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Taurus- 2012

 "A free America... means just this: individual freedom for all, rich or poor, or else this system of government we call democracy is only an expedient to enslave man to the machine and make him like it."
Frank Lloyd Wright


The Engineer, the Builder, Eye for Such Beauty!  Taurus

TAURUS 2012-2013

 You are the True Stars on Earth~By each act of courage you take, the battle is being won, heart by heart.  And there is a battle going on, in places deep and hiding, and up above in the sky, more than anyone even could know.
This is the end of a long long cycle of returning again and again to impregnate Light and Goodness, Divinity and Purpose into the very ether of Earth. It penetrates into the Atmosphere, the Soil, the Rock and Waters. It creates a new world piece by piece and the darkness slips away into the shadows, one by one, by one by one until not one is left to ruin anything, anymore.

As we move from the 2012 drama, into the new year 2013, every day will count.   Our thoughts, emotions, actions and hesitations.

Remember, each morning upon opening your eyes,  for a split second, a pure Idea and impulse pierces through your mind.  It seems to be an isolated independent thought which inserted itself into your mind  If you could make the effort and write it down, honor it, decide to act on it, your entire day can change into a meaningful mission rather than a mechanical existence. One day at a time, the victory is won.

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012/2013.

The Second Sign -  Taurus Key  for 2012 ~Value Yourself and Accept Your Worth   Your Dreams Can Become Realized

The Overview

Taurus, your 2012 to 2013 offers you three major themes:
1.    A strong period for your visions to be nurtured....desiring success with some endeavor, feeling your goals can be actually realized;  putting an incredible amount of love, passion, and energy into achieving your them; expanding your expertise. Working on creative projects more now than every.  You could begin something which will bring great rewards for many years to come.
2.    The Challenge is this:  Realizing you must accept the next step. Planning and concentrating upon this next decision, then moving forward very practically speaking, upon this new endeavor.     Whether it is work, education, relationship or family/children, or a project, you know you must do it,  but have not felt up to it to make it happen.    2012-2013 it will be time. It will feel like someone has challenged you to do it, to accomplish this, and move up to the next rung of the ladder in your path, your journey towards personal power and strength.
3.    A period in your life in 2012, and 2013, where you might be pulled first to throw yourself into others expectations and needs, then swing into your own power and needs.  . There are people who could count on you to do your part in something.    You are being called to contribute your skills,  physical energy and common sense expertise into situations in 2012, and the first part of 2013.  Then, the second half is for working on building and accumulating  ideas and projects around you, and call others to help you reach your goals.  Lots of discussions, networking, meetings, sharing, support and! Love. This back and forth, being needed and needing others, continues throughout 2013.  You are very busy this and next year with people.  They really love being with you and it feels like an extended family sometimes.    If there is some reason you are not experiencing this part of the forecast, the friendship part,  there could be one reason for it, and that is the Saturn stiffness and reserved nature, locking onto your Sun in Taurus, keeping you in a sort of rigid cycle of aloneness  for one reason or another.  I still would find it hard to believe, not one lovely friend develops into a regular visitor for you during this period.   Concentrate on it. Ask the Universe to send you variety, opportunity, friendships, help, love and quality people with good ideas.  People that can also benefit from your down to earth wisdom.

Saturn oppose Taurus Sun
During the period of October 2012-2014, you are in a most extraordinary pressure to advance your life.  You might find in this period, even from 1 year or so before your peak listed below, that  life keeps pushing you and pointing to some activity you will want to take on.  It is something you must do, in order to get a problem resolved, or advance your career, or increase your credibility, increase your earning, secure your position. It could be facing the inevitable and realizing the only way to go is up! There can be amazing  spiritually intense experiences coming with this cycle. Not only do you feel directed to increase your devotions, whatever they may be, but practice and study in a way that helps you make it a permanent part of your life from now on. What we strive for with this period, is to feel inside your  heart what you know you want, and where you want to go, what you know you have to do, but might have been putting off for some time.  Now is the time to put that foot forward and just do it!  So …...are you ready?

At some point on one day alone during this period, your test is to accept an offer, embrace a challenging path, and begin a new walk which will force you to really believe in your abilities so you can :
A. get these annoying set backs and interferences with your peace of mine, out of the way once and for all;
B. advance your station in life, or take a leap to embrace a new set of mature goals. It will require an important decision from you at that point, and then, you are on your way!.
C. Typically during this cycle, a person could challenge or confront you about your performance at work, or push you towards a decision or with the next step you have to take in order to get what you want in life.

There is another aspect of this Saturn opposition and that is someone in your life might be a bit distant, cold, hard on you. They could appear unfair.  This can be a partner, a spouse, someone close that you normally would expect love or support from them. When this transit passes, they can hopefully return to their old self. One strange occurrence can be the fact that as you are experiencing a bit harshness from them, they may actually feel you are the one being cool towards them! Isn't it strange how relationships work.

