Monday, February 27, 2017

Venus Retrograde~ March 4, 2017 THE PURGE


I Love Venus Retrogrades and have been anticipating this one since early December 2016. When it came time to examine how it could affect us all, I realized it wasn't just an ordinary love ray event, but globally impacting governments, organizations, communities and each individual to become logical and empowered with the highest goodness. But most importantly it has an  ability to inspire and invigorate each person to stand on their own and be their own person, to be truly an individual empowered, to kick out procrastination, and be all they were meant to be in the highest sense.

With that individuality emphasized, the groups, the communities and the organizations need to follow suit, need to follow the example of the right to be happy and free, empowered and independent, to fulfill a purpose individually and move away from what is politically correct, socially and globally.

This Venus' job March through April is to re-inspire each one of us to have hope again that our heart can sing and we can experience a renewed belief in ourselves, connected with our Higher Self which is very close to each one of us, just beyond the veil. It's exciting and I personally experienced this a few days ago, yet had to go to war with the old patterns that did not want to die. Which is another part of this Venus action in all our lives. I wrote PHASE ONE AND PHASE TWO of the Venus Retro, and it's up. PHASE THREE should be up today or tomorrow, Feb 27, 28.  I would love to share with you what I came up with. Here's the entire article!
Part One Venus Retrograde The Purge
Part Two Venus Retrograde PHASE TWO

Monday, November 21, 2016


There were 12 important cycles involving variations of Mars in Sagittarius retrograde; 
Mars conjoin Saturn;
Mars square Neptune in Pisces; 
Mars/Saturn in Sag oppose Mercury/Venus in Gemini;
Mars square the nodes in Pisces/Virgo; 
Jupiter in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius retro; 
Saturn square the nodes in Pisces/Virgo; 
Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces;
Mercury in Virgo, conjoin Jupiter in Virgo square Mars in Sag; 
Solar Eclipse in Virgo conjoin Jupiter in Virgo,North Node in Virgo, conjoin Mercury retrograde in Virgo, square Saturn in Sagittarius; 
etc….Did I get all 12?  and culminating in the big one, November 2 and 3 of Transiting South Node conjoin Neptune in Pisces......

... As I will describe more later, these are mind, wisdom signs, media, communication, information and processing. The period between April 17 and November 2, was one long mentally exhausting information expose-fest, and it was also a test for us to keep up with it and discern the truth from the lies. At the end was/is the reward.'

They all came and went throughout the summer of 2016 and I witnessed people, organizations, communities confronting hypocrisy and standing up for what they believed was right instead of the projected anti-culture they want to force us to accept. This backwards culture will never be right, it’s wrong and yet they want us to believe we’re off and they are sophisticated. Who are “they”? You know, Mr. Global as Ms. Fitz describes them.

We have gone through a hard April through November, waking up and exercising our brain muscles to discern truth from deception and have the courage and the will to confront what’s wrong. Not only that, reports are that people are all worn out keeping up with one scandal after another. It’s all too much information and sorting it all out- which was exactly what this 12 staged planetary configuration of illumination of the mind, was about.  Especially, the witnessing of the media. Media, wisdom, mental alertness, discernment, ideal aspirations, truth versus deception, intelligent fact checking, reporting and research, using the mind as an instrument to attune one to the higher truths, these are all Gemini/Sagittarius/Pisces,Virgo.    To Read Entire Article, Go Here.....

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hillary and Trump-Election 2016 and Beyond

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The following are the major astrological cycles effecting Hillary Clintons’ astrological chart from October 2016-2017. This is Part Two of Three Parts. The last section that will be uploaded named Part lll, Global Cycles October-December 2016 will cover the latest trends occurring in our lives personally and globally.  So, here we go…..

Transiting Uranus trine Hillary’s Saturn at 21* Leo.
March 15-May 20 2016; October 20-November 25, 2016;  January 20-February 9, 2017
This cycle is an advantageous time in her life where breakthroughs, leadership, media support and all forms of publications, and legal or judicial authority are opening doors for her to obtain the opportunity to release her message. Facts, reports, documentation of important information to come out into the public. Typically, anything a person deeply desires to do or have done during this cycle could happen in their favor. The “royal” Leo power that flows in foreign courts, cultural groups, legal circles, foreign countries are supportive of her desires. When we are dealing with a Scorpio, we are dealing with desires. I honestly have no influence or reference of this, but it leads to some form of desire for Leo authority in the area of influencing social unified beliefs and unity of one mind one purpose, yet it is not in the 10th house of responsibility of highest office of our country, it is located ( Mars in Leo ruling Sun in Scorpio in 12th house) in the 9th house of clergy, royal houses, foreign influences and royal countries and entitled privileged authority or established powers in the 9th house which run the laws of the world. The ninth house governs LAW, the supreme court and so legal influence or backing or foreign Cultural agendas ( 9th house again) are powerfully assisting her during this time,.......

