Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Standstill-A QUICK UPDATE MAY 18 2016

SATURN SQUARE JUPITER May 4-June 3 2016 (First started March 8-April 6 2016 )~ brings a laborious serious planning period into high view for your next achievements you would like to accomplish this year. It creates a restlessness to get on with things, but something seems to be stagnating the process. That is because you are meant to reflect, be thorough, go over your plan several times and practice in your mind, on paper how it is actually going to be implemented before you take total action on it.

Right now as Saturn square Jupiter becomes the strongest in the sky, we are at the moment when the entire Victory of all we have been striving for can be won.
It's that point where one push higher with our vision, expand our love and light just a bit more, just one more level of intensity of awakening, tear one more veil away from our mind and eyes and the tide will turn so quickly you can hardly believe it is happening.

It is as if a ripcord is pulled somehow by the collective millions connected heart to heart, and that group heart is connected to the higher dimensions of light, and suddenly you see a most obvious shift in the  of the milieu of the planet.
Peaceful movements are taking action, demands for peace cooperation,
truth and transparency are messaged throughout the communication channels.....FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE, PLEASE GO HERE.

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