are meant to shine like the sun.   Your main focus these next 3 years is to connect with your value and worth. What does it mean to really love yourself?

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose 2016-2018

The Second Sign -  Taurus Key for 2016-2018 ~ Realize your treasures -  Radiating strength and inner power -Cooperate with others in strerssful times

The Overview
Taurus, Your 2016-2018 cycle offers you three major themes:
 1.    The necessity to move forward with an important path, even when some can't support or help you.

 2.    Empowerment, intensified will and strong vision continue to inspire you to build something of great worth, a family, a business, a strong reliable career, financial security.  Trusting in yourself, pushing through challenging issues, and coming out on top.

 3.    A period in your life in 2016-2018, compromise, conflict, whom do I trust? Individuals offering help, suggestions, or pulling on your capabilities to accommodate them, when your inner voice tells you, don't. A test of trusting your inner self, being patient, and doing your research and using your head.  Put two and two together.

Pluto in Capricorn trine Sun in Taurus

Empowerment Hope and Fulfillment of a Dream

For all Taurus, and especially those who fit into the dates for receiving this marvelous cycle ( shown below) you can now reach certain goals which will truly bring a sense of accomplishment into your world. A drive to excel and focus upon a new way of life is within you. All Taurus from 2009 through 2023 in general, have this boost of good fortune now, to realize their dreams, and be who they really desire to be.
When the planet Pluto moves into a position called a trine ( 120 degree angle to your Sun ) a slow but powerful consistent force empowers your own will, helping you to make great achievements.. This influence of Pluto's energy somehow meshes with your own will and gives you motivation and more energy, good fortune, success, opportunities and blessings. It all depends on your own past history of action and confidence, but please know, you can start now with this cycle....

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius inconjunct Sun in Taurus 
This period puts us into a frustrating time. You are going to have to surrender and do something or agree to something you don't really want to have to do.

Be careful with physical exercise so you do not pull a muscle or pull out your back.
Take your vitamins, be warm, don't slip on the ice, or if in warm climates, overheat.
Be careful driving the entire time of this inconjunct.

Now, after all the physical issues are out of the way, this cycle could bring about a situation where someone is frustrating you, or there is a terrible incongruency of agendas, meanings, interpretations, misunderstandings or out of sync behavior.......Dates included in Full Forecast

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