Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland- and Why Should I Care?

Personally, I have naturally been aware of a special place within my head all my life that my consciousness seems to gravitate to when I am searching for answers.  It is "the going within" place.

I then became educated as to the role of the pineal gland, found where it was located, and realized that is the spot where I go.  I wondered   "  could there be a significant connection here? " 

When moving through traumatic experiences which life do bring to all of us, I found it more difficult to go there, as if temporary damage had been done to that part of my body. Who would have ever known?
I am not talking about necessarily psychic abilities, medium and channelling capacities, but simply the ability to access the Holy Place where you feel something other worldly is occurring inside your heart and mind, bringing depth of meaning to our human  existence.
So, here is a sweet little video I ran across I wanted to share.  There are more, but unfortunately there are embedded within lectures other information  I do not agree with, so I avoided uploading them.

Maybe I will do a montage of facts and connecting the dots video, myself, with observations such as the shape of the Pineal Gland, as the shape of a Pineapple, and the Pineapple motif on so many Holy Sacred Places including the Vatican etc...interesting research.  How many other things do we just take for granted in this world, that the ancients were full aware of, but either the information was kept from us, or we became to dumbed down to understand it, or even care.  This stuff isn't airy fairy, they are relevant for developing the fullness of our human/divine potential.  Anyway, here is the video, and Joyous Christmas-Holiday Season to you.

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