Monday, January 26, 2015

Catherine Austin Fittz and Richard Dolan

The Interview between Catherine and Richard is deeply satisfying especially in the context of the global economics' complex and confusing behavior.

I won't promise this will be the last link I choose to upload on the blog, but I do see how it could become kind of addicting, and I will reference this subject carefully.  It will be hard however, because of its core explanation of everything unexplainable  the surface media is not clarifying with the economy and other crucial government decisions and movements.
   If you decide to listen, be patient and allow yourself to get through the entire conversation. The reason is because of the priceless references to the trillions of dollars being secretly spent on high technology and the depriving of the public of not only this technology but participating in creating open businesses with it.
So, without further introduction, here is Catherine Austin Fitz and Richard Dolan in Spring of 2014 discussing Breakaway Civilization.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Astrological Trends article is up finally on the starfires website.  I realize the world is getting crazier! however, we are getting better. We are moving up and stuff is being drawn out to the surface and here's the little bit scary part-

It's like we are waking up from amnesia, and have been asleep like Rip Van Winkle for centuries while really weird and manipulative behaviors and activities have been going on right underneath our noses, and these activities are not in the history books!  Why have we been partially knocked out? After so much pondering, digesting and listening to some pretty intelligent and credible writers and teachers, I do believe ( as so many now are realizing) we all were in a train wreck, some 11,000 years ago approximately, and had a wipe out of our civilization, culture and technology, however, there were those who survived and carried on their methodical and patient agenda to re-build the world as it had been in their glory days, and I think they think, these glory days for them are happening NOW.

In my article, I linked some interesting perspectives for you, and if you haven't been aware of this new train of thought fresh on the scene in the past 4 years or so, it might seem unbelievable.
 The cycles have been shifting into the Era of Aquarius, and with the amazing waves of energy bathing our planet earth simultaneously with this exposure and calling out of the darkness, we are now watching the thinning of the veils for us, to the light and etheric and to what has been going on that is dark, and pretty bizarre.  This will be nothing new for many. I have to write about it, because it's getting more extreme.  People want to know what is going on, they want to know they're not going crazy. ( You're not crazy-its so huge what we are under, no wonder it's difficult to keep ones' mental faculties and moods clear and up each day.)

So, we are moving up but must keep focusing on beauty and love, belief in a higher way of life, while the darkness is coming out into a full blown war of energy ( A WAR OF ENERGY ) as if it is their last effort to dominate, because the light IS cascading down like waves of electric acceleration of consciousness.

So, I wrote this 2015 article to include in the beginning, and the end, what I perceived as the theme of the year in general, but also included key dates and astrological cycles, to stay on top of  some of the details.   Thank you thank you for reading all my work over the years.  I would not have kept doing it of course, if you had not been interested.  
Let's travel on a journey through 2015, very consciously, planning meditating, praying, accomplishing, and believing we can raise the standard of life and raise our own bar of expectations! And remember- Go Here for the entire article.. I know it's lengthy, but I had much to say!
Christine Barrere

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