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How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland- and Why Should I Care?

Personally, I have naturally been aware of a special place within my head all my life that my consciousness seems to gravitate to when I am searching for answers.  It is "the going within" place.

I then became educated as to the role of the pineal gland, found where it was located, and realized that is the spot where I go.  I wondered   "  could there be a significant connection here? " 

When moving through traumatic experiences which life do bring to all of us, I found it more difficult to go there, as if temporary damage had been done to that part of my body. Who would have ever known?
I am not talking about necessarily psychic abilities, medium and channelling capacities, but simply the ability to access the Holy Place where you feel something other worldly is occurring inside your heart and mind, bringing depth of meaning to our human  existence.
So, here is a sweet little video I ran across I wanted to share.  There are more, but unfortunately there are embedded within lectures other information  I do not agree with, so I avoided uploading them.

Maybe I will do a montage of facts and connecting the dots video, myself, with observations such as the shape of the Pineal Gland, as the shape of a Pineapple, and the Pineapple motif on so many Holy Sacred Places including the Vatican etc...interesting research.  How many other things do we just take for granted in this world, that the ancients were full aware of, but either the information was kept from us, or we became to dumbed down to understand it, or even care.  This stuff isn't airy fairy, they are relevant for developing the fullness of our human/divine potential.  Anyway, here is the video, and Joyous Christmas-Holiday Season to you.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


A PLACE FOR US - Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 21 2013 

      “Can you take any given situation which grieves you,
 and work hard to elevate the situation to a higher respectful solution?  
Take the full responsibility for your actions and decisions
 and visualize an outcome, bigger and better than those 
around you could have ever seen?  
Trust yourself and the power inherent within your mind 
and spirit to achieve results for a thing that no one thought possible. 
 It is a win win situation, not a compromise; not a pathetic
 best shot at something with doubt lurking in the back of yours
 or others minds that it may or may not be the solution, but oh well, it's the best we can do. 
No.  It is a new way of getting in touch with Love.  


 A new prestige and position of power elegantly designed 
to once and for all establish the authority and respect back
 into the situation, into your world, our world.. 
 We need you to do this now.  Go beyond the boundaries 
of what anyone thought possible.  What is at stake? 
  Everything.  Your future quality of life and security. 
Think about what is at stake? 

 What will happen to you or anyone around you
 whom you are tied to, if you don't do this brilliant thing?  “    

 MORE HERE:  ....  Article

Uploaded 12/7/2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ISON UPDATE/NOV. 25 2013 +playlist

PHOTO OF Comet ISON, which was snapped by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which has been labeled the “Christmas comet”.

 Beginning November 28 Thanksgiving Day, ISON begins to whip around the Sun and display its brilliance throughout December 2013.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Solar Eclipse November 2013

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 11 degrees.   What do you Really Want?

         " I, __your name____, Am declaring this day my full freedom from all that has been contrived to enslave my spirit.  All activities, situations and circumstances which diminish my integrity, worth and potential to be a Son of God, a Daughter of God.  
          I  Am realizing this day, my full potential to be a living standard of love, courage, strength and moral leadership.  I denounce all forms of moral insanity, within my circle of influence, in my country, and the world.
           I Am re-claiming my Divine Inheritance within my own soul, to fulfill my original purpose. I have invisible assistance that are by my side throughout the day and night.  I Am blessed by the light, empowered by the light  My body, my Spirit, has a wisdom that surpasses all corruption in the physical and astral worlds.  It defies and conquers a mediocrity and mechanization which has attempted to oppress me, my family, my friends, my loved ones, and my brothers and sisters on this Earth.  We are carrying the Light and the Wisdom, the penetration of the eye of God that sees right through this matrix that was created to entrap us in a fallen agenda. I say no more to this insane movement of the raping of my light, my money, my hope and will.  I Am demanding the truth! I Am expecting to know the truth of the conditions of my country, my Earth and for the revealing of the roots of the signs of disintegration of society and our culture.   I Am empowered and trust whatever we must face, we would rather be awake and know than be treated as sheep, as dumb slaves herded into a life that is no longer to my standard of excellence.  I feel the truth welling up within me to fight off this slavery!  We say stop! to this madness and we  take our lives back. I declare this day I Am taking my life back.   I accept this declaration of independence this day and forever, for myself, my family and loved ones, and for the planet Earth, so help me God."........

READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE.................... 

Thank you for your interest.   If you like this affirmation, print it out and give it when you can.   

Thursday, October 17, 2013

LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries -Chaos and Confusion OCTOBER 18, 2013


 This series of photographs shows the Dec. 20, 2010 total lunar eclipse as seen from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and won a NASA/JPL photo contest. Friday night's penumbral eclipse will look like the first photo in the series (top left) for a few minutes around the maximum, 7:51 p.m. EDT.

Keith Burns/NASA/JPL  

From October 8 through 18th, peculiar situations are a foot.  Before I launch into the more revealing energies of this Lunar Eclipse, never make important decisions or commitments 5 days before, and 1 to 2 days after any Lunar Eclipse, or you could regret it.

A mass of confusion is in the air within the world and, governments' movements, financial issues. This is an unbelievably challenging time for trusting anything. Clearing out the lies and confusion is a must, and forcing out into the open what no one wants to believe, is inevitable now.

It is as if we have entered into a wormhole of surreal circumstances, yet something is lying and telling us everything is normal, diminishing our red flag intuitions, then right behind our back, the sabotage is and has been taking place. We are left in the dark, feeling foolish.

A strong temptation to become caught up in drama surrounding deceptive situations, confusion with people close to you and being susceptible to suspicious activities potentially harming your order in your life, and your sanity, is the result of this Lunar Eclipse in Aries, and the Ruler/Mars opposing Neptune right now. This event began moving in as early as the 8th, and escalated the weekend of October 11th/12th.... increasing in its scrambledness by Friday the 18th.  I suppose it will continue through Sunday morning and then should go away. 

Consider you are the CEO of your life, the Monarch of your precious kingdom. You care about your family, children, friends and colleagues.  Your day to day projects are in your care to execute beautifully.  Your duties are handled with integrity, and you want to be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.  So you also project this quality of character onto all around you, personally and in high places of power, such as governments.

Suddenly, things are missing,  people are lying and you are told a collapse of the economy is at hand.  Or at best, a covering up of obvious missing facts, disjointed events or time,  people are back tracking, important documents lost, money gone.  Some kind of massive misunderstandings occur now and you say something, believe it is well understood, and not only do you find out they heard you incorrectly, but the misommunicae cost you, and now you have to handle both...the material loss, and the feeling of being had...or have you?   Maybe you made it up, maybe it was your imagination..."am I too trusting? or am I being too suspicious? Did they calculate this deception? or was it just a coincidence."  What on earth is going on?!

Listen, trust your perception, it really is happening, but what kind of human power can we have over something nebulous like this, or possibly other dimensional?   It isn't the complete fault of the person. There are things at work here during this lunar eclipse which require an invocation of Light sent into the situation quickly.  What this kind of affirmation can do is transform the confusion back into sanity and order again.

Say now out loud:

"  Mighty God Presence I Am that I Am, Angels of Blue, Archangel Michael, cut me and all involved in negative circumstances free right now with your magnificent sword of Blue. Bind the energy veil, the evil, which has lived off of the light and love of these precious situations and possibly people I love and care about. Take all negative energies quickly to the most purifying light by your angels and fill the vacuum the the true divine Higher Standard of Integrity, Love, Honesty and Good Will now, in this situation or person.  I accept this done in full power, Amen."

The thing about lunar eclipses, as I have mentioned before, is that they are all together evil.  ( Many report ungodly activities are acted out, before during and right after a Lunar Eclipse, so as to enhance the negative energies, which I have no desire to go into here.)

