Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Asteroid -February 2013


Asteroid DA14 is the big event this Valentines' week.  It is zooming by on February 15 2013.
Aside from any concern of it crashing into earth or important objects in space, I suspect any object hurtling by us, especially this close, is going to impose its presence onto our  sensitive magnetic auric field in a way as to disrupt the balance. There have been ( and will continue up through March 29 2013) a stressful YOD in the heavens between Jupiter/Black moon position/Saturn/Pluto since the middle of December 2012.

 It has created its own unbelievable pressure upon most of us this winter, some saying they NEVER want to go through another January like this past one, ever again.  Some are still struggling through it since it isn't actually finished until March 29 2013. ( more on this later, included in new Mercury Retro Article at end of this week), but..

could it be possible that at some level, we are also tuning into this asteroid whipping through our solar system heading this way and has added stress to our psyches on top of the other YOD configuration we have been forced to handle?

 Each large Rock, Planet, Comet, comes with its own signature of energy, so how we all feel this week     ( possibly beginning a few weeks prior) could be the unique vibration or energy personality from this particular rock. My position has always been to increase the meditation on the light and fire within and concentrate upon your truth, your love and values, seal up the real identity you know to be your inner true self when any astrophysical phenomenon comes through.  If it delivers an helpful uplift, then observe and embrace.  If there is a disturbance in the force?  You're sealed up and strong.  As we accelerate our awareness naturally throughout this decade we are becoming much more aware of our environment, ourselves, and others around us.  Space objects might be another point to consider what could be affecting our moods on top of solar flares and positions of the planets.
Something to think about.
More later....


Another site containing some facts about DA14 .

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