Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beginning of a New Five Month Period of Empowerment-June 2016 Update


I recently became aware of a new 12 event theme which started with Mars Retro April 17.  I want to create an article with these 12 events but it won’t be ready for a few weeks. Expect it around June 10. I am pretty amazed at what I saw and can’t wait to get it out.
But for now, June of 2016 has its own mini themes to discover.
If you missed or want to review the previous four astrology events, they are listed below. A new exciting and brilliant future lies ahead of us. I didn’t know at the time of writing those articles, but I was attempting to capture that future in them, especially the World of Forgotten Ideals and the Mars ~ Culture or Amnesia.  I now see they were the start of this exciting new period we are now walking.

Please click the link below for the NEW JUNE VIDEO UPDATE and for a review of the last four articles. These articles are clues as to how amazing this next period of five months will be for you. We need to work together and become empowered!

Go here for the new article!  JUNE 2016 UPDATE 

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