Thursday, October 31, 2013

Solar Eclipse November 2013

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 11 degrees.   What do you Really Want?

         " I, __your name____, Am declaring this day my full freedom from all that has been contrived to enslave my spirit.  All activities, situations and circumstances which diminish my integrity, worth and potential to be a Son of God, a Daughter of God.  
          I  Am realizing this day, my full potential to be a living standard of love, courage, strength and moral leadership.  I denounce all forms of moral insanity, within my circle of influence, in my country, and the world.
           I Am re-claiming my Divine Inheritance within my own soul, to fulfill my original purpose. I have invisible assistance that are by my side throughout the day and night.  I Am blessed by the light, empowered by the light  My body, my Spirit, has a wisdom that surpasses all corruption in the physical and astral worlds.  It defies and conquers a mediocrity and mechanization which has attempted to oppress me, my family, my friends, my loved ones, and my brothers and sisters on this Earth.  We are carrying the Light and the Wisdom, the penetration of the eye of God that sees right through this matrix that was created to entrap us in a fallen agenda. I say no more to this insane movement of the raping of my light, my money, my hope and will.  I Am demanding the truth! I Am expecting to know the truth of the conditions of my country, my Earth and for the revealing of the roots of the signs of disintegration of society and our culture.   I Am empowered and trust whatever we must face, we would rather be awake and know than be treated as sheep, as dumb slaves herded into a life that is no longer to my standard of excellence.  I feel the truth welling up within me to fight off this slavery!  We say stop! to this madness and we  take our lives back. I declare this day I Am taking my life back.   I accept this declaration of independence this day and forever, for myself, my family and loved ones, and for the planet Earth, so help me God."........

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Thank you for your interest.   If you like this affirmation, print it out and give it when you can.   
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