For some, a person you care about, needs help getting back to their own real self now.      ( The temptation for people to go on witch hunts with over the top judgments projected onto others really needs watching with this kind of cycle, and article!)

Having said that, I have to say, I do believe there is a plumb line of sanity, a razors edge of Higher Consciousness of honesty and good will, that people in general strive to be.  Don't assume everyone desires this. The event now, is either going to expose that which is a lie, reveal what is out of line, or we fall prey to that which is a lie and purposely deceptive.  Let us be on guard and expect transparency and change!

 Be careful of your things, your money, your intellectual property, your words being used against you, or another who is as if in a somnambulist state, creating confusion in their wake in order to get you unbalanced with much drama pointing here and there. Then right behind your back, your precious Royal Amulet has been stolen.  You only blinked, and it was could it be? We could blink, and our economy could be snatched right from underneath our very lives.

I will even say the thing creating the problem  could even possibly be a canopy of dark consciousness looking for a place to land.  This requires the intense action of Pure Intention directed into this situation, like in the affirmation above.

The strange situation  will simply not go away, just because the eclipse has gone away. The eclipse itself intensifies evil entanglement, politically, economically, and personally. But it also can expose the Hydra's many headed agendas so we see the dangers clearly.

 It is at this time a vigil of affirming light into this or that situation is needed, with great vigor! until the behavior is resolved and a secure feeling is restored back into ones life again and also in the world.  Because the Solar Eclipse follows this lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on November 3, a new resolution to exorcise lying and deception, stealing and sabotage will empower us all to a higher level of of expecting a standard of honesty, transparency and integrity within our relationships and our world and government.  

" I call for Archangel Michael and legions of angels to penetrate into the cause and core of all potential misleading activities, lying, dishonesty, intrigue treachery and self centered activities causing loss and sabotage for myself and the world coming through the Lunar Eclipse at 25* Aries in my own astrological charts, my family's charts,  my nations chart and and all lightbearers of  the world, Amen."



Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Shift in Thinking ~ Cut through the Confusion! MERCURY RETRO October 21 2013

       Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio-October 21-November 10, 2013

Maxfield Parrish-Hermes Mercurius
Fall/Winter 2013, It's time to push through the distractions which have gone on too long.  Let's get focused on your project and really cut through and finish it!

 A new determination to navigate around a barrage of  confusion appear.  Maybe there have been  too many pathways to take,  multi-layered processes involved in your projects that have discouraged you, too many details or steps which appear overwhelming. Any of these issues involving your goals, or simply feeling you are making headway, could be paralyzing you to take clear action.

 During this Mercury retrograde season, you could very well sense there has been something important you have wanted to do.  It may have been gnawing away at you all yeu all year.  You plan and set time to construct this project, to get it done, and the next thing you know, interferences come from every angle.  If you are experiencing  any of these symptoms, it's time  to  get focused and produce some results.  Mercury is helping you focus, between September through November 30, 2013, to get it done.  This Mercury retrograde, is trying to inspire you with discipline and the formula to make it happen.  ( Mercury retrogrades begin impacting our consciousness, at least 3 weeks prior to its actual peak date.  The peak of this one, is October 21 2013.  So any time from September 15 or so, it is now creating a theme, something which must be accepted to learn, to assimilate and possibly incorporate into our lives.  If a Mercury retrograde happens to make a challenging aspect in your own birth chart, then the lesson is two part:

