Capricorn 2017-2018

Releasing the Fire for Your Magnificent Years
   The Tenth Sign - Capricorn
   (Born from December   22-January 20)     
Key for 2017-2018
Inclusivity-Desiring to put first things first- Practicality, order, organizing for future Victories.

             by Christine Barrere
  Starfires Astrological Services;;       

You are the true stars on Earth and  meant to shine like the sun. Can you imagine you have a life purpose and your life is a treasure?  Awaken and allow yourself to believe this to be the most important realization of this time.

Thoughts on 2016-2018

To all Capricorns, these years have not been the easiest to get through, yet what an experience of growth and acceptance of certain truths we all need to face in order to be complete and fully awake. Are you ready for your amazing future!? You are embarking upon a journey now, that will lead you to much success. Within this report is a worksheet I recommend you fill out. It is to help you define your life plan so your intention and concentration which are Capricorn qualities, go into success after success, and not wasted in any way. This period is going to bring such good opportunities, and I know it hasn’t been easy over the past 5 or so years.

With the combinations of Uranus and Pluto in your astrological cycles creating necessary transformations in your lives, I very much doubt you are the same person from 5-10 years ago! With everything you have had to overcome, you are now a nuch smarter person. You are the power sign of all the 12 signs you know!

Even though some believe Aries is the very first sign of all the 12 of the zodiac, did you know that Capricorn is actually the power of all the 12? It’s position sits at the top of the wheel; all things begin at that 12:00 position. What this means is that you possess an authority through your own life experience others might not have. Authority and power and the ability to comprehend large scope realities, whether they are within your own family or community of friends, or global. With your ability to comprehend big pictures and one’s necessity to do one's part to nurture and build these matrices of positive ideals, many are inspired by your vision.

I know many Capricorns who have been very important figures in not only my life over the years, but also many others have depended upon them in their lives. I feel and hear their own frustrations that usually they do not have any experience with that sense of power and authority, yet they’re always noticing what they have not accomplished yet.

The tendency to feel inferior next to other’s accomplishments or lifestyles can be a serious flaw, as materialism and worldly standards of ambition plague most Capricorns’ minds daily. Let it go Capricorn-be grateful and relax while you are planning your new project, tuning into the new concepts or blueprints you are about to lay out for all to see. Relax and be happy that all you need to do is contemplate and connect to your higher inner reality that truly has the real power in your life. It holds the vast understanding of all that is and all that must be. You are its reliable vessel, its custodian of the matrices it delivers through you to your world all around.

Your responsibility is to use Time (Saturn=your ruling planet) and Space (the geometry of measuring, calculating and organizing how a plan is to be laid out) wisely and fruitfully. The main theme of this report for the next few years is this: Ask and Ye Shall Receive! In other words, Capricorn, it is one thing to know what you want to accomplish, as all Capricorns have ambition and that can be good! But it’s another thing to watch Capricorns not go to other professionals (a Capricorn quality) for whatever reason, and receive, ask and study the advice and process these specialists lay out for the Capricorn to do, in order for each one of you to truly reach your goals quickly and successfully.

A wise Capricorn CEO of their own business, financial world or home and family.....TO LEARN MORE, VISIT STARFIRES TREASURES.

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