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Mercury Retro is doing its Job

   *revised October 29 2012 at 10:07 MDT added material from regarding Benghazi attack, at end of this article.*

   The job of a Mercury retrograde is to compel us, each one, to pause and  pay attention to a new concept.  a new idea.  What is your new mental focus or assignment right now?.... because this Mercury retrograde is powerful and is upon us doing its job.

    The time period when you discover a new fact, insight or truth will be 3 to 4 weeks before  the Mercury actually turns directions, this one happens on November 6 2012.  Therefore, you could have begun working on the process of uncovering or opening up to the message it is bringing into your life right now.

How do you know what it is?  Easy.  Just stop and think for a moment, of the very thing you can not get out of your mind that you know you must do, act, learn, study, pass, solve, understand or shift.  It could be anything.  But, small or terribly meaningful, it is really really important to just embrace it and allow this solution to settle in and teach you.  This Mercury is trying to tutor you now.

Because it is in Sagittarius, it will be about broadening your mind. It could also be about a hypocrisy somewhere in your life, or a dichotomy.  It will be a truth that should free you from something frustrating...because this Mercury retro is square ( a 90 degree angle)  to Neptune the planet of either beauty, spirituality, the ideal,  or!    suffering and sabotage, undermining and deception, being perpetually disempowered, negated but never resolved.   This Mercury is here to help you confront it with a new attitude and even possibly a new solution that could bring relief.

The new attitude could come in a flash!  Or, it could come through a movie, a book, a lecture, even a dream or inspiration, and  it could come from a visit with a friend.  But it will come to set you free.

Imagine being agitated over a situation.  Think about what is on your mind now that is bugging you.  You have just cause to be upset.

Now, this Mercury dives into your brain, October 20th-ish, up to November 6th 2-12, into your inner deep mind, and begins building a case, increasing the pressure to affect you with its idea, its new solution.  It should be recognized by its relief giving properties!  Be prepared for it to also possibly, finalize something that has been going on too long and caused much draining parasitic feelings within your body and brain.

When you can't stop thinking about the solution, because of this new information brought to you,  then you write it down, talk about it, or accept it quickly, ( for me, it takes time and I have to write it out, think about it, days go by, until I see how accepting it,   is going to really help me if I shift into this new way of approaching the situation),   then it becomes a new truth within you.  You can never go back to the old way again. YOU ARE NOW DIFFERENT. And, you are now vibrating at a higher frequency which will give you more energy eventually.

And remember!  this Mercury is to expose maybe secret information, knowledge, explain to you a confusion, possibly even a convoluted event or situation, with a truth and undeniable course of action, either within yourself or without.  It is to confront the Neptune's negative agenda, and bring to light the new way that will help you be at peace with yourself again.  ( *please take in the idea of personal accountability to do no harm to others or self if one becomes wholly inspired to throw off old negative patterns or situations.....please know there is a right way to respond to these " I've had enough"  moments, and a very wrong way that will only cause more suffering.  Okay?**)

It may not solve the external problem completely unless it is in extremely favorable aspects to your own planets in your birth chart,  but it will definitely break the ice and force something out into the open, so you can proceed into your future with more clarity of action.

As we all personally go through this process with every Mercury Retrograde period, so do our Nations.

Benghazi: A Reader Assesses the Evidence [Updated]

A reader, relying on publicly available information, has reconstructed what we know and can infer about what happened in Benghazi. I haven’t tried to verify all of his facts nor do I necessarily vouch for his inferences, although in general they seem reasonable. But his analysis is, I think, a valuable contribution to our understanding, and I reproduce it here in slightly edited form:
This last week may have finally broken the protective wall around the POTUS. Between the comments of Hillary Clinton, Gen. Petraeus, Defense Secretary Panetta and the FOX News report, the picture of what really transpired in Benghazi is starting to emerge. The trail is leading straight to the POTUS…. continued...    Link to PowerLine Article

 Glenn Beck's report on Benghazi events



The question won’t go away: Did President Obama and administration officials mislead the public when they initially claimed that the deadly Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi began “spontaneously” in response to an anti-Muslim video?
The question surfaced again on Oct. 25 — more than six weeks after the incident — when government emails showed the White House and the State Department were told even as the attack was going on that Ansar al-Sharia, a little-known militant group, had claimed credit for it.
We cannot say whether the administration was intentionally misleading the public. We cannot prove intent. There is also more information to come — both from the FBI, which is conducting an investigation, and Congress, which has been holding hearings.
But, at this point, we do know that Obama and others in the administration were quick to cite the anti-Muslim video as the underlying cause for the attack in Benghazi that killed four U.S. diplomats, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. And they were slow to acknowledge it was a premeditated terrorist attack, and they downplayed reports that it might have been.
What follows is a timeline of events that we hope will help put the incident into perspective. We call attention in particular to these key facts:  Article Continues..
Here are two videos which could fall into the category of  how Mercury doing its job, and confronting the Neptunian delusions, deceptions and sabotaging nature.......( in our busy world saturated with information overload!  it is hard to sit and watch an entire interview, but these two videos are not that long, and it is important information all the way to the end of both of other words, I think it is worth taking the time.)

Video One

Lt. Col Calls Rush regarding truth about Benghazi Attack

Video Two:

First Mercury Retrograde Article uploaded on October 6 2012  

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