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LIBRA 2014-2017 Aries -Libra Now Uploaded

Libra Forecast 2015-2017      406-222-1763
You are the true stars on this Earth. You are meant to shine like the Sun. A shift has occurred revealing to many, their own power inherent within.

If allowed to create without blocks and restrictions, we can realize our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. Like the Cosmos and the Sun, we are star-stuff, sun potential, energy consciousness desiring an unfolding of better and more fulfilling ways of life for self, our loved ones, children and family and the world around us.
The Sun Sign is where we begin to express our potential and begin influencing matter/life with our sparks! Our consciousness has a unique identity expressing itself as one of 12 signs for an important reason. It is to reach a potential of one of the 12 divine qualities of that God-Stuff that permeates everywhere, because each of these 12 qualities of the 12 signs' higher traits, are all prism rays of the one great consciousness of all that is. So your Sun Sign, is important to embrace. Enjoy and love all those qualities inherent within that sign you were born under and realize how easy it is to reach your full qualities of that sign in this life.
The qualities of Libra are many. Did you know Libra is the zodiac sign of grace, beauty, wealth, luxury and refinement?
Libras have an affinity for jewelry, beautiful clothes, good food and refined surroundings. Libras have a natural quality to be friendly with everyone. They truly aspire to lift everyone's day, and bring peace, hopefulness, enlightened conversation and beauty to others.
Music and art can play a very significant part in your life, and others enjoy your art so much you become a welcome part of their circle.
Another beautiful quality of Libra is your sense of justice and fairness. You have an uncanny ability to see right through everyone's issues, where they stand and be able to help shed clarity and reality into anothers' understanding. It can help elevate that person into a higher way of seeing themselves and their issues. The most powerful thing on this earth to you, is conversation. Questions, comments, answers, insights, intimacy and bonding with another. These are the precious qualities of Libra.
An ability to see both sides of a situation. The ability to focus upon reality and call out a liar. You don't like deception. You don't like people who betray, manipulate and are focused upon self preservation. Yet sometimes, Libras avoid confrontation, tell a little white lie, avoid making someone angry or hurt, so leaving a favorable impression, and keeping their opinion secretly inside.
Everything important centers on conversations, and air signs are superior in this area, which would be Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Being aware of this, one can see how important it is to speak truth, or hold back, or either help and bring peace, or decide not to get entangled so as to avoid making challenging karma. Relationships, give and take, back and forth, this way and that way, these are Libra's decisions. It's not so much right or wrong, but instead, it's all about REALITY VERSUS DELUSION. Stay in reality of every situation, and try not to either accomodate  illusion, or be in self delusion or avoidance and denial. It takes courage to face one's self denial, but Libras can do this powerfully, then embrace REALITY and move towards that new path. We do it many many times throughout our life when new events arise.

The planets' “transit” around the solar system and will make certain connections, positive or challenging to your Sun Sign month after month. This report is a simple report upon locating and defining each cycle of all the planets at this time, which could play a significant influence to your Sun Sign and your life over the next few years, and how you might feel or respond to the cycles.
The purpose of this report is to give you some support and vision into what kind of events you might expect to encounter in the years ahead. If they be challenging situations, it helps us understand why it might be occurring. The dates can also help us to know when the cycle is actually over! The positive cycles lift us up and reveal that we actually are in a favorable period to accomplish certain things, achieve goals, have experiences which help us fulfill those Sun/Creative ideas in our mind and imagery and realize them in our physical world around us! It is important to comprehend, this report is for you Sun Sign, and will not be including all your other planets' positions in your personal birth chart. Your Natal Birth Chart has many more cycles to report, but this is only for your Sun. If you would like an even more complete analysis of your years ahead, you may call or email me to set up a more extensive forecast including all your planets, not just the Sun. I hope you enjoy this and it helps bring a bit of clarity and vision your way during these murky and somewhat confusing times.

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs - The Seventh Sign – Libra- Key for 2015-2017
Choose relationships with integrity- Communicate truth Express yourself through sharpened perception
As we move into 2015-2017 cycle, each day could be likened to a cup of opportunity. This year for you Libra, has one powerful theme:: your ability to live in two worlds at the same time. Since Libra rules the scales and deals much with balance and seeing both sides of each situation, it's easy to flip fop and vacillate back and forth between two points, two people or perspectives, and feel you are caught between the world you knew before, and the new realities around you now.
But, what is going to happen in the next few years for you, will be the courage and conviction to love yourself and the living spirit that is inside your body and heart. You will sense a new wisdom and comfort encouraging you to do the right thing, moment by moment, and suddenly, there are no more conflicts with your friends and relationships. If you must hold the line, and draw a boundary with another person, saying, I care about you, and want you to have your way, but I don't agree, it doesn't feel right for me, and I will have to follow my inner guidance.
What a revelation! And! at the same time, be able to comfort and relate to someone else's reality and not feel like you need to abandon your own conviction and truth as it works for you. You will become confident that as you talk out issues with others, you won't feel pressure to give up your position in order to just be liked by this other persons' vantage point, even if they are seriously pressing you to sympathize with them.

What a liberating feeling this is going to be, to love and trust yourself, but still be there for the other person in their crisis..........more in the Full Report. 

Forecast 2015-2018

Jupiter semi-sextile Sun in Libra

A nice period of ease and support from your friends and partners. It is a mild subtle harmony and good fortune for all meetings, relating with others, and basically having a nice time with others.  All Libras get this transit from August 12 2015- September 9 2016

 Neptune inconjunct Sun
With this new cycle you could be suddenly thrown into a new role where you need to master a new skill very quickly, a new job, a new position you are taking on, you have volunteered to tackle an exciting but daunting task recently you have moved into.

This cycle is usually temporary and it is a learning experience, but it seems as if there is no one else to do the job but you!
You're going through a learning curve with your professional or community activities which requires a powerful change in your self image now.
Something you have never done before, but you know you can tackle it, falls upon you during these times. This is a very important position you are now playing.
It could be a new elevated position you know you must do, fill the shoes, learn the ropes, because you are called and no one else can do it correctly but you. You have earned the role or the part.

With a Neptune in this kind of aspect to your Sun, there could also be people who are not happy you have this new position, or an awkward shifting around of schedules, people or job roles could happen in order to accomplish this, and a kind of mix up, delay or chaos can be swirling around you.

Part of the challenge of this new learning curve, is being able to handle an uncomfortable truth or realization you have just walked into. I think this cycle is multifaceted. It entails:
Accepting a daunting task ahead with courage and trust the process day by day will find a way to accomplish this. Adjusting to this new role that requires preparation and becoming educated and informed in order to do the job.
Handling others reactions to your new position or role in life, who are doubtful, jealous, negative or somehow in a bit of competition to your good fortune.
You are going to need to learn something new and people will be depending upon your ability to grasp the need of the hour. Focus upon a game plan. Organize your thoughts and calculate exactly how you are going to play out this new position at this time.

Born: Dates                                    The cycle is:
Sept 30-Oct 1                                 Feb 15 2015-Mar 10 2015; Oct 1 – 25 2015; Dec I 10-25 2015
Oct 1-3                                             Jan 1 – March 14 2016
Oct 4-6                                             March 2016- April 5 2017  

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Libra Musical Meditation

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