Aries 2017-2018

 ARIES 2017-2018 

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First Sign   -  Aries       Key for 2017-2018   Express and live in your true authentic self versus ego
Engage in life  - Be ready to put away old costumes and replace them with the higher attire.

As you move through the 2017-2018 cycle, each day could be likened to a cup of opportunity.  What you are thinking about throughout the day, and how you “set” your day, so it will go...  Aries, you need game plans each morning to set the theme in order to:

  •     Experiment with your ability to effect change throughout the day
    Feel satisfied you are making progress with your life, whether     
    great or small         
  •     Target larger goals which previously might not have seemed  

Remember, when you put your mind to something, you can accomplish it. Intention each day is the instruction you send to your inner self and all that is alive with intelligence around you. All life desires to respond to your desire to create. To get you started with a new vision for yourself, go through these simple questions. Let’s become crystal clear on what it is you have on your heart to accomplish during this empowered period for you.

Your Journey  ~  Setting your Vision

“What dreams and desires have I shelved in the past?”

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The Overview for Aries for  2017-2018

"In the next few years, consider yourself to be in training to move to your next level of happiness.  One cycle may be ending and  a new one opening up.  This cycle ending is your old way of handling your life and relationships. Regardless of what date your Aries birthday is, you are shifting and growing into more of your true potential now from 2008-2023.  You most likely have a clear goal in mind, something you look forward to realizing soon.
No matter what seems to distract or interfere with your goals, the radiance of your mind,  motivated by confidence and faith in yourself, manifests this dream....."
Uranus in Aries conjoin your Sun in Aries

This cycle is an exciting time of personal  transformation.
It is a marvelous, exciting astrological cycle, stimulating your inspiration to improve on everything around you.   The planet Uranus is noted for being the one planet of all the 10 planets in our charts, to trigger powerful shifts in our life circumstances...."

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Saturn in Sagittarius trine your Sun in Aries

This is a period of time which for all Aries lasts approximately 2 ½ years
beginning December 2014, and leaving December of 2017.
It is a cycle where we are focused in concentration upon one project.  It will require  mastery, strength, support and patience; then when it is over, it is likened to an old obligation reaching its satisfying end. You could have closure with something that took almost an entire year to complete.   It is as if you fulfilled a karmic test of patience. In one way, good fortune can flow into your hands now as this cycle completes. I’ve seen this cycle end successfully even a separation, the closing of a contract with another, a personal project, and I have even  seen a long, legal issue such as a divorce finally coming to an end on the last peak or cycle of this trine. It can bring success in creative business, work, and much independent initiative into an activity, sport, challenge and/or relationship. 

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