Scorpio 2017-2018

Your Scorpio Forecast for 2016-2018

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 Your Scorpio Inspirational Video for 2016-2017
The Overview for Scorpio for 2016-2018
Pluto in Capricorn sextile Scorpio Sun
Jupiter in Virgo sextile Sun in Scorpio
Jupiter in Libra semi-sextile Sun in Scorpio
Mars Retrogrades
Meditation Music for Scorpios
Uranus in Aries inconjunct Sun in Scorpio
Neptune in Pisces trine Sun in Scorpio
Scorpios Worksheet for Transforming Self
Saturn in Sagittarius semi-sextile Sun in Scorpio
Mercury Retrogrades
Venus in Aries inconjunct Sun in Scorpio
Jupiter in Scorpio conjoin Sun in Scorpio
Saturn in Capricorn sextile Sun in Scorpio

(Scorpio born between October 23/24-November 22)

Eighth Sign-Scorpio Key for 2016-2018  Cherish your Vision- Your depth of seeing and knowing assists others with their path. Open self up to necessary adjustments- You are being called to shift

As we move into the 2016-2017 cycle, each day could be likened to a cup of opportunity. Your thoughts throughout the day actually begin forming your real live physical environment over the years. Paying attention to your thoughts and desires are very key now. Scorpio, you need game plans to know where you are going, because so much of why you get projects done is because:
 1.       You see clearly and know where you are going
 2.       You know problem solving happens in segments or pieces and takes patience, time and concentration. You
 3.       You have an intuition about when to exit a situation, stop a project or cut it off with a person because it is not worth your time and effort thereby avoiding much disappointment, loss or frustration in the long run.

Pluto in Capricorn, 2011-2024  sextile Sun in Scorpio

The benefits from experienced mentors

Deep and helpful sharing between you and an important person comes into play throughout this cycle. Sometimes we can only go so far with our life's situations until we need help from another. They hold the experience and training that you can not live without. Too much is at stake to not know how to navigate through this next phase.  Some Scorpios will be receiving the most intense peak of this transit of Pluto, as you can see below with your dates, and so I feel it will be the most obvious to all of you who are experiencing this intense peak to recognize who the mentor actually is! In general, all Scorpios will feel the need to open up to new options, attitudes, perceptions, and paths to embrace.  People truly are trustworthy now and will show you a new and more reliable way to live. entire Pluto sextile Sun in Scorpio with full eBook Report.

Neptune in Pisces trine Sun in Scorpio

The theme of this cycle is spiritual closure-an ending of a long undercurrent of certain karmic cycles. The karmic cycles have been complicated and involved responsibilities with others and a way of life that could have limited your freedom in some manner. The limiting of your freedom to do what you would like to do, or bring into your world and life what you would desire, could actually begin the process of being lifted, one portion at a time.
It is a process, as Neptune could deliver a few wonderful events or things to you during this time, but usually what naturally occurs, is the cycle is to help you gain a confidence and a healing within your life and self so deeply and consistently that you begin to change the way you feel about life, with or without the help of Neptune.
 .( for entire report go here

Uranus in Aries inconjunct Sun in Scorpio
Adjustments, learning, powerful observations and making the sacrifice to accomplish important outcomes require you to take side steps and shifts in your life physically and intellectually.

This cycle is frustrating and extremely demanding. Even if you say your life is always demanding, this cycle is filled with what could look like an ongoing task of accommodating a person or a situation you might not know what to do about. I lived in a place during this period, that was forcing me to focus upon a mission or a larger purpose, and put up with a lot of limitations and individuals who I felt were out of sync with my tribe, you could say.
You might be helping a person, a child, a family member who is not responding very well to your offers.  At the same time, you could be multi-tasking with other responsibilities each one quite demanding. Your financial situation might be a part of the stress as sometimes in cycles like these, everything would be so much easier if we had the money and security to help us straighten out at least a few things much read the entire description of this cycle and find your dates of peaking periods, ....for the entire report of 50 some pages full of a variety of important cycles for you, plus meditation, affirmations and musical keynotes, go to our Treasures Section for the entire eBook Report Here.

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