Monday, February 3, 2014

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces-Summoning of the Muse


A time of  understanding of many things that were once confusing 

      Mercury Retrograde 3* Pisces - 18* Aquarius 
                       February 6 - 28 2014

Wonderment of inspiration...where does it come from?
How can one moment in time, we be in a state of the predictable  life, and in the next moment in time, all things have become new?
What is this thing, that alters our world so rapidly, we can barely believe it is real?

How can a confounded disjointed history of events seem nonsensical and confusing for so long, but now, it all makes sense, bringing you to a sharp conclusion and trust in the way now laid out before you?
Has it all along been  a logical progression of steps?
But we had to walk  year after year in faith,  while all along, some thing, some presence was guiding us all the way, keeping us close to its best ability, to our life path on target to a particular destination, called, now.

This is the magic of  the physical tangible world interfacing with the ethereal  energies all around us.  It is the theme of this time, this Mercury retrograde. in Pisces intertwined with the all inspiring Sea of Light, Neptune.    Read More.....

Christine Barrere

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