1. Notice where Mercury is going stationary retrograde, what house is it station in?  That is what your desire or goal rests.
2. Notice what planets are in a hard aspect to this Mercury.  That one planet or planets, will represent another energy, person, consciousness, that will probably have its way and override your own personal desire or goal.  Here is where Mercury becomes quite Zen.   The test is the same each way, whether you have a positive inspiring cycle of your Mercury retrograde or not.  The positive helps us progress a little bit more on our path to becoming creators in our world.  If it is in a challenging aspect to something, you will still feel an inspiration to accomplish something you know is right for you, but someone is either indirectly taking precedence over your goal, or outright blocking it, because of their own personality is stronger, more determined, or fueled by a power we can not fight  nor can we fully understand how this could be so severe.  It is possible in those strange circumstances, we must allow that negative force to have its way, in order to let that person or situation learn a lesson.  It could be karma.
This is where you must trust, especially in this Mercury in Scorpio, because Scorpio is about trust. I am mentioning this in case you have a difficult period, while you are being inspired, to not dispair because your gift of vision of what you know is right and correct, should still empower you in some way, even though someone else or something else is overriding it.  Please don't abandon this idea.   So we are going to proceed, trusting there is only good coming out from this period of September through November 2013.

Two months of serious focus.
  If you want to take charge of your days and hours, or in a broader vision, your life, it is a good idea to break down your desires right now, and back track them for action to take place. more

Sunday, July 7, 2013



Have you recently been under a cloud of apathy?  Feeling all that good clarity of purpose was for nothing? 
Having trouble maintaining your inspiration to get up in the morning and engage in that heart felt sense of purpose?

As we have discovered in PART ONE of Mercury Retrograde, the importance of honoring our feelings, becoming attuned to our emotions for the purpose of enhancing our spiritual side in order to engage more and more with our divine purpose, part two explains Mercury moves out of retrograde, and turns direct on July 20, 2013,   the 2nd part of our assignment.

It will be changing direction at 13° Cancer, July 20 2013.

For most of us the position of Mercury turning direct from about July 10 through July 20, will be in the same house of our birth chart as when it turned retrograde.
Article here.

So the original June Mercury retrograde focus will still be on target and valid as in the first article, however, as many times when we have a breakthrough with a concept which motivates us to improve, an opposing force moves in to shut it down.

When Mercury turns direct it will make new aspects to new planets in the solar system, which in this case, is definitely showing the signs of an opposing force.

It will interface with Jupiter and Mars, the Black Moon, Uranus, Pluto, and the North node.
The Mercury moving direct will conjoin Jupiter/Mars in Cancer, intensifying our desire to not lose the vision of our new goals, our new revelations to help us make important progress and make decisions in June, but now it is being opposed by Pluto. Our higher vision must survive! Don't allow this Pluto to wreck it.

So from approximately July 10 through July 28, peaking exactly on July 20, 2013, we're going to add another layer or theme to our original concept we examined in Part One.

Here is the theme.

"Now that I know how I feel about ____________and where I want to go, I need to honor and value those feelings. Whatever is trying to confabulate and interfere with this original clear cut focus needs to go. I need to step up my power of intention in order to not lose this beautiful road to freedom. I need to counteract Pluto's influence in July, to my beautiful purpose.
 I desire to flourish in my new life".

Remember each Mercury retrograde ( June 26,) then going direct ( July 20) puts  our thoughts on an assignment we feel we must master for our soul's growth.

So therefore if Mercury going retrograde was to help the planet get in touch with how we really feel, trust our intuition, then the second half of this, as it opposes Pluto, is to realize that living in a vacuum, living without  hope and feeling, is like being in a meaningless life.

This Mercury retrograde is trying to help us remember our emotional power within the heart that is necessary in order to create heaven around us and on this earth. Without the feelings the beautiful highest ideals of heaven and God cannot be manifest around us because it's the love that infuses the waves of energy, into the right particle manifesting as beautiful creation in the physical.

So therefore as Mercury is going direct at 13° Cancer, it's desiring to continue this planetary lesson on aligning ourselves with the emotions of God in order to rapidly with the speed of light accelerate the world into the next level of progress, prosperity and beauty.

But it is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and square to Uranus in Aries.  It is our new challenge for the next few weeks.

