Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mercury Retrograde-Taurus 23* April 28-May 22 2016

Quality in the World Surrounding You-Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

The World of forgotten Ideals


Now is the time to engage in a 30 day challenge to accomplish an amazing thing.
What a perfect time to cut through on the confusion in our life or within ourselves. With this new Mercury retrograde we have the usual need for mindfulness with our electronics, transportation, papers and mail, communication and data, however, it is an incredible time for total functionality!
Zero in on one, two or if you are like me 10 projects that are screaming for completion.
There are several ideal categories being magnified right now by this Mercury:
This Mercury is a powerful inspiration to get physical. There are several ideal categories being magnified right now by this Mercury:
1. Your Physical Environment.  Major focus on home improvement, landscaping or yard work, renovation, painting, repairs or purging your home should have already caught your full attention by April 10th or so.
I could feel this pull to take care of these things, a few weeks ago and it was becoming stronger each day. As I write this article, April 14-20 is the power week in which motivation is the strongest and arrangements seem to be finally falling into place with all the help, materials, plans and vision.
Whatever is your physical project, your material world could be top focus now. Open yourself up to all the details and steps required to get to your goal. Not only could they be truly important things, but with the trines ( good aspects) to this Mercury in the physical material sign of Taurus, it’s totally flowing now!
2. MONEY. The Mercury retro trine to Jupiter in Virgo is truly bringing much order and perfection into the power of getting an amazing handle on your money now. Also, combined with transiting North Node in Virgo, the sign of details, perfection and hard work, prioritizing organizing filtering and prioritizing, is intensifying your hearts’ desire to truly bring about the desired outcome for 2016. If you have been having a bit of a setback so far in 2016 getting your financial goals started, it’s possible your inner intuitive part of yourself has known April and May was going to be the right time to finally do it!
Write down or visualize what you want to accomplish by the end of the year, and back track month by month how you could get there and then your job is to verbalize it outloud. “I Am so happy now that I have $_______________ or earn $______________ or am totally free of ______________________. or I Am so happy now that I own, I have, I accomplished…..________!”
Do say this out loud. You can start with your money. Add another sentence for your happiness, your family, your career, your environment, etc.. Keep it simple, and always write it with “I Am so satisfied, I Am so relieved now that, I Am so happy now that, “ etc.. You get it.

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