Saturday, June 4, 2016

Capricorn-2016-2017 Forecast Report

The Capricorn Forecast is up on the main site and I'm really excited about it! Reports

I was inspired in 2012 to write a simple overview of everyones' Sun Sign and add the most important cycles for that year. It is to emphasize the importance of our Sun Signs again, since many of us receive yearly Transit Reports which include every planet in our birth charts and the variety of cycles we all go in and out of.
But these reports are strictly for the Sun, and as I began working on them, renewing them year after year, they grew and grew and now 2 pages turned into 50 some pages!

Example of Capricorn Report above on the Capricorn 2016-2017 TAB at the top header.

  • I included personal Affirmations for difficult times
  • A Musical Video
  • A personal Video from me, describing the themes for the next two years
  • All the major planets effecting the Sun Sign  and the dates when it occurs
  • A personalized worksheet especially created for that particular Sun Sign 
  • It includes all Mercury retrograde dates in the next two years,
  • Every Mars transit
  • the Eclipses, lunar and solar
  • Venus Retrograde.

They have been a big project, lots of time has been put into creating each one, and I am really pleased with the way they have turned out!

Don't forget to check the blog below for the latest June 2016 Update of weekly descriptions of what is going on for all of us now.
Thanks for your interest,
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