The opposition to Pluto could be likened to a force somehow outside in the ethers, atmosphere, or a faction, a group of consciousness or individuals, bombardment of electromagnetic interference, however you want to describe it in whatever form you think it takes, that is in opposition to our desires to create beauty, abundance, plenty, exciting creative projects. And! more than anything else, attempting to dumb down our minds focused each and every day upon worthwhile goals with great passion.

It is Personal, and Global, at the same time.

This opposition between Mercury and Pluto is saying that there is some force or energy, that is attempting to oppose our creative feeling/spirit/consciousness fusion.That means, it is very terribly threatened by this fission, fusion of ENERGY ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE AND BECOME A NEW COMMON ATTITUDE AND WAY OF LIFE.

Either a consciousness -energy bombardment to diffuse and distract our one pointed goals,


a diversion, another huge false flag, exercise of covert ( Pluto ) power in order to stop the successful manifestation of this beautiful free energy will try to happen.

Because this Pluto is retrograde, it is subtle, or underground. It will be confusing to know where it comes from, so how do we stop this kind of interference?  The power of intention pouring through the voice, and charged with love.

Personally,  I feel this is happening  by a force creating a very subtle ambiance around us of apathy, for the most cause us to become unexcited about our lives, our breakthroughs   between July 5 through July 20, especially increasing up to July 15-20. Indifference, apathy. Numb out the emotional attachment to that new direction we connected with a few weeks ago!

It could be a thought and feeling that nothing is really worth putting the effort into a plan anymore, because the world is too complicated, or

the Project is too complicated, or
I don't have enough support, or
Nothing really matters, or
We can't defeat this industry or elite, they're too powerful, or
What could I do any way to make a difference, or
What if I don't have the abilities to pull off my project, or
I'm just wasting my time pretending I'm doing something worthwhile, or
I'll never get out of this rut, who am I kidding.

Whatever the rationale is, guess what- IT ISN'T REAL! You are being mind controlled, from without, and it is zooming in on your own programed beliefs.


But it feels so real, so logical.
So what we are dealing with with this second phase of the Mercury retrograde  beginning to turn directions on July 20, is a new problem of counteracting  a projection, and the possibility of a HUGE GLOBAL DISTRACTION IN THE WORKS, TO GET US UNBALANCED.

To be apathetic. To lose focus. There is an interference with our feelings.  An interference to the global passion and clarity we are all in one unison moving towards.
. It is the passion that we should be harnessing and nurturing.
Because this Mercury at 13* trines the North Node at 13-12* Scorpio, Mercury will succeed...the fusion of your own passion with your vision to see the end goal, and move towards it each day, will succeed, but because there is Pluto, we must do something to secure it, which is why we ACT.

Now, how does this Uranus in Aries in a square to this Mercury come in?

The Uranus is at the tip of the T-square. It becomes the focus of the solution to the Mercury opposing Pluto. If you could look at it as a sideways T, the Mercury is on the left the Pluto is on the right and the Uranus is at the bottom.

So the opposition of a polarization between Mercury in cancer thinking through our feelings thus being excited and focused upon a new course of action, versus Pluto in Capricorn potentially feeling stifled, uninspired, and projected upon by something else that is a lie to shut down our creativity, or project, and disconnect us from our passion, causing us to drop the project.

We can find the answer to this in the planet Uranus at the right angles of these two planets. This is the technique of solving oppositions when there's also a third planet squaring both planets. Diagram below

Uranus in Aries takes bold action. Physically move, do something bold. Move your body. Make a goal right now, self-motivated to get out of the space of inactivity and apathy. “I will not live a mediocre life!”

Do something dynamic, Aries like, Uranian like, that will shatter the spell this Pluto is creating.
All of us together deciding to take this form of action, globally! Will also dissolve any attempt by other forces to pull of another false flag, no matter how huge it is.

Uranus requires action when it is in the sign of Aries. Sitting and reading, studying, simply meditating, helps us but is not in Aries action solution. This one requires charging the atoms around you with fire! ..impact.

