Aquarius 2017-2018


Your Aquarius Forecast 2016-2018

Releasing the Fire of
Your True Inner Purpose
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The Eleventh Sign - Aquarius  (Born from January 20 - February 19 )     
Key for 2016-2018
Expanding your circle of friends   Get ready for new information that stimulates your mind     Open self to innovative insights  Alerting and Protecting others regarding their sovereign rights and taking possession of their identity and uniqueness on earth
by Christine Barrere
         Aquarius Inspirational Video

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You are the true stars on Earth and meant to shine like the sun. Can you imagine you have a life purpose and your life is a treasure? Awaken and realize this to be the most important concept of this time.

Three Major Themes for Aquarius 2016-2018

1. New friendships and social engagements provide satisfying connections, meetings, discussions and invitations reminding you Aquarius, that your life is much more fulfilled when you are connected to people who share a common purpose.

2. A spiritual and intuitive guidance helps you navigate through the complexities of life. Crucial unique insights help you develop a new approach to life that works for you. You are not alone, but surrounded with light, intelligent guidance, friendship, information and mentors. These friendships drop nuggets of facts and concepts helping you to form a new depth of understanding.

3. Unique music themes stimulate, along with interesting art, movies, entertainment, drama, creative work. Social activities and new creative events change you in some
way for the better. They can bring to you the most deepest powerful knowing inside that you are truly valued. It warms your heart and provides companionship with an intelligent, unconventional and sparkly stimulation. These new inspirations fill your life with friends, invites to join a gym, a club, a theatre group, poetry readings or media and learning activities, They will open your mind. Love relationships also fall into these themes.
With several planets sextile ( 60 degree angle) and semi-sextiling ( 30 degree angle)  your Sun in Aquarius, the major theme will be about:

  • Sharing ideas between you and others who are refreshingly creative and independent
  • Expanding your knowledge and stimulating conversations
  • Love and gratitude easily expressed
  • Friendships and connecting, you belong
  • Compatibility with others validating your worth
  • Appreciating others’ gifts
  • Experimenting successfully with your powers of manifesting
  • Contributing worthwhile information, service, facts and research for community,
  • Advanced and unusual information coming your way to open your mind,
  • Spiritual quickening and guidance,
  • Being enlightened and receiving powerful visions, imagery and intuitive guidance.
  • Stimulating neighborhoods and communities.

Important Qualities of Aquarius..... to learn more go to Starfires Treasures

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