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Uranus sextile his natal Sun
April 20-November 20, 2016; Returns February 12-March 15, 2017.
Success and public exposure, increase popularity, friendships offered, open arms genuine embracing of his message. Courageous and taking risks, open mind, powerful cycle of learning, advancing, embracing the new, the unusual and being exposed to an entirely new way of life. Being invited to join or be part of unique communities. Openly communicating with bold, clear comments, communicating to public openly unconventionally, saying exactly what is on his mind with no filters, embraced by groups, communities, invited to join unique unexpected organized communities, diverse people representing unusual unconventional groups, such as Milo Y. example…this is a transit that is good fortune for exposing the public to everything going on with Trump.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Capricorn-2016-2017 Forecast Report

The Capricorn Forecast is up on the main site and I'm really excited about it! Reports

I was inspired in 2012 to write a simple overview of everyones' Sun Sign and add the most important cycles for that year. It is to emphasize the importance of our Sun Signs again, since many of us receive yearly Transit Reports which include every planet in our birth charts and the variety of cycles we all go in and out of.
But these reports are strictly for the Sun, and as I began working on them, renewing them year after year, they grew and grew and now 2 pages turned into 50 some pages!

Example of Capricorn Report above on the Capricorn 2016-2017 TAB at the top header.

  • I included personal Affirmations for difficult times
  • A Musical Video
  • A personal Video from me, describing the themes for the next two years
  • All the major planets effecting the Sun Sign  and the dates when it occurs
  • A personalized worksheet especially created for that particular Sun Sign 
  • It includes all Mercury retrograde dates in the next two years,
  • Every Mars transit
  • the Eclipses, lunar and solar
  • Venus Retrograde.

They have been a big project, lots of time has been put into creating each one, and I am really pleased with the way they have turned out!

Don't forget to check the blog below for the latest June 2016 Update of weekly descriptions of what is going on for all of us now.
Thanks for your interest,

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beginning of a New Five Month Period of Empowerment-June 2016 Update


I recently became aware of a new 12 event theme which started with Mars Retro April 17.  I want to create an article with these 12 events but it won’t be ready for a few weeks. Expect it around June 10. I am pretty amazed at what I saw and can’t wait to get it out.
But for now, June of 2016 has its own mini themes to discover.
If you missed or want to review the previous four astrology events, they are listed below. A new exciting and brilliant future lies ahead of us. I didn’t know at the time of writing those articles, but I was attempting to capture that future in them, especially the World of Forgotten Ideals and the Mars ~ Culture or Amnesia.  I now see they were the start of this exciting new period we are now walking.

Please click the link below for the NEW JUNE VIDEO UPDATE and for a review of the last four articles. These articles are clues as to how amazing this next period of five months will be for you. We need to work together and become empowered!

Go here for the new article!  JUNE 2016 UPDATE 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Pendulum Swings-May 18-June 3 2016- Astrological Update Continues

 May 1-June 3 2016, and Saturn extending into September 2016.
Jupiter Oppose Neptune
Saturn square Neptune
Mars, Saturn and the Moon in Sagittarius oppose Venus in Gemini
and more
From May 1-June 3, a greater awareness of deceptions, misleading and hidden agendas could be noticed in your own life or globally, over things you care about. These are one of several themes for the next two weeks. Upside down attitudes and statements make the more logical balanced mind feel a bit crazy as you are struggling to figure out what to believe. This astrology cycle first appeared September 10-22, 2015  when it was exact, and is returning again right now up through June 3 2016.  Media, communication and some challenging interactions involving important decisions  need logical sorting out now.  All deception in media will have exposure.  The same goes for our personal life whether it is business, politics,personal, romantic. It is as if we are being asked to expect transparency in these situations but it could be a challenging time because we are discovering faster the deceptions. I am even wondering if we are witnessing malfunction of the mind? Is this personally happening in your life? Or is it primarily a expose of global deceptions becoming transparent. You guys need to watch this.
( For Video and entire article including all the dates and explanations of these important upcoming cycles, please CLICK HERE  )

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Standstill-A QUICK UPDATE MAY 18 2016

SATURN SQUARE JUPITER May 4-June 3 2016 (First started March 8-April 6 2016 )~ brings a laborious serious planning period into high view for your next achievements you would like to accomplish this year. It creates a restlessness to get on with things, but something seems to be stagnating the process. That is because you are meant to reflect, be thorough, go over your plan several times and practice in your mind, on paper how it is actually going to be implemented before you take total action on it.

