Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Fire in your Heart-Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra- Mars inconjunct the Solar Eclipse- Transit cycles for May 2014.

 (This is a bit of a multi-faceted blog post and I might just upload it in sections, part 1, 2, etc...)
  Can you stop for a moment and assess how you are doing inside?
When you do, if it is good, are you grateful and take note of it, and if it is not good, don't you want to change it for a better stronger state of being?

For a moment this morning, I paid attention to this impulse to push away murkiness, something interfering with my mental clarity. my mood.

I remembered, the antidote:
Call for the fire to ignite my heart, and infuse it with inspiration.

Etheric fire is needed in my mind, aura, my body and my heart, in order to rise above this mundane, and this insidious projection upon me to let go and yield to inertia.

You all might have different versions of this apathy, but anyway, that has been mine, since Mars moved into this sign.
The antidote of electric charge of light needs to come down into this dimension once every 24 hours,  first thing in the early morning.

What do I do to ignite that fire? 

I close my eyes and implore it to take charge, prioritize my activities, cut me free from scattered thinking and infuse me with its Fire.
It works for me every time, the key is remembering to do it!
 I then write down the priorities. 

 I can be quite surprised what ends up at the top of my new list.  
The next part is so important in order to keep that fire moving through the aura and the chakras, which is, to get up and do the first thing on the list. Just get up and do it! We might be needing a bit more motivation to push us all the way through July 25.

Mars in Libra  
Entire cycle:  January through July 25 2014
Retrograde Mar 1 2014-Direct May 19, continues up through July 25 2014.

 It wasn't until the end of March, first part of April I understood what Mars  was doing, and thus explaining the reason I didn't write anything about it, nor the Grand Cross Episode.

It first began as a diffusion of interests, and the temptation to get caught up in some form of illusion and nonchalance about things, as described above.

Once that was overcome, and I kicked back into gear again, a new motivation came over me to draw a boundary line between the things that are hindering progress in my life, and my future path I desired to walk.
 Something reacted. 

Some kind of energy, some kind of consciousness didn't like it, and began to work through a variety of situations  or people, to confront my right to declare what I knew was right for myself.. 

As more and more clients began writing in and telling me their similar stories of the New Theme, I realized Mars was attempting to keep us imprisoned somehow, and settle...sink into apathy and accept compromise.  But instead, we had to fight against it and declare our new freedom.   The Positive nature of Libra would be non compromise based upon an honest perception.

 If there were relationships involved, of any kind, usually professional, the other side was stressed over the boundary in our decisions.

Libra, like all signs have positives and negatives. The positive is ultra cooperation with others, caring for the others needs,
living in truth and reality, and creating peace.  The negative, feeling guilty for saying no, and feeling pressured to care more about the other person or situation, than your own.

 When it is in a global astrological cycle, such as now, January through July 25, it will test all of us on the negatives first, and then we can rise above these, then can the peace come.

The one negative I want to touch upon with this Libra Mars is the projection upon yourself of an unreality, illusion and deception other words, your thinking is being manipulated.
As I mentioned, some clients and friends have been describing to me in these past three weeks, altercations between someone they care about who is frustrated, upset,  projecting an energy against my friends or clients in one way or another, because of an injustice and panic they are in, regarding the new found boundaries these people are establishing. 
 The common theme is also, declaring a strong right to be doing what they are doing to move forward in progress with their lives.
Some are not very happy about this at this time.

Could we remember in challenging murky days when we feel overcome by something that is compromising us,
 to stop and pause, take note of what is not working for us,
and actually shift into an idea, that we are being projected upon by something illusionary.

 The projection is limiting,  holding us into accepting a compromising sabotaging condition in our life,  that our mind thinks is true and accepts as the only way to live,  but it is not.
  ( I have even been considering the possibility, that this projection is not even coming from people, but something outside of our realm of understanding, if seems like a sort of mind control)

Break through the illusion. Say to yourself, " this is a test of my imagination and my will to be resourceful right now, and find the way to shift out of this negative way of seeing something".  
In the movie Divergent,  Trish mentally maneuvers her way out of scenarios set up in her mind  to test her. 
They want to see how she will get out of her worst fears.  Each time she remembered in these extremely realistic illusions, " This isn't Real", and created a way out, and comes out of trance.

Mars in Libra is an hallucination, a mind game, to project a lie upon us to cave in, and compromise somehow, or be intimidated by another and allow them to win, again.

1. A lie of limitation and polarization between you and others you counted upon.
2. An injustice projected upon us that we are somehow unfairly accomplishing something, reaching for something, or have achieved a thing that someone else declares is unfair, and they want part of it or should have done it instead of you.  
This has happened mainly between March 15 through April 30 2014, and is usually triggered by someone distressed you have said no to them, are becoming free from them, or drawn a boundary and said " NO".

3.  A separation between those who have worked towards conquering illusions for the most part, and those who did not want to work that hard at breaking through the paper bags, but pulled on others to do it for them.

4. Global declaration of war, intrusion, take over or to take possession of something desperately out of fear of the future without it. The fear that unless this country, organization, group or person grab this or that thing, kind of like justifying stealing, it  will be totally unable to acquire its agenda.  Libra perversion is War, organized crime, and self deception of entitlement.  The Highest is Justice, Truth, Peace Cooperation and Good will in Relationships.

5.  Fuzzy dispersed perspective, vision, lack of ability to concentrate and feeling an intrusion upon ones' normal mental faculties and especially fatigue, lethargy, laziness and apathy. Becoming overcome by the projection upon you.

