Monday, May 12, 2014


Each morning is like opening a door into a new scenario.

 For some, it is a different kind of garden each day, with unique flowers and tasks to carry out.

 Some days are rewarding, some days, there's a lot of unpleasant duties, weeding, and raking. Sometimes the garden has your favorite flowers and foliage, maybe they are utilitarian plants, useful plants such as your vegetable garden, other times, simply fragrant retreats.

For others, its the doorway into the battle room.  There will be optimistic meetings, enthusiastic game plans and much confidence felt that things are going your way..other days, you feel the enemy advancing, and need a new strategy.

If we look at the theme of each day, we can prepare better and meet the challenges, or allow the sweetness of victory sink in.

The new cycle is May 12 - 20 2014

The Theme for us this week is to  navigate through the minor upsets 

here and there to reach a goal on May 21-31 2014.

It is a wonderful goal and you deserve to have it!
It is  is worth staying on track with your day to day tests

in order to keep your vision  alive and strong.
Notice how Mars  since March,  has run us dry and pushed us into the mind too much.  

It would be good to move your attention into a  deeper altered consciousness for a moment.
All I need to do when I realize I've been too outer focused,
is allow music to come into my world. It takes me
 into a more expansive feeling and perspective.

Ideas for consciousness expansion....
Your most favorite musical piece, a beautiful walk in the forests
or near the refreshing water, a moving book or movie.
Allow something to take you into the heart where multi-dimensions exist.....
let it pour into you  bringing a depth of variety and a retreat from the day
 giving you a sweet reprieve.

So, with that in mind,  allowing a spiritual quickening to come into us,

 let's take a moment to tune into your Goal.  Something you really desire
to have at the end of this May.   It doesn't have to be a big goal,
 just something you would like to get done.
Let's pick one big one, then pick two more minor goals.
 It's important right now to keep it simple. 

" My Goal is to accomplish :
  and Is complete by May 31 and I Am Grateful! Satisfied! Relieved! this goal is reached!"

Each day this week is an open door to walk through and set your day....
each day is bringing you  a step closer to your plan.
What do you want to make happen this month?
There are positive and challenging astrology cycles
that either help you  progress or test you through disruptions
 So the astrology sometimes helps us stay focused.
Let's go through the days  up through May 20 for a start.

1. Mercury in Gemini trine Mars in Libra ...May 12, and 14th

Express yourself, talk something out with another, listen and learn,
 feel the flow of positive sharing and planning which is very good now.
 Writing, communication, easy flow of ideas back and forth
 help you to feel some good ideas are formulating, or some progress is being made in your day.

2.  May 14-31  peaking on May 16 and May 29th.   Mercury sextile Venus 

Both of these Mercury transits are harmonious for relationships. 
You are getting clear on how to plan a project,
talk to a person, move forward on a goal, settle a confusion.
 Someone may want to control the situation and is projecting some confusion,
 creating interference with your clear path,
 They might even take over the plan or override your agenda.
 This new cycle helps you to move right through this interference,
by getting it all out in the open with a good spirit and desire to share,
 plan together and talk it out so there is more harmony and cooperation.

 The goal is to move forward on your plans, your ideas of how you would like your week,
month, summer to proceed.
 But! expect a person to begin taking over and attempt to overriding things in some way.

Don't be thrown and think you now have to yield to this other situation and agenda.
 Realize you may have a good plan, but there is an added complication to the mix now.
 Simply keep the big goal in mind, and be determined to somehow reach it.

 Don't allow this other agenda from left field pull you off track or
expect you to put out and accommodate  their needs completely.  

Just agree to talk it out and even negotiate a modified game plan,
 but I wouldn't put too much value upon this other person's strong pressure
 to have everything now move to fulfill their needs.
 Keep your plan going if possible, and watch and wait to see if this other situation
will really pan might not.
and, it probably won't, really, because of...

3.  Mars Inconjunct Neptune 

May 14-May 20 theme period..(not ever exactly peaking which causes it to become a sort of background music inserting itself  throughout  May.)

This is the new confusion trying to enter into our game plan. 
It is a bunch of ideas, insights, talking, sharing and slightly emotional
neediness inserted it into your head from an outside speaks clearly and somewhat loudly  so you are having a hard time ignoring it.  This is why we need
the previous Mercury sextile Venus transit above,
 to help us stay clear, pleasant, articulate.
Keep discussing and repeating what we want and the logistics
 of a situation, rather than bend to someone elses' impulses or wishful thinking.
  The Mars inconjunct Neptune is mild, but it's energy is in the air all May, especially
 around May 11 through 20.  It tends to diffuse, confuse and interfere
 with the normal clarity and focus one needs to get something done.

