Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AMERICA - 2013 -2016 AND BEYOND Part Two

AMERICA ~ PART TWO  2013-2016

     Part Two deals with the Uranus square U.S. Conceptional Sun in the 7th house, and Uranus oppose the Conceptional Saturn in the 10th house, and first part of examining Uranus conjoin U.S. Natal Mars. ( More about this later with China).   Its theme is disruptive, oppositional and chaotic on numerous levels and arenas.  All should be guarded on these dates:

Beginning June 2013.....
Escalates March 15, 2014- to April 30 2014  ( peaking on April 17 2014
October 15- November 30 2014 ( Peaking on November 8 2014)
January 15 2015- February 10 2015 ( Peaking on  Feb 2 2015)

Transiting Uranus squares Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer, and conjoins the Natal Mars at 14* Aries in the 8th house.

Uranus Square Conceptional Sun...
This cycle brings a series of uncontrollable people, situations, expose's and upsetting events challenging the norm...challenging the business as usual relations within our country, within government, for example: ....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer~June 26 to July 20 2013

Mercury Retrograde June 26


 This Mercury retrograde is creating an interesting focus of self reflection.  You might be ever so slightly wondering about yourself lately.  This cycle increases your sensitivity and introspection about you.
You want to adjust and shift, but not sure how or why.  Something is missing.
I can tell you what it might be;  it could be your feelings.    For more....

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

America 2013 - Part One

           America- Forecast for 2013 and Beyond

      I believe in the original dream and blueprint of America, and I know a beautiful civilization is at the end of the rainbow...however... we are not there yet. We have an unbelievable mess to get through... and maybe the astrological cycles could give us a clue to navigating through this next phase. It is so unbelievably complicated, I don't even know where to begin, and I created Three Sections to make it easier to digest. 
     The beginning signs of this Golden Age is right around the corner, 2023 to 2030. These are the cycles when the planets' positions become more gentle and if we pass our tests, we can finally see the beginning of the Age of Aquarius materialize. There are some really old relationships America has with strangers we need to wrap up first however.  These relationships is mostly why we are in a mess. 
So lets start out with the dramatic and wind our way down to the less epic cycles.
Pluto in the sign of Capricorn trine America's Natal Sun in Taurus.....

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