Monday, November 21, 2016


There were 12 important cycles involving variations of Mars in Sagittarius retrograde; 
Mars conjoin Saturn;
Mars square Neptune in Pisces; 
Mars/Saturn in Sag oppose Mercury/Venus in Gemini;
Mars square the nodes in Pisces/Virgo; 
Jupiter in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius retro; 
Saturn square the nodes in Pisces/Virgo; 
Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces;
Mercury in Virgo, conjoin Jupiter in Virgo square Mars in Sag; 
Solar Eclipse in Virgo conjoin Jupiter in Virgo,North Node in Virgo, conjoin Mercury retrograde in Virgo, square Saturn in Sagittarius; 
etc….Did I get all 12?  and culminating in the big one, November 2 and 3 of Transiting South Node conjoin Neptune in Pisces......

... As I will describe more later, these are mind, wisdom signs, media, communication, information and processing. The period between April 17 and November 2, was one long mentally exhausting information expose-fest, and it was also a test for us to keep up with it and discern the truth from the lies. At the end was/is the reward.'

They all came and went throughout the summer of 2016 and I witnessed people, organizations, communities confronting hypocrisy and standing up for what they believed was right instead of the projected anti-culture they want to force us to accept. This backwards culture will never be right, it’s wrong and yet they want us to believe we’re off and they are sophisticated. Who are “they”? You know, Mr. Global as Ms. Fitz describes them.

We have gone through a hard April through November, waking up and exercising our brain muscles to discern truth from deception and have the courage and the will to confront what’s wrong. Not only that, reports are that people are all worn out keeping up with one scandal after another. It’s all too much information and sorting it all out- which was exactly what this 12 staged planetary configuration of illumination of the mind, was about.  Especially, the witnessing of the media. Media, wisdom, mental alertness, discernment, ideal aspirations, truth versus deception, intelligent fact checking, reporting and research, using the mind as an instrument to attune one to the higher truths, these are all Gemini/Sagittarius/Pisces,Virgo.    To Read Entire Article, Go Here.....
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