4.Venus Square Pluto.   May 14-peaks exact May 15, leaves after May 16.
A conflict of different Values with another.

 Social situations,  casual or serious meetings and the expectations
 you have from others during these dates could end in disappointments.
There could be conflicts with expenses, staying in a budget and money issues.
 Time to be frugal, restrain from buying too much

It's good to not make financial commitments now.
Trouble with relationships during these three days.
Old deep wounds surface in another or in yourself.
 It feels as if its your view against their view and no one wants to yield.
It would be like two people coming from two foreign countries with different cultures, languages and definitions of what love, satisfaction and being cared for meant to them, trying to bond.

Someone has to be the adult.  Rise above this tangle
 and decide to hold the balance for the other person.
 And why do you need to go through this anyway?  Because I suspect
 there is something you want to achieve and this person
 just might be the one who has now inserted their
 agenda or expectations into what was originally the good plan you had.

Posturing for Control, competitiveness, disagreements and friction. 

Problems for artists, designers, musicians, love,  and agreeing upon anything. 
Stay cool and calm, let these days go by without
 getting disappointed in someone else's insensitivity.

RE-CAP:  In general, we have a good period from May 12 - May 20
 to make yourself really clear in a most diplomatic compassionate way,
how you want to proceed with an important plan or idea
 and how to look at your goals, and stay on track.

Then we have a new situation or person that adds a bit of interference into this clear plan.
But because  of the Mercury sextile, it can be worked through 
this May successfully.   It isn't the end of the world if there is a glitch or two.

With the entering into the scene of Venus square,
 it gets personal, rough, competitive, and hurt feelings could come up.
 Relationships could even break off, or you feel like throwing in the towel
 and deciding this isn't worth all the effort you're putting into these goals,
because of others' personalities entering in.  Don't let this stop you!
 This is problematic perspective is May 15 especially.

5.  Mercury inconjunct Pluto on May 16-May 17
Here is where we just stop explaining and discussing for a day, our position.
  It is time to just focus on your own projects, your own work and take care of yourself
 ...don't try to talk someone into anything.
.If you have bills due, something you owe, a service to get out of the way,
 or an overdue responsibility towards another, get it done before this date, before May 16.
  Fines, payments, bills, licenses renewed, obligations to handle,
 get it over with before the 16th if you can.  

6.  Venus conjoin Uranus May 15, 16, 17

Excellent time for music, art, movies,  love, a party, a dinner, an unusual breakthrough,
 a meeting with someone.  It can all be so magical now.

7.  Mercury sextile Uranus
This period is so good for learning something new.
Incorporating a new style, introducing a new concept, using a new color,
a new template, writing a new twist into your story, a program, a system,
a piece of music, or inspired to create or paint, design something originally fantastic.

Your mind is open to exciting new ideas.
 Are you incorporating a new style into your projects?  Into your writing?
 Energy is at your disposal. Spiritually, this is an opening to a higher reality

 and receiving insights how to progress into a better way of creating something wonderful.
Close your eyes and call down a brilliant higher light into your physical surroundings and your life today.

8.  May 18-20 Peaking on May 19.  Venus square Jupiter

Whoa!  Don't promise too much to another now... or simply take someone at their word. 
They may mean well, but are not being realistic.

 It is a fun open hearted expansive day, but if you need to have things solid
 and work for you in the future.  Take this day with a grain of salt. Stay away from overdoing anything.

9.  Mercury inconjunct Saturn.  May 18, 19, 20
In general we are still in a good cycle for good will and harmonious.... talking sharing and planning, but these days 18, 19 especially can be a bit frustrating
with keeping appointments straight, dealing with surprises with all correspondence,
emails communications, bills, problem with cars,
 quick errands, quick traveling, making plans and a general disconnect with the day.
 Don't sign anything on these days or close on property if you can.

10.  Venus inconjunct Saturn        May 19, 20, 21

 Hurt feelings?  Insensitive situations? Disappointments with sharing,
loving, giving, receiving, food, music, gifts, dates,  pleasing or being pleased,
fairness? .....let it go. It's just a transit for a day.

11.  Jupiter trine Saturn  (more on this cycle later)  Begins May 29 2014  

Expansive optimistic attitude, and much progress can now be made.
Good fortune with life moving smoothly in the ways that matters to you.

Success with some projects...reaching unified plans,
 agreements good, business is promising and positive..
Whatever you set out to accomplish in the beginning of the month,
has been reached with some success. Stay the course! You're doing great!
  Much of the happy times with this Jupiter/Saturn cycle depends upon how these planets affect your own personal chart...
..but in general this Jupiter trine Saturn is the beginning of a better outlook on your life.
More about this at the end of the Month!

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