Sunday, August 23, 2015

September through Winter 2015

Many are focused upon the upcoming predictions for September through winter 2015. An article is coming very soon, compiling what might be expected.
For a quick reminder of the astrological cycle we are going back into, Neptune Square Saturn is the main theme.
It is the tension of confronting many Neptunian games, and those key issues that have not been disclosed to the majority of the people, but are now being challenged, questioned, and brought into light.
These key issues are geo-physical, such as Kerry and French Foreign Minister's 500 days before Climate Chaos announcement in 2014  ( Go here for video)
the Pope arriving on September 22-23 to address congress,
and many more.
We have heard of these kinds of escalations of events before, all leading to a particular month and week, I am not too jangled by the upcoming fearmongering.  Plus, there is a plan you and I both have to mitigate and/or navigate around these situations successfully.

This past year has been unbelievable in regards to hidden information coming out in the open publicly.  I want to bring up many of these revelations.

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