Sunday, December 8, 2013


A PLACE FOR US - Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 21 2013 

      “Can you take any given situation which grieves you,
 and work hard to elevate the situation to a higher respectful solution?  
Take the full responsibility for your actions and decisions
 and visualize an outcome, bigger and better than those 
around you could have ever seen?  
Trust yourself and the power inherent within your mind 
and spirit to achieve results for a thing that no one thought possible. 
 It is a win win situation, not a compromise; not a pathetic
 best shot at something with doubt lurking in the back of yours
 or others minds that it may or may not be the solution, but oh well, it's the best we can do. 
No.  It is a new way of getting in touch with Love.  


 A new prestige and position of power elegantly designed 
to once and for all establish the authority and respect back
 into the situation, into your world, our world.. 
 We need you to do this now.  Go beyond the boundaries 
of what anyone thought possible.  What is at stake? 
  Everything.  Your future quality of life and security. 
Think about what is at stake? 

 What will happen to you or anyone around you
 whom you are tied to, if you don't do this brilliant thing?  “    

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