Out loud, charge the atmosphere with the power of your intention and watch it ripple through the world:

"I (name) AM, charging my mind, my feelings, my vision, my inspiration, with my truth divine plan anchored down in this world for my hands and use to manifest today. I am fears that the inspiration and the feelings of God. I am infused and direct it by the mind of God. I am protected and shielded by the most magnificent release of life and love surrounding me, swirling around me, bringing to need to find opportunities and direct action each and every hour of my day. I am divinely directed each moment of my day.
I Am filled with light, I am filled with protection, my mind is completely protected and shielded by the most electronic blue and white light, electric fire, radiating love, nothing can penetrate my consciousness, my aura, my divine purpose, and my creative expression that I feel and connect with each and every day. I am fulfilling my divine purpose now. I called to God to bring into my world opportunity to feel alive and connect in a most vital way, my reason for being. It is done"

One of the fastest ways to shake off the indifference to your life or projects, is also, to get together with people who love you and believe in what you are about.  Call them, and brainstorm over your ideas, what is troubling you, and yes! they need to talk you back into your belief in yourself again!  With the affirmations, and the friendship support, you can get back on track.

On a global scale:
The same conclusion and breakthrough we personally achieved in July, has been occurring within the globe, in every possible vital field.

Therefore, the same vial opposition has discovered it about to be birthed, and is planning to create a cataclysm to shut it down.

By the same power of the WORD changing frequency in your world around you, via affirmation and love, it will also secure this amazing progress occurring in ENERGY, MONEY, FREEDOM, on a planetary scale, about to manifest now.

So along with our personal test of locking into our feelings and becoming inspired and then taking action against some opposition to our goal and freshly acquired inspiration, the planet is going through the same initiation.  The Black Moon's position conjoined the Mercury, is saying to us, it is mandate now we fulfill this protection of our new energy, new acceleration into God, into a higher standard of life for ourselves, and the Globe, and not compromise. Don't forget your/our original intention an lesson we have gone through up to this point.

As a group of community of light all over the planet Pluto could be recognized as some faction or force of energy, that is threatened by our unified feelings and unified creative dynamic inspiration to progress, to reclaim our security (Cancer), and moved to the next level on a planetary scale to our happiness, progress and freedom.

This Pluto would not want that to happen, so in any possible way it could try to manipulate circumstances to create a war in the middle east, an economic crisis escalated, some form of mind control psycho-tronic projection of apathetic interference, blandness to life, no reason or purpose to live, or simply waking up in the morning and feeling a blank page. This is evil, energy-veil. I see it as also a power attempting to create more chaos all over the earth as never been seen before, community accidents, cataclysmic explosions, economic failures, oppression, to project globally, it is too much to control, too much to handle or solve...too may crisis.  What is Uranus in Aries?  The Alchemiy ( Uranus) of Controlling unruly forces ( Aries) by the POWER OF THE HEART, YOUR LOVE, by commanding this love to put under ITS control, these forces run amok.
What we need to do then, is to create a powerful emotionally felt affirmation, which would be a Uranus in Aries action, antidote, to this Pluto opposition to dumb down and wipe out our newly acquired focus as a whole.

“ I call to God and to my own divine I Am Presence, to shatter and to eliminate all Plutonian opposition to our minds, our progress, and our acceleration in the light becoming more and more free joyous conscious responsible progressive advance and prosperous each and every day, all fulfilling our divine purpose and reason for being on this earth. I Am commanding and demanding the mighty archangels and divine beings of great light to counteract and reverse and push back all Pluto energies in opposition to the Mercury at 13* Cancer going Direct,that could manifest in any form of darkness or oppression escalating out of their fear of being overcome, and replaced this day, by the Light.”

Let's give this once or twice up through July 20 midnight and see how our power of vision to manifest beauty and progress on the Earth and in our own personal life is fulfilled.

