Pisces 2017-2018


Releasing the Fire of Your
True Inner Purpose
The Twelfth Sign-Pisces 
 ( Born from Feb 19/20 -Mar 19/20)     
 Key For 2016-2018
           By Christine Barrere

No Compromises ~~ This is the time to honor your soul above all else    ~~~  When it comes down to determining what is best for you, trust your deepest feelings and intuition ~~ they will guide you towards freedom and happiness     

Thoughts on Pisces

Pisces, your Sun is the energy system for the soul. It pours warmth and vitality into all your centers.

The Pisces Agenda~~ Appreciating riveting meaningful moments.

Pisces, you have a most amazing gift to spot and appreciate elegance and specific subtle themes found in the world. Whether it is in art, music, theatre, stage performances, styles, atmosphere, food or romantic moments, you can spot the specialness created by gifted people who are masters at creating these moments in time. The enjoyment of reaching high states of consciousness and altered moods is attractive to you. Do you recognize this trait within yourself to seek out experiences unusual and magical or do you bring these experiences into the world of others?

The Sun radiates through your sign imprinting qualities of Pisces into your existence.
The assignment is to save us from the boring, the monotony, the dumb down existence that we find ourselves in from time to time. You bring humor, deep insight, elegance or magic into our worlds.
You “save us” from the mediocrity, and remind us of what could be-how certain things should or could be, putting a twist of the peculiar, the wonderful, the funny or creative into a thing. This is what we need you for. Just be yourself. You don’t have to think too hard about this because my guess is, you already are doing it.
Each Sign has a template or formula and yours is Deep Understanding, Compassion. It’s about the Ideals, the Sacrifice and Spiritual/Scientific Knowledge to provide relief from everything dark and confusing, suffering, diseased or disappointing. Sometimes you might become entangled in the darkness, living in the realms of captured souls, until you rise up and are the savior again.
Many Pisces are simultaneously concentrating on overcoming their own suffering at the same time they rescue another.
Overcoming the world of illusion, presenting an alternative path of richness and ideals captures your audience.
You somehow find yourself involved in projects that have a particular theme again and again. This theme very well could be a thread from your many lives, as if you keep bringing it out in order to enhance it, refine it and thread another tapestry with its light. You take on things no one else knows how to do, nor do they seem to care to learn, yet with your example, you are introducing a mastery they did not know was possible.
You add value and quality to others’ lives. Sometimes it can be an artistic beauty uplifting the public with your design, or it is in a laboratory researching the newest antidote for a virus, or a teacher taking on special needs children.
I’ve seen Actors, Doctors, Botanists, Psychologists, Massage Therapists, Researchers, Programmers and IT Specialists as PIsces geniuses.  Many Pisces crave working on their own behind the scenes independent of others’ control or interference.
It doesn’t matter what it is you do, you are a large blessing for so many. Thank you for showing up and helping us here.
Unless you are busy with a cause or mission, you become restless. Normally, Pisces desire to know and experience as many exotic meaningful places or things they can fit in, in a lifetime.
However, as you get on in years and develop a wiser outlook, you will sit back and narrow your commitments down to certain people and ideals
Some of the people or causes from the past might actually be taking advantage of your kindness, and now you are more willing to play tough love towards them. This also is your powerful insight and understanding, that at some point, the greatest sacrifice you can make at this time, is to allow others to fly, fall, fly and fall, until they can make it on their own. Enabling is honestly not one of Pisces’ problems, as they have a sort of similarity with Virgo personality and become exasperated over being used by people who don’t seem to be pulling their weight or doing things the correct way.

The old descriptions of Pisces as a weak and addictive prone person, depressed drug and alcohol users has always been ridiculous to me. I know Pisces can become upset and crave mood altering.
But of all the Pisces I know, they are simply seeking an experience to alter their outlook and believe in the good again. They learn why things are the way they are, how did they get in this condition, and what do they need to do to fix it.. Pisces somehow know this world is sort of an important illusionary trick and they want the code to rise above it. Overcoming your own jaded views, negative attitude, hypersensitivity to disappointments are important hurdles to master.
Try to notice more throughout your days, how your attitude and critical nature might possibly sabotage the little or important things in your life and your future success. Be scientific and observe how many times during the day your depth of processing information comes to stark barren realities that seem to have little hope of change. Turn it around and train yourself to do the opposite.

        Pisces Inspirational Video ~Themes

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Your Inspirational Pisces Video 2016-2018

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