Leo 2017-2018

Forecast for Leos  2017-2018 Update


LEO 2017-2018

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  • Saturn Trine your Sun
  • Pluto inconjunct your Sun
  • Venus retro trine your Sun
  • Mars trine your Sun
  • Uranus trine your Sun
  • Jupiter semi-sextile your Sun
  • Jupiter in Libra sextile your Sun
  • Jupiter in Scorpio square your Sun
  • Neptune inconjunct your Sun
  • All Mercury retrogrades and their dates for LEO
  • All Solar and Lunar Eclipses and their dates for LEO
  • and much more...

Fifth Sign - Leo – Key for 2017-2018

Becoming comfortable with your mastery - Move into your true role, leading others who need your confidence Joy and Self Assurance You inspire all who bask in your presence now
Let's see what is in store for your years ahead and increase all the good that is coming your way!!

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Sun in Leo
This period from December 2015 into 2017, creates stability and strength for you.
It is a beautiful time for all business matters and approaching all projects with an extremely pragmatic manner.
You expect others to perform with integrity and if there are people in your life who cause uncertainty, conflict and confusion in your world, with this cycle, you have no problem setting up strong boundaries and expectations from others to either support your standards, or move on.
You have common sense. You are mature, balanced, objective and realistic. That is the key theme with this cycle, is realism. It's lovely to have magical thinking here and there, but something important I trust is happening in the world around you at this time, and you lean towards wanting the truth and making important decisions for your life and people that are in your care, based upon facts and whether it supports your own integrity and standard now.

Your love and guidance for children will inspire them and feel they are truly loved and taken care of. The ideas which inspire you among family and children, provide opportunity to grow up and follow your lead rather than being neglected or spoiled. They will respond very well to your example. If you are teaching them something new, now you will see the best progress! Clubs, games, sports, organizations with children, including support for their education, will bring cooperation and a steady increase of mastery and positive achievements. All this can be experienced with your kids now.

When we have Saturn trine Sun our systems go much smoother and we feel more balanced more in control have an inner maturity that can handle things better keep things even which also contribute to being able to reach the end goal.

Business is steady, you feel confident and professional. You could be experiencing a trust within your inner light and mastery that you can depend upon, and more than anything, accept it really exists!
Good fortune with profession, leadership, management administration, providing a standard others can believe in and elevate their usual status quo........."


This is cycle is very stimulating and exciting for you and will come mostly once, sometimes twice in your lifetime. A trine from Uranus to any of our planets, but especially our Sun, is dynamic, exciting and creates breakthroughs in our life. This cycle is different from the others, because it is quick like lightning, fireworks and electric change. Inspirations can come suddenly out of nowhere!

If you are stuck in some challenging situation and see no end, this cycle can suddenly come into your world, especially during the 2nd wave or peak as you will read below, and transform the entire frustrating situation into one of liberation and a new day!

So this is a very nice exciting astrological cycle to feel liberated from oppression, even those situations you have been enduring for so so so long!! It can bring new relationships into your life.

It can open the way for a career acceleration.   

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