Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is Interfering with the Ability to Cut Through?

September 18 2014

The latest  Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse article, is posted on the main website HERE.

We have been working hard this summer to complete and launch the new website at, and migrate the blog, the old site and all the videos, over to this new site.
It has been a strange spring summer fall however, with clients and friends describing a continual wave of professional challenges, health issues, ups and down between apathy and inspirational moments, and energetically we all wonder what could be happening.

Wonderful private journalists and professionals have each their own version of what is going on. Hopefully as we enter this fall, with the breakthroughs that I believe are about to happen all over, we will re-connect to our inner confidence and energy again!

The ability to snap out of down periods, re-inspire myself and be productive is something I have been able to do all my life.
At one point, the down times, which included anything from family children distractions, chores, domestic upsets or unexpected plumbing/roof/appliances issues come and go in life, they are to be expected.

Even the draggy unhappy feelings I would get that might last a day or two, even a week, then unexplainably be gone, I can bounce back from.  I can handle emergencies.  They happen, and it's okay. I know there is a conclusion at some point.

What is bizarre, is a new "sense of doom or resignation feeling, which began January late, 2013. Look, many people have just not felt like themselves since  1998. Will we ever know why? I have some theories about this, which some of you have been patient to listen to, and if interested I would like to write about them. At any rate, the info is withheld from us common folk, or it is a variety of things that are all crosscurrents impacting our biology, brain, hormones and spiritual centers, etc.. Is it the cosmos, the sun, the waves of light cascading through our solar system, and/or artificial creation of waves, timelines changing, etc..etc... affecting our perception?

Truly if there was ever a time to be an Adept it is now. These strange moods in the air all around us, is exactly what led me to get out my old "Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura by Dwal Kul.
I am reading this little book for the 2nd time, 1st being 1979.
  My personal desire, is to be able to mirror genuinely the abilities of a Yogi, ( a real one, saying this with a twinkle in my eye)  and still serve the planet, run my household, eat well, take care of my body, stay youthful as long as possible as in the examples of our illustrious Comte de Saint Germain and Babaji, and financially survive and prosper.  Doesn't that sound like a dream?  I am just stubborn enough to try!
 We really are all connected.  I have the luxury of sitting here in my office all day, privately experiencing my own moods and experiences, big ones that run on for weeks, maybe, two or three a year, and low and behold, I will hear my clients going through exactly the same experiences as I am.

 I privately thought was my own specific unique burden. On the one hand, I am empathetic to what they are all going through, on the other hand, it's a comfort to  know it isn't just me feeling this.

So, What do we do about it?  I like solutions and I must be willing to look at myself to change something inside of me in order to bring this shift about.  I do meditate, and could not cut through without it.
I  know many pray and they give affirmations, decrees, mantras and stay very focused.
I want our intense happiness and inner power to return ( pre-1998'). but how it's going to happen is an internal empowered Revolution within us all. Plus, we don't want to really go back into our past patterns, even though our lives felt much more normal and safe.
We were still partially  asleep compared to now. We are rapidly evolving.

In addition to the challenging ups and downs of energetic waves!
I love brainstorming and listening to your wonderful most enlightening insights regarding the variety of things we desire to understand.  Which leads me back to the subject of what the new site might be used for in the future!

So, back to the changes going on here; my son has built a new website for starfires, and it has been quite a process putting it together. The amount of writing and coding for  something like this is unbelievable!
We eventually desire everything to be on this site.
On-line chat groups to log on with a password, bi-monthly and chat about the latest "theme" we need to chew around. Would you all like that?
Online and archived astrology classes
Ebooks to purchase with your sun sign's 1 year forecast with affirmations and meditations to inspire you;
12 months personal natal chart update and forecasting for the next year ahead, printed out in an ebook  you can order;
Meditations, affirmations, and prayers with astrological details to pray to either maximize for the planets' good fortune, or mitigate because they are negative, or destructive.
and Online lecture events you can register and sit at your computer and listen to a new talk about a variety of subjects.

In addition to the Online Gateway, there will be one page with all the videos,
One page for the latest articles and news updates
One page for all my types of Services listed and gone into with detail.
There is the appointment scheduling calender,
and I want to shift this google blog over to starfires, and relegate a blog section for questions, comments, and quick updates as we have here in this one.  This will be the place where you can weekly check in for anything I might upload I find interesting, and any astrological quick trends to read.
So, this has been a journey, because my son and I both have to work all day, and fit all of this in during our spare time, when he is not Engineering and I am not giving consultations.

I also hope to have an art and music section on the new site, with especially talented new artists featuring their drawings, graphics, videos, and music. It's going to be fun!
Thank you thank you all of you for staying with my writings and my work over so many years.
I am the most grateful girl, blessed with all of you and your absolutely brilliant minds and curiosity!!

On with our Quest! Vondir, Christine

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