Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Shift in Thinking ~ Cut through the Confusion! MERCURY RETRO October 21 2013

       Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio-October 21-November 10, 2013

Maxfield Parrish-Hermes Mercurius
Fall/Winter 2013, It's time to push through the distractions which have gone on too long.  Let's get focused on your project and really cut through and finish it!

 A new determination to navigate around a barrage of  confusion appear.  Maybe there have been  too many pathways to take,  multi-layered processes involved in your projects that have discouraged you, too many details or steps which appear overwhelming. Any of these issues involving your goals, or simply feeling you are making headway, could be paralyzing you to take clear action.

 During this Mercury retrograde season, you could very well sense there has been something important you have wanted to do.  It may have been gnawing away at you all yeu all year.  You plan and set time to construct this project, to get it done, and the next thing you know, interferences come from every angle.  If you are experiencing  any of these symptoms, it's time  to  get focused and produce some results.  Mercury is helping you focus, between September through November 30, 2013, to get it done.  This Mercury retrograde, is trying to inspire you with discipline and the formula to make it happen.  ( Mercury retrogrades begin impacting our consciousness, at least 3 weeks prior to its actual peak date.  The peak of this one, is October 21 2013.  So any time from September 15 or so, it is now creating a theme, something which must be accepted to learn, to assimilate and possibly incorporate into our lives.  If a Mercury retrograde happens to make a challenging aspect in your own birth chart, then the lesson is two part:

1. Notice where Mercury is going stationary retrograde, what house is it station in?  That is what your desire or goal rests.
2. Notice what planets are in a hard aspect to this Mercury.  That one planet or planets, will represent another energy, person, consciousness, that will probably have its way and override your own personal desire or goal.  Here is where Mercury becomes quite Zen.   The test is the same each way, whether you have a positive inspiring cycle of your Mercury retrograde or not.  The positive helps us progress a little bit more on our path to becoming creators in our world.  If it is in a challenging aspect to something, you will still feel an inspiration to accomplish something you know is right for you, but someone is either indirectly taking precedence over your goal, or outright blocking it, because of their own personality is stronger, more determined, or fueled by a power we can not fight  nor can we fully understand how this could be so severe.  It is possible in those strange circumstances, we must allow that negative force to have its way, in order to let that person or situation learn a lesson.  It could be karma.
This is where you must trust, especially in this Mercury in Scorpio, because Scorpio is about trust. I am mentioning this in case you have a difficult period, while you are being inspired, to not dispair because your gift of vision of what you know is right and correct, should still empower you in some way, even though someone else or something else is overriding it.  Please don't abandon this idea.   So we are going to proceed, trusting there is only good coming out from this period of September through November 2013.

Two months of serious focus.
  If you want to take charge of your days and hours, or in a broader vision, your life, it is a good idea to break down your desires right now, and back track them for action to take place. more

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