Virgo 2017-2018

                                           VIRGO FORECAST By Christine Barrere

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Virgo, what would we all do without your desire to perfect? We need your love and your eye for detail mixed with that amazing helpfulness only you possess so powerfully.

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs-

Sixth Sign - Virgo – Key for 2016-2018 ( RECENTLY UPDATED ) Investigate deeply into others' hidden areas when pulled into their world for one reason or another. Don't assume everything is out on the table, and people around you think just like you do, they probably don't.

You have such good fortune for the next three years, cycles of expansion, happiness, focus and productivity. You will get so many important things done. You will need to protect yourself from difficult people here and there. Draw your boundaries and do not be subjected to someone else s' harsh mood, you are not their punching bag. 


Pluto trine Sun in Virgo

During the period of this transit you are in a remarkable time of your life.
If you have felt in anyway prior to this cycle bewildered about any part of your life, now you feel driven, clear and have a purpose.'

 Sometimes it is the moment when you decide, no matter how complicated and compromising your life has been, you now need to break free and begin being who you really are. So the courage and drive to believe you can rise higher, be happier, feel empowered and trust a process of step by step experiencing a greater spiritual and emotional power within can begin. 

 It usually starts about a year before the dates below matching your birthdate, but felt especially on the dates and the most satisfying, at the very end peak date of the entire cycle. Many times I've noticed for some mysterious reason, the Pluto Trine your Sun comes into your life, after a hard and suffering period has occurred. Now you are ready to transform. 
 Will every area of your life suddenly become paradise and perfect? No. It is more like an organic deep within power rising in every direction from your will, the solar plexus and the seat of the soul chakra From the heart, comes the will and courage and creative force of the body. It is then transmitted up into your vision, in general what it is you would like to experience in your life projected in your minds' eye. What do you desire to have taken care of , or resolve, or receive and acquire?

It is the time of a personal and professional upgrade in so many ways, with the positive end goal of SUCCESS! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
In the area of projects, a great idea could have been entering your mind lately and you feel excited about it.

Your cycle leads to success but not without a lot of hard work, analyzing, organizing, calculating and dealing with much detail.
Health and body, style and self care is a positive period, definitely involving self improvement.
You could decide to travel and expand your horizons, and especially if some kind of course, classes, seminars or conferences are being held that you are inspired to take. If this is the case, it will help you for years to come, especially with your professional skills and even spiritual personal growth, more than you know. 
  you are still riding on the wave of that energy, and so when Jupiter moves into Virgo, and Venus retrograde moves into the sign of Virgo, you can experience an increase of excitement and wonderful opportunities. It might not be as powerful however as it will be for Virgos born after September 4.)

Dates for Pluto Trine Sun

Virgos born between August 23-September 4 have already experienced this cycle and are riding on the wave generated which moved you into a new way of life.

( Find your cycle of when you will receive the Pluto Transit in full report)

Remember, You are overcoming an internal voice that may have thought things were not fair, or you were a bit helpless, too weak or unskilled to do something. Now you train yourself to get on with life and grab the reins and do it! Typically life provides all the opportunity you need to move through this period.

Saturn Square your Sun in Virgo
Caution required with another with whom you might need to cooperate with. Certain individuals assuming powerful positions in your life might be untrustworthy. Time to self check all your own actions, motives, agendas and justifications, as they will backfire with this individual at this time.

Even though the Pluto trine Sun period is blessing your life along with many other nice aspects to your Sun, this square from Saturn is tricky.

Someone in your life is behaving strangely. They might be putting pressure on you to support them, but they are not disclosing their agenda or needs deep within, keeping their real motives in the dark. Sometimes it is not as consciously sinister as it sounds, but sometimes it is!
Be careful and know basically you are to protect yourself and truly think through everything you commit to. You're going to have to second guess what someone else is up to, and read between the lines in order to move carefully through the drama.  .........

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