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Amazing, challenging and revolutionary activities are occurring on planet earth during these strange times of transition from one age to the new. This blog post is to update you on what is coming from Starfires Astrological Services in the next few weeks, and what has been accomplished so far.

I have needed to take a break from writing about these events to focus upon an idea I had several years ago, which was to create a Forecast Report for each Zodiac Sign , a personal and transit cycle Handbook for two years of transits to your Sun Sign, 2016-2017.  I wanted to make them for a few years at a time, in order to use as a guide through your days and months ahead. Why two years? Because I can't even believe how fast 1 year is here and then gone. I might even extend them to three years the next writing cycle.  
These Forecast Reports started out in 2012 to be 3 pages at the most, and now in 2016, have grown to be 45-60 pages long! I am telling you, they are intensely detailed. 
 I have been giving them away for free since 2012, and now decided to charge a small $19.98 for each one.  It was difficult for me to do this, but I wanted them to be seriously packed with info, and in order to do this, I just couldn't give them away anymore. They take days to even a few weeks to write now, where in the past, one might take one day at the most. To write these, and keep up with my personal service to all my clients has been quite a challenge.

So, The Forecast Reports for Aries Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo-Libra are finally finished. 
Scorpio-Pisces should be done by the end of April 2016.
I filled them up with dates of all your cycles for your Sun Sign. Cycles you are not going to want to miss!
The cycles included will be constructive and major opportunities and challenging ones you really need to know about. Pluto through Jupiter Transits, Every Mercury Retrograde, dated, and explained according to your own Sun Sign, Mars and Venus retrogrades, and all the Eclipses, Solar and Lunar.
To buy one of these extremely helpful reports from 2016-2017, Go Here
There are affirmations included to help you really anchor the light and progress into your world around you, musical video meditations, an overview video of your next two years, worksheets and Lots of Advice! Go Here to check out my Video telling you all about them!



Next video / article to be published will go into the Mars in Sagittarius Retrograde we all want to watch out for in the next few months.
Be mindful of agitation, irritation and impatience as these are the sure signs you are being activated by this most annoying Mars Retro.
Article should be published on by the End of March 2016


An update on World Trends for 2016 is in the works and should also be ready sometime in April.
The last one was written an entire year ago. I know, it's been too long! But Again, the concentration has been literally to the website, the Zodiac Sun Sign Reports, and have been lecturing and continue to give most of my time to my clients in private updates on their Astrology Cycles for the years ahead.  Please come check out the CONSULTATIONS page to see what I offer for your most careful and enlightened NAVIGATING around personal and planetary opportunities and challenging situations and times.  It is so helpful to know for instance, when to travel, when to stay home,
when to work and focus on your creative amazing projects and jobs, and when to chill, take it easy because it's not so worth it right now.  Time to shift and concentrate on diet, working out, health or family, and time to put your all into your business!


 A New Mercury Retrograde Report is also due!! This one is going to be late April, and in the sign of TAURUS.
I love writing these, because they are new vantage points of how Mercury Retrograde can actually guide you into helpful advancement, acceleration, expansive awarenesses and promptings to call to action for your progress in your life in so many ways.
I'll explain more, when the new report comes out.   Look for it at, on the right column under UPDATES or   Starfires Newsletter Sign Up


Election-Trump, Hillary, Kasich, Cruz, Sanders birthcharts and how they fair for election.
This report due sometime at the end of April, should be highly intriguing, and you won't want to miss it!  Lean what each candidates' personalities are truly all about, what are they inclined to do, think like, prioritize and hide.

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I know you probably have so many subscriptions already, but believe me! you won't be getting too many from me. I am truly busy busy with consulting and even tho I would LOVE  to send you more, the articles and updates come out probably only about once every three months if that. But please don't miss them when it happens, because, just like the Zodiac Sun Sign Reports, I have a habit of jamming each article with very important stuff. 

 Looking forward to an exciting period of new knowledge and inspiration, as I continue to research very fascinating documentaries and articles on what happened to the beautiful human race over the past centuries, who altered our societies, and how is social engineering impacting our preferences and culture today. And! what could we do about it to maintain the original divine blueprints we were meant to enjoy as we love and live on this magnificent planet.

See you soon!
Christine Barrere

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