Right now as Saturn square Jupiter becomes the strongest in the sky, we are at the moment when the entire Victory of all we have been striving for can be won.
It's that point where one push higher with our vision, expand our love and light just a bit more, just one more level of intensity of awakening, tear one more veil away from our mind and eyes and the tide will turn so quickly you can hardly believe it is happening.

It is as if a ripcord is pulled somehow by the collective millions connected heart to heart, and that group heart is connected to the higher dimensions of light, and suddenly you see a most obvious shift in the  of the milieu of the planet.
Peaceful movements are taking action, demands for peace cooperation,
truth and transparency are messaged throughout the communication channels.....FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE, PLEASE GO HERE.

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Read the Full Update-Here

Monday, May 2, 2016

Mars and Saturn ~ Global Trends ~ Part Two April-August 2016

Part Two~Mars Retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius and Global Trends ~ Cultural Preservation or Amnesia ~ April 28-August 2016 

( Photos included in this article are property of the combination of Christine Barrere and Julie Ryder).  There is so much to say in order to capture the essence of the Sagittarian theme of Cultural Diversity, and its value and need for preservation. The energy from Mars as it approaches retrograde (which occurred late March up to April 17, 2016 and the strongest period of it on 4/17-4/24)  causes all sorts of trouble in people’s lives. When it is in Sagittarius, it inserts itself  by trying to wreck our peace, violate boundaries or instigate hurt and social damage someway or somehow.  It can also mark the moment when those elites who think they run the world might be more likely to step up the cultural destruction agenda again and attempt to wreck some global havoc. This article was to come first as Part One, but the geo-earthquake and weather part of this article seemed more urgent last week to upload, so I cut it out, and made it Part One. Here is Part Two which I desired to describe two things:
  • The magnificence of our soul's history on this planet and 
  • The mad agenda of a strange race and their activities of erasing our beautiful and amazing history time and time again.
 By discovering this evidence that is coming out we see that humanity in ancient times were not much different from present times in a way. To see what we have gone through, the incredible cycles of technology, medicine, advanced spiritual heights is truly mind expansive once you begin checking out the evidence, such as ingenious ancient surgical tools, for one. When we observe the patterns of their rise and fall, we see a pattern unfolding surrounding the unique civilizations all over the world.  We observe patterns of their beauty, architecture, then destruction and wipe out, culture after culture  and then it begins to drive a message home. Incredible buildings, statues, architecture and knowledge, some of it can not be replicated today, was remarkable. The stories in our history books did not do justice to the glory of these societies, region by region across the entire planet, nor did they describe accurately what, how and why they were erased or destroyed.  What is going on with this big picture?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mars Retro and the Global Cycles of Civilizations or Warning of Cataclysmic Cycle Beginning? March through August 2016

Part 1 ~ Planetary Trends to watch for.

Potential disruptive earthquake, weather and earth disruptions:

Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius as of April 17 2016.

It will remain in Sagittarius until May 28 2016 and go station Direct on June 29 2016.

This Mars period, has brought much tension and an escalation of physical challenges, sickness, flu, colds and as we uncover in part two, an almost an attack upon a culture of people. It is remarkable who far and wide the illnesses have spread.

As aggressively as it has hit us, we need to match it with aggressive remedies of your choice.

Below are some planetary aspects to consider, some potential earthquake warnings.

The Mars turning retrograde could be a symbol of an aggressive earth challenge to certain regions on the earth. For more earthquake understanding, I like this channel:


April 25-28

Neptune in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo mildly, and is in square to Moon Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius in a tight conjunction.

In addition to potential major earthquakes escalating in a major way during this time, this cycle is very dangerous for military confrontations, political posturing and poorly worded public exposures of certain public issues that could be a strange mystery, now revealed.

