Thursday, October 17, 2013

LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries -Chaos and Confusion OCTOBER 18, 2013


 This series of photographs shows the Dec. 20, 2010 total lunar eclipse as seen from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and won a NASA/JPL photo contest. Friday night's penumbral eclipse will look like the first photo in the series (top left) for a few minutes around the maximum, 7:51 p.m. EDT.

Keith Burns/NASA/JPL  

From October 8 through 18th, peculiar situations are a foot.  Before I launch into the more revealing energies of this Lunar Eclipse, never make important decisions or commitments 5 days before, and 1 to 2 days after any Lunar Eclipse, or you could regret it.

A mass of confusion is in the air within the world and, governments' movements, financial issues. This is an unbelievably challenging time for trusting anything. Clearing out the lies and confusion is a must, and forcing out into the open what no one wants to believe, is inevitable now.

It is as if we have entered into a wormhole of surreal circumstances, yet something is lying and telling us everything is normal, diminishing our red flag intuitions, then right behind our back, the sabotage is and has been taking place. We are left in the dark, feeling foolish.

A strong temptation to become caught up in drama surrounding deceptive situations, confusion with people close to you and being susceptible to suspicious activities potentially harming your order in your life, and your sanity, is the result of this Lunar Eclipse in Aries, and the Ruler/Mars opposing Neptune right now. This event began moving in as early as the 8th, and escalated the weekend of October 11th/12th.... increasing in its scrambledness by Friday the 18th.  I suppose it will continue through Sunday morning and then should go away. 

Consider you are the CEO of your life, the Monarch of your precious kingdom. You care about your family, children, friends and colleagues.  Your day to day projects are in your care to execute beautifully.  Your duties are handled with integrity, and you want to be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.  So you also project this quality of character onto all around you, personally and in high places of power, such as governments.

Suddenly, things are missing,  people are lying and you are told a collapse of the economy is at hand.  Or at best, a covering up of obvious missing facts, disjointed events or time,  people are back tracking, important documents lost, money gone.  Some kind of massive misunderstandings occur now and you say something, believe it is well understood, and not only do you find out they heard you incorrectly, but the misommunicae cost you, and now you have to handle both...the material loss, and the feeling of being had...or have you?   Maybe you made it up, maybe it was your imagination..."am I too trusting? or am I being too suspicious? Did they calculate this deception? or was it just a coincidence."  What on earth is going on?!

Listen, trust your perception, it really is happening, but what kind of human power can we have over something nebulous like this, or possibly other dimensional?   It isn't the complete fault of the person. There are things at work here during this lunar eclipse which require an invocation of Light sent into the situation quickly.  What this kind of affirmation can do is transform the confusion back into sanity and order again.

Say now out loud:

"  Mighty God Presence I Am that I Am, Angels of Blue, Archangel Michael, cut me and all involved in negative circumstances free right now with your magnificent sword of Blue. Bind the energy veil, the evil, which has lived off of the light and love of these precious situations and possibly people I love and care about. Take all negative energies quickly to the most purifying light by your angels and fill the vacuum the the true divine Higher Standard of Integrity, Love, Honesty and Good Will now, in this situation or person.  I accept this done in full power, Amen."

The thing about lunar eclipses, as I have mentioned before, is that they are all together evil.  ( Many report ungodly activities are acted out, before during and right after a Lunar Eclipse, so as to enhance the negative energies, which I have no desire to go into here.)

For some, a person you care about, needs help getting back to their own real self now.      ( The temptation for people to go on witch hunts with over the top judgments projected onto others really needs watching with this kind of cycle, and article!)

Having said that, I have to say, I do believe there is a plumb line of sanity, a razors edge of Higher Consciousness of honesty and good will, that people in general strive to be.  Don't assume everyone desires this. The event now, is either going to expose that which is a lie, reveal what is out of line, or we fall prey to that which is a lie and purposely deceptive.  Let us be on guard and expect transparency and change!

 Be careful of your things, your money, your intellectual property, your words being used against you, or another who is as if in a somnambulist state, creating confusion in their wake in order to get you unbalanced with much drama pointing here and there. Then right behind your back, your precious Royal Amulet has been stolen.  You only blinked, and it was could it be? We could blink, and our economy could be snatched right from underneath our very lives.

I will even say the thing creating the problem  could even possibly be a canopy of dark consciousness looking for a place to land.  This requires the intense action of Pure Intention directed into this situation, like in the affirmation above.

The strange situation  will simply not go away, just because the eclipse has gone away. The eclipse itself intensifies evil entanglement, politically, economically, and personally. But it also can expose the Hydra's many headed agendas so we see the dangers clearly.

 It is at this time a vigil of affirming light into this or that situation is needed, with great vigor! until the behavior is resolved and a secure feeling is restored back into ones life again and also in the world.  Because the Solar Eclipse follows this lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on November 3, a new resolution to exorcise lying and deception, stealing and sabotage will empower us all to a higher level of of expecting a standard of honesty, transparency and integrity within our relationships and our world and government.  

" I call for Archangel Michael and legions of angels to penetrate into the cause and core of all potential misleading activities, lying, dishonesty, intrigue treachery and self centered activities causing loss and sabotage for myself and the world coming through the Lunar Eclipse at 25* Aries in my own astrological charts, my family's charts,  my nations chart and and all lightbearers of  the world, Amen."



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