Monday, February 27, 2017

Venus Retrograde~ March 4, 2017 THE PURGE


I Love Venus Retrogrades and have been anticipating this one since early December 2016. When it came time to examine how it could affect us all, I realized it wasn't just an ordinary love ray event, but globally impacting governments, organizations, communities and each individual to become logical and empowered with the highest goodness. But most importantly it has an  ability to inspire and invigorate each person to stand on their own and be their own person, to be truly an individual empowered, to kick out procrastination, and be all they were meant to be in the highest sense.

With that individuality emphasized, the groups, the communities and the organizations need to follow suit, need to follow the example of the right to be happy and free, empowered and independent, to fulfill a purpose individually and move away from what is politically correct, socially and globally.

This Venus' job March through April is to re-inspire each one of us to have hope again that our heart can sing and we can experience a renewed belief in ourselves, connected with our Higher Self which is very close to each one of us, just beyond the veil. It's exciting and I personally experienced this a few days ago, yet had to go to war with the old patterns that did not want to die. Which is another part of this Venus action in all our lives. I wrote PHASE ONE AND PHASE TWO of the Venus Retro, and it's up. PHASE THREE should be up today or tomorrow, Feb 27, 28.  I would love to share with you what I came up with. Here's the entire article!
Part One Venus Retrograde The Purge
Part Two Venus Retrograde PHASE TWO
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