Also, personally for all of us,this configuration creates a theme for all, of some sort of challenge we have to overcome our negative mood or bad attitude about something that might have been some kind of build up of a long term issue that has been triggered.

I suppose it is going to take some form of resentment, injustice, or attitude of anger or desire even to retaliate, since these are Sagittarius issues.

This is because of a situation that may have occurred recently or in the past, that we are having a difficult time seeing straight and clear because we are reacting emotionally to the disappointment.

The way out of this aspect's influence is to get real and face certain realities with ourselves, or others' way.

Try to Be honest with this problem, because it will attempt to manipulate your mind to make a big deal out of a partial truth, benefiting your own position. Neptune and Jupiter involved in an opposition says that there are situations you are dealing with that might be very deceptive, and either both parties are at some fault, or the one that has been caught red handed attempting to deceive and avoid accountability with what they did, is absolutely not worth your time pressing accountability upon them. This aspect could then be also a trap to entangle us back into an injustice, we desire straightened out and it is just not worth getting re-entangled back into a situation that might then take a very long time and much suffering to get out of.

May 1-30 Week by week Astrology events ~ In order to read complete list of Events,
Please click Here to get to the Main Starfires Website for the rest of the Article. 

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mercury Retrograde-Taurus 23* April 28-May 22 2016

Quality in the World Surrounding You-Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

The World of forgotten Ideals


Now is the time to engage in a 30 day challenge to accomplish an amazing thing.
What a perfect time to cut through on the confusion in our life or within ourselves. With this new Mercury retrograde we have the usual need for mindfulness with our electronics, transportation, papers and mail, communication and data, however, it is an incredible time for total functionality!
Zero in on one, two or if you are like me 10 projects that are screaming for completion.
There are several ideal categories being magnified right now by this Mercury:
This Mercury is a powerful inspiration to get physical. There are several ideal categories being magnified right now by this Mercury:
1. Your Physical Environment.  Major focus on home improvement, landscaping or yard work, renovation, painting, repairs or purging your home should have already caught your full attention by April 10th or so.
I could feel this pull to take care of these things, a few weeks ago and it was becoming stronger each day. As I write this article, April 14-20 is the power week in which motivation is the strongest and arrangements seem to be finally falling into place with all the help, materials, plans and vision.
Whatever is your physical project, your material world could be top focus now. Open yourself up to all the details and steps required to get to your goal. Not only could they be truly important things, but with the trines ( good aspects) to this Mercury in the physical material sign of Taurus, it’s totally flowing now!
2. MONEY. The Mercury retro trine to Jupiter in Virgo is truly bringing much order and perfection into the power of getting an amazing handle on your money now. Also, combined with transiting North Node in Virgo, the sign of details, perfection and hard work, prioritizing organizing filtering and prioritizing, is intensifying your hearts’ desire to truly bring about the desired outcome for 2016. If you have been having a bit of a setback so far in 2016 getting your financial goals started, it’s possible your inner intuitive part of yourself has known April and May was going to be the right time to finally do it!
Write down or visualize what you want to accomplish by the end of the year, and back track month by month how you could get there and then your job is to verbalize it outloud. “I Am so happy now that I have $_______________ or earn $______________ or am totally free of ______________________. or I Am so happy now that I own, I have, I accomplished…..________!”
Do say this out loud. You can start with your money. Add another sentence for your happiness, your family, your career, your environment, etc.. Keep it simple, and always write it with “I Am so satisfied, I Am so relieved now that, I Am so happy now that, “ etc.. You get it.

For the entire article, Read Here

Sunday, March 27, 2016



Amazing, challenging and revolutionary activities are occurring on planet earth during these strange times of transition from one age to the new. This blog post is to update you on what is coming from Starfires Astrological Services in the next few weeks, and what has been accomplished so far.

I have needed to take a break from writing about these events to focus upon an idea I had several years ago, which was to create a Forecast Report for each Zodiac Sign , a personal and transit cycle Handbook for two years of transits to your Sun Sign, 2016-2017.  I wanted to make them for a few years at a time, in order to use as a guide through your days and months ahead. Why two years? Because I can't even believe how fast 1 year is here and then gone. I might even extend them to three years the next writing cycle.  
These Forecast Reports started out in 2012 to be 3 pages at the most, and now in 2016, have grown to be 45-60 pages long! I am telling you, they are intensely detailed. 
 I have been giving them away for free since 2012, and now decided to charge a small $19.98 for each one.  It was difficult for me to do this, but I wanted them to be seriously packed with info, and in order to do this, I just couldn't give them away anymore. They take days to even a few weeks to write now, where in the past, one might take one day at the most. To write these, and keep up with my personal service to all my clients has been quite a challenge.

