Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beginning of a New Five Month Period of Empowerment-June 2016 Update


I recently became aware of a new 12 event theme which started with Mars Retro April 17.  I want to create an article with these 12 events but it won’t be ready for a few weeks. Expect it around June 10. I am pretty amazed at what I saw and can’t wait to get it out.
But for now, June of 2016 has its own mini themes to discover.
If you missed or want to review the previous four astrology events, they are listed below. A new exciting and brilliant future lies ahead of us. I didn’t know at the time of writing those articles, but I was attempting to capture that future in them, especially the World of Forgotten Ideals and the Mars ~ Culture or Amnesia.  I now see they were the start of this exciting new period we are now walking.

Please click the link below for the NEW JUNE VIDEO UPDATE and for a review of the last four articles. These articles are clues as to how amazing this next period of five months will be for you. We need to work together and become empowered!

Go here for the new article!  JUNE 2016 UPDATE 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Pendulum Swings-May 18-June 3 2016- Astrological Update Continues

 May 1-June 3 2016, and Saturn extending into September 2016.
Jupiter Oppose Neptune
Saturn square Neptune
Mars, Saturn and the Moon in Sagittarius oppose Venus in Gemini
and more
From May 1-June 3, a greater awareness of deceptions, misleading and hidden agendas could be noticed in your own life or globally, over things you care about. These are one of several themes for the next two weeks. Upside down attitudes and statements make the more logical balanced mind feel a bit crazy as you are struggling to figure out what to believe. This astrology cycle first appeared September 10-22, 2015  when it was exact, and is returning again right now up through June 3 2016.  Media, communication and some challenging interactions involving important decisions  need logical sorting out now.  All deception in media will have exposure.  The same goes for our personal life whether it is business, politics,personal, romantic. It is as if we are being asked to expect transparency in these situations but it could be a challenging time because we are discovering faster the deceptions. I am even wondering if we are witnessing malfunction of the mind? Is this personally happening in your life? Or is it primarily a expose of global deceptions becoming transparent. You guys need to watch this.
( For Video and entire article including all the dates and explanations of these important upcoming cycles, please CLICK HERE  )

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Standstill-A QUICK UPDATE MAY 18 2016

SATURN SQUARE JUPITER May 4-June 3 2016 (First started March 8-April 6 2016 )~ brings a laborious serious planning period into high view for your next achievements you would like to accomplish this year. It creates a restlessness to get on with things, but something seems to be stagnating the process. That is because you are meant to reflect, be thorough, go over your plan several times and practice in your mind, on paper how it is actually going to be implemented before you take total action on it.

Right now as Saturn square Jupiter becomes the strongest in the sky, we are at the moment when the entire Victory of all we have been striving for can be won.
It's that point where one push higher with our vision, expand our love and light just a bit more, just one more level of intensity of awakening, tear one more veil away from our mind and eyes and the tide will turn so quickly you can hardly believe it is happening.

It is as if a ripcord is pulled somehow by the collective millions connected heart to heart, and that group heart is connected to the higher dimensions of light, and suddenly you see a most obvious shift in the  of the milieu of the planet.
Peaceful movements are taking action, demands for peace cooperation,
truth and transparency are messaged throughout the communication channels.....FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE, PLEASE GO HERE.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Mars and Saturn ~ Global Trends ~ Part Two April-August 2016

Part Two~Mars Retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius and Global Trends ~ Cultural Preservation or Amnesia ~ April 28-August 2016 

( Photos included in this article are property of the combination of Christine Barrere and Julie Ryder).  There is so much to say in order to capture the essence of the Sagittarian theme of Cultural Diversity, and its value and need for preservation. The energy from Mars as it approaches retrograde (which occurred late March up to April 17, 2016 and the strongest period of it on 4/17-4/24)  causes all sorts of trouble in people’s lives. When it is in Sagittarius, it inserts itself  by trying to wreck our peace, violate boundaries or instigate hurt and social damage someway or somehow.  It can also mark the moment when those elites who think they run the world might be more likely to step up the cultural destruction agenda again and attempt to wreck some global havoc. This article was to come first as Part One, but the geo-earthquake and weather part of this article seemed more urgent last week to upload, so I cut it out, and made it Part One. Here is Part Two which I desired to describe two things:
  • The magnificence of our soul's history on this planet and 
  • The mad agenda of a strange race and their activities of erasing our beautiful and amazing history time and time again.
 By discovering this evidence that is coming out we see that humanity in ancient times were not much different from present times in a way. To see what we have gone through, the incredible cycles of technology, medicine, advanced spiritual heights is truly mind expansive once you begin checking out the evidence, such as ingenious ancient surgical tools, for one. When we observe the patterns of their rise and fall, we see a pattern unfolding surrounding the unique civilizations all over the world.  We observe patterns of their beauty, architecture, then destruction and wipe out, culture after culture  and then it begins to drive a message home. Incredible buildings, statues, architecture and knowledge, some of it can not be replicated today, was remarkable. The stories in our history books did not do justice to the glory of these societies, region by region across the entire planet, nor did they describe accurately what, how and why they were erased or destroyed.  What is going on with this big picture?

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