Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Pendulum Swings-May 18-June 3 2016- Astrological Update Continues

 May 1-June 3 2016, and Saturn extending into September 2016.
Jupiter Oppose Neptune
Saturn square Neptune
Mars, Saturn and the Moon in Sagittarius oppose Venus in Gemini
and more
From May 1-June 3, a greater awareness of deceptions, misleading and hidden agendas could be noticed in your own life or globally, over things you care about. These are one of several themes for the next two weeks. Upside down attitudes and statements make the more logical balanced mind feel a bit crazy as you are struggling to figure out what to believe. This astrology cycle first appeared September 10-22, 2015  when it was exact, and is returning again right now up through June 3 2016.  Media, communication and some challenging interactions involving important decisions  need logical sorting out now.  All deception in media will have exposure.  The same goes for our personal life whether it is business, politics,personal, romantic. It is as if we are being asked to expect transparency in these situations but it could be a challenging time because we are discovering faster the deceptions. I am even wondering if we are witnessing malfunction of the mind? Is this personally happening in your life? Or is it primarily a expose of global deceptions becoming transparent. You guys need to watch this.
( For Video and entire article including all the dates and explanations of these important upcoming cycles, please CLICK HERE  )

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