Part One ~ Mercury Retrograde 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AMERICA - 2013 -2016 AND BEYOND Part Two

AMERICA ~ PART TWO  2013-2016

     Part Two deals with the Uranus square U.S. Conceptional Sun in the 7th house, and Uranus oppose the Conceptional Saturn in the 10th house, and first part of examining Uranus conjoin U.S. Natal Mars. ( More about this later with China).   Its theme is disruptive, oppositional and chaotic on numerous levels and arenas.  All should be guarded on these dates:

Beginning June 2013.....
Escalates March 15, 2014- to April 30 2014  ( peaking on April 17 2014
October 15- November 30 2014 ( Peaking on November 8 2014)
January 15 2015- February 10 2015 ( Peaking on  Feb 2 2015)

Transiting Uranus squares Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer, and conjoins the Natal Mars at 14* Aries in the 8th house.

Uranus Square Conceptional Sun...
This cycle brings a series of uncontrollable people, situations, expose's and upsetting events challenging the norm...challenging the business as usual relations within our country, within government, for example: ....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer~June 26 to July 20 2013

Mercury Retrograde June 26


 This Mercury retrograde is creating an interesting focus of self reflection.  You might be ever so slightly wondering about yourself lately.  This cycle increases your sensitivity and introspection about you.
You want to adjust and shift, but not sure how or why.  Something is missing.
I can tell you what it might be;  it could be your feelings.    For more....

Christine Barrere 406-222-1763

Saturday, June 1, 2013

America 2013 - Part One

           America- Forecast for 2013 and Beyond

      I believe in the original dream and blueprint of America, and I know a beautiful civilization is at the end of the rainbow...however... we are not there yet. We have an unbelievable mess to get through... and maybe the astrological cycles could give us a clue to navigating through this next phase. It is so unbelievably complicated, I don't even know where to begin, and I created Three Sections to make it easier to digest. 
     The beginning signs of this Golden Age is right around the corner, 2023 to 2030. These are the cycles when the planets' positions become more gentle and if we pass our tests, we can finally see the beginning of the Age of Aquarius materialize. There are some really old relationships America has with strangers we need to wrap up first however.  These relationships is mostly why we are in a mess. 
So lets start out with the dramatic and wind our way down to the less epic cycles.
Pluto in the sign of Capricorn trine America's Natal Sun in Taurus.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Asteroid -February 2013

Asteroid DA14 is the big event this Valentines' week.  It is zooming by on February 15 2013.
Aside from any concern of it crashing into earth or important objects in space, I suspect any object hurtling by us, especially this close, is going to impose its presence onto our  sensitive magnetic auric field in a way as to disrupt the balance. There have been ( and will continue up through March 29 2013) a stressful YOD in the heavens between Jupiter/Black moon position/Saturn/Pluto since the middle of December 2012.

 It has created its own unbelievable pressure upon most of us this winter, some saying they NEVER want to go through another January like this past one, ever again.  Some are still struggling through it since it isn't actually finished until March 29 2013. ( more on this later, included in new Mercury Retro Article at end of this week), but..

could it be possible that at some level, we are also tuning into this asteroid whipping through our solar system heading this way and has added stress to our psyches on top of the other YOD configuration we have been forced to handle?

 Each large Rock, Planet, Comet, comes with its own signature of energy, so how we all feel this week     ( possibly beginning a few weeks prior) could be the unique vibration or energy personality from this particular rock. My position has always been to increase the meditation on the light and fire within and concentrate upon your truth, your love and values, seal up the real identity you know to be your inner true self when any astrophysical phenomenon comes through.  If it delivers an helpful uplift, then observe and embrace.  If there is a disturbance in the force?  You're sealed up and strong.  As we accelerate our awareness naturally throughout this decade we are becoming much more aware of our environment, ourselves, and others around us.  Space objects might be another point to consider what could be affecting our moods on top of solar flares and positions of the planets.
Something to think about.
More later....


Another site containing some facts about DA14 .
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