Monday, January 26, 2015

Catherine Austin Fittz and Richard Dolan

The Interview between Catherine and Richard is deeply satisfying especially in the context of the global economics' complex and confusing behavior.

I won't promise this will be the last link I choose to upload on the blog, but I do see how it could become kind of addicting, and I will reference this subject carefully.  It will be hard however, because of its core explanation of everything unexplainable  the surface media is not clarifying with the economy and other crucial government decisions and movements.
   If you decide to listen, be patient and allow yourself to get through the entire conversation. The reason is because of the priceless references to the trillions of dollars being secretly spent on high technology and the depriving of the public of not only this technology but participating in creating open businesses with it.
So, without further introduction, here is Catherine Austin Fitz and Richard Dolan in Spring of 2014 discussing Breakaway Civilization.
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