So, The Forecast Reports for Aries Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra are finally finished. 
Scorpio-Pisces should be done by the end of April 2016.
I filled them up with dates of all your cycles for your Sun Sign. Cycles you are not going to want to miss!
The cycles included will be constructive and major opportunities and challenging ones you really need to know about. Pluto through Jupiter Transits, Every Mercury Retrograde, dated, and explained according to your own Sun Sign, Mars and Venus retrogrades, and all the Eclipses, Solar and Lunar.
To buy one of these extremely helpful reports from 2016-2017, Go Here
There are affirmations included to help you really anchor the light and progress into your world around you, musical video meditations, an overview video of your next two years, worksheets and Lots of Advice! Go Here to check out my Video telling you all about them!



Next video / article to be published will go into the Mars in Sagittarius Retrograde we all want to watch out for in the next few months.
Be mindful of agitation, irritation and impatience as these are the sure signs you are being activated by this most annoying Mars Retro.
Article should be published on by the End of March 2016


An update on World Trends for 2016 is in the works and should also be ready sometime in April.
The last one was written an entire year ago. I know, it's been too long! But Again, the concentration has been literally to the website, the Zodiac Sun Sign Reports, and have been lecturing and continue to give most of my time to my clients in private updates on their Astrology Cycles for the years ahead.  Please come check out the CONSULTATIONS page to see what I offer for your most careful and enlightened NAVIGATING around personal and planetary opportunities and challenging situations and times.  It is so helpful to know for instance, when to travel, when to stay home,
when to work and focus on your creative amazing projects and jobs, and when to chill, take it easy because it's not so worth it right now.  Time to shift and concentrate on diet, working out, health or family, and time to put your all into your business!


 A New Mercury Retrograde Report is also due!! This one is going to be late April, and in the sign of TAURUS.
I love writing these, because they are new vantage points of how Mercury Retrograde can actually guide you into helpful advancement, acceleration, expansive awarenesses and promptings to call to action for your progress in your life in so many ways.
I'll explain more, when the new report comes out.   Look for it at, on the right column under UPDATES or   Starfires Newsletter Sign Up


Election-Trump, Hillary, Kasich, Cruz, Sanders birthcharts and how they fair for election.
This report due sometime at the end of April, should be highly intriguing, and you won't want to miss it!  Lean what each candidates' personalities are truly all about, what are they inclined to do, think like, prioritize and hide.

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I know you probably have so many subscriptions already, but believe me! you won't be getting too many from me. I am truly busy busy with consulting and even tho I would LOVE  to send you more, the articles and updates come out probably only about once every three months if that. But please don't miss them when it happens, because, just like the Zodiac Sun Sign Reports, I have a habit of jamming each article with very important stuff. 

 Looking forward to an exciting period of new knowledge and inspiration, as I continue to research very fascinating documentaries and articles on what happened to the beautiful human race over the past centuries, who altered our societies, and how is social engineering impacting our preferences and culture today. And! what could we do about it to maintain the original divine blueprints we were meant to enjoy as we love and live on this magnificent planet.

See you soon!
Christine Barrere

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Aquarian Test-Mercury Retrograde January 5 2016

The new Mercury Retrograde beginning this December through January, brings you power. It carries the electric fire of the Aquarian standard to inspire us to push forward, create and manifest the next crucial part of your journey now. It is all about change and transformation, and about manifesting a higher way but there is a test it comes with. The test is the ability to capture the message you could be given now, and it is in two areas.
Your personal self improvement- being shown what needs to change within yourself in order to reap all the benefits of this new you for your 2016 future, and
A global danger the world must wake up to, confront, change it and eliminate it, or it will warp the future blueprint.
Can we pass this test and become new and empowered?  Harness the Mercury in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio as a charge of intention to release the change in your world
Be progressive now! Be transformers. Be advanced, awake and engaged! These are the Aquarian qualities calling to you this time. And as this planet moves seemingly backwards into Capricorn on January 5 for the rest of its cycle, the new blueprint and structure will be put into place for a more advanced life to take place, especially with its trine to Jupiter in Virgo, the protector of the alchemical release. For Full Article, Go Here

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