Affirmation to disperse and obliterate these negatives:

" I AM Declaring right now, the full mental, emotional and heartfelt clarity and empowerment within me Now. I Am clear on my day's priorities and move myself into action to take that first step towards:
Peaceful relationships,
Extending Love, Help, Kindness and Support.
I give my friends the benefit of the doubt.
I draw my line of boundaries but also extend good will to all.
I Am Empowered with Mental Quickness and Agility. My Memory is clear,
and I accomplish much in my day.  I thank you and accept this done, Amen!"

( I like to finish my affirmations with Amen, because it is a sealing to protect it, and make sure it is manifest.)

Mars at 10-8* Libra inconjunct the Solar Eclipse at 8* Taurus
April 10 through May 10, peaking  April 20-30 2014

This has been building since the beginning of April 2014.
There has been much polarization, separation, arguing or confrontation upon this or that, and we need to stop it.

It has also, as I wrote above, a theme called " the haves and have nots"
Those that appear to have more or have accomplished something, are being attacked by those who have not, but maybe could have achieved but didn't.

Boundaries play a part in this transit of Mars inconjunct Taurus, because Taurus rules possessing something of value you have worked hard to achieve.  Mars in Libra wants it, and feels it is unfair the other person has it.

Reminder of Uranus Square Pluto

Tense confrontational energy on the planet and personally handling stress
Uranus square Pluto    
 June 2013;
May 2013- June 2013
Oct 2013-Nov 2013
April 2014- May 8 2014
November 23  2014- April 7 2015

Pluto square Mars
Dec 30 2013 ( Mars in Libra)
April 20-26    ( Mars in Libra) 
Dec 4-12 2015 ( Mars in Aries)

Mars square Jupiter in Cancer                        
Dec 31 2013-Jan 8 2014
April 20-24 2014

Uranus square Jupiter 
Aug 2013
Feb 2014 ( 2-28 - ( 4- 20)
Leaves May 1 2014

Uranus oppose Mars in Libra
Dec 25 2013
April 20-26 2014
Jun 10-27 2014

The predominate theme I found during this grand cross 
especially peaking between April 20-May 1 2014,
was an attack upon people of good heart, great light, and have
been holding fast to their loving humanitarian principles, and are striving
towards freedom.'
For years they have been working towards freedom.
They have been striving towards a  powerful acceleration out of
being tricked or manipulated to accept inharmony and oppression in several ways.
Oppression and illusions which have been unfairly  manipulatively projected upon them.
This Grand Cross symbolized the moment when you desired to get out of it, and saw
the retaliation.

We were under attack.

The Solar Eclipse has come inspiring the breakout from this oppression.

The pressure and realization one had to break out, was because
the opposition realized during March 20 through May 1, it was losing its grip,
and its slaves were escaping secretly right from under their noses.

Thus the Grand Cross, inspired us into a powerful acceleration into
one's higher self, reality and freedom.

Also, simultaneously, an attempt to retaliate and to reign in the escapees was also seen in the abuse of the power cross ( cardinal signs)
It was both at the same time.
A grand cross like this, can create  physical display of abuse of power put upon those who are taking a stand, just going about their business moving towards progress.
Someone didn't like it.

Don't be caught up in another's drama and complaining and accusation during these dates.
If your intuition tells you to accelerate in light and move away from density, then
find the most civil way to honor that and take your power back.

Part Two 

May 1-4

Transiting Mercury oppose Saturn and other cycles

Here is a week to push back negative oppressive thinking.  Kick out feeling stuck!

Create, use music, get outside, talk things out in constructive solution ways, not  complaining ways.

Not a good time to sign papers, or contracts in general, or hold serious business meetings. 
If you have the meetings or the talks with that important person, have the mind set
that there could be limitations within the other person, they are overwhelmed with, and help
them overcome them, mentally.
Go have fun, and override this silly transit.

May 7-19 2014 

Mars stationary direct May 19 2014 and sextile Neptune at 7* Pisces
( Goes all the way to the end of May)

A lovely conclusion to a hard spring.  Harmony, compassion, agreements and cooperation 
now take over. There is good will, and best time to come together and find a new way to
It is a smoothing out of issues from the past.
Financial arrangements are made and new business and money goals are set.

Health improves, empowerment of energy, physical exercise, good for artists, dancers,
legal issues and  anything requiring physical activity.

Mercury Retrograde  June 7 2014  ( Begins to impact our lives, May 1 2014)

This Mercury Retrograde is at 3* Cancer.  Where it is in your birth chart this time, will indicate where you need to feel secure and safe. It will be where your new decisions to create security are.

 Mercury retrograde will sesquiquadrate Saturn. 
This can be called the Mercury Retrograde theme, from May 1, especially as it gets closer, from May 20 through June 11, peaking by June 7 2014.

It is a theme of the need to maintain harmony and a peaceful presence, focus upon the area of your life, that mercury resides in at this time, ( dates above), and maintain this concentration in the midst of an irritating situation. Resist getting caught up in the other irritating and unfortunate situation emotionally.  Help, if you like, send love, give of yourself, but do not compromise the Mercury's new position, what house it is in, and what that means for you.

If you do not know your houses, get your forecast done!  or just concentrate on your knowing....your intuition, of what is important to accomplish now, and put more of your day's energy into that, than the other situation that is complicated.  This is considered a mild aspect, the sesquiquadrate  ( 135 degree angle between Mercury and Saturn) however, I suspect it will be a bother.  It should be settled by July 2 2014, when Mercury goes direct at 24 * Gemini.

It will then trine the Node in Libra, and bring happy content resolution and love between the two situations! It will feel logical and no one giving up something to make it work.

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