Try to be extra supportive and value your friendships, relationships and work people at this time, that includes possibly a tough boss!  Express your love, say helpful things to people around you, and try to adopt an attitude that if people are not so nice, maybe they have a secret burden. Don't worry, Everything will be alright.   Regardless of the irritation and injustice you might be feeling from someone, you are in a period of time that is like pushing through a wave or a wall of Jello. 
Why is it there?  Because a Saturn opposition brings this kind of energy, but don't forget it's for a good purpose at the end of it.  Here are the dates.

If you were born between:

April 21 to 23   You are having Saturn oppose your Sun on-October 5 to November 6 2012

April 24-26th    Your cycle of Saturn oppose Sun is on- November 1 – December 4 2012; then back again on June 18-July 24 2013
April 27-30th  For you, it can be felt between  - December 1 2012-Jan 26 2013;  March 15-May 14 2013; August 29-October 9 2013.

April 30-May 1- For those born at this period, its a bit intense for you between-   January 20- March 22 2013;  then back again on October 1-19 2013.

If you were born between May2-6th – your cycle will be February 14-23 2013;  October 15-November 28 2013

If you were born between May 7-13th -  Saturn opposes your Sun on November 24 2013 – January 20 2014

And for all you Taurus' born during May 14-20th, Your cycle will happen in  2014.

Empowerment Hope and Fulfillment of a dream

Pluto trine Sun in Taurus
For those Taurus' who fit into the dates for receiving this marvelous cycle, you can now reach your goals. When the planet Pluto moves into a position called a trine ( 120 degree angle to your Sun ) a slow but powerful consistent force empowers your own will, helping you to accomplish specific goals. This influence of Pluto's energy somehow meshes with your own will.

This is a positive period to reach an important goal,
 receive a raise,
Ask for a raise,
advance in your career,
complete a degree.
Make changes in your financial portfolio,
transform your yard into a vegetable garden,
can food, grow food,
take on a creative project,
fast and purify your body,
begin working out and diet on amazing healthy foods,
get married,
get divorced,
work it out and have it stick,
commit to a partner
start a business,
rebuild your life.

Inspiration runs high to create a new life plan, transform yourself or your diet, your body,  your house, your investments, your possessions, other words, Pluto trine Sun can help you so much to feel your power and make positive changes that will last a lifetime. This trine tends to help you for years even after the major cycle of the strongest period of it, is long past.

The energy from Pluto pouring into your practical physical world, that includes your money and your body, your business, your values, your assets and anything you are wanting very much to accomplish at this time, is so very very helpful.  This is sort of a sneaky transit cycle.  It starts out powerful, then seems to go away.  What happened to the boost, the oomph of energy?!!!  Well, it takes a break as it turns retrograde for a while, even several months....but!  While that is happening,  while it seems to be resting, believe me,!  The power is stirring underneath, planning, strategizing, organizing your next move.  When it pops up again and pours that power on, into your life's goals, it will help you so much carry it off.  It will intensify your faith in yourself and worth to act on this inspiration. 

Here are the dates for you Taurus, for this once in a lifetime Pluto Trine your Sun :
( Because Pluto transits oh so slowly way out at the end of our solar system, some of you may have to wait a bit to receive yours.  Be patient!  It's so good to be aware of this coming, because you get to plan ahead!)

For Taurus' born between April 21 to 26th-  You already had your Pluto Trine Sun in 2009-2011.

If you were born on April 27- Your cycle is all 2012, making its most positive peak on October 1 through December 20th 2012.

 If you were born on April 28th your cycle is Feb 1 through July 31 2012; Then from November 11 2012 through January 10 2013;  Returns on September 1 through October 10 2013.

If you were born on April 29th your cycle of Pluto Trine is on: December 16 2012-January 24 2013;.....
July 1 2013 November 24 2013.

If you were born on April 30th your Pluto power cycle is:January 13 2013 – July 15 2013; November 17- December 30 2013.

Taurus, If you were born on May 1 and 2,  Your Pluto cycle begins on  February 17 all the way to June 2nd 2013.

Now, for all you Taurus' born after May 2, you need to plan your magnificent goals now, so they can flourish and take root in the years to come all through 2023! 

Remember, all Taurus' are in general, receiving a boost to their Earthy inspirations throughout this decade, no matter  when you were born.  So dream, make plans, grow, and make this period of your life really count!

A Call to Duty -  Contrast of Interests  
Solar Eclipse  in Scorpio at 21* opposes your Taurus Sun  on November 13 2012

Taurus, especially if you are born between May 8th-16th, ( But please all other Taurus', this is for you too.  The May 8th -16th will really experience this one).  you could be called to handle someone's situation who needs you to pretty much leave your own opinion, position, commitments or routine to jump across a canyon to their side and accommodate them.

This is a time when we need to follow someone's lead, learn about someone's trouble, partner with someone and really try to infuse them with your insights;  Someone might be sick, in trouble, need you.

You might need to leave your position behind, leave your attitude or your  hurt, pride or stubbornness, and take action for a higher purpose.

 Selflessness is the key.  ( This Eclipse is also demanding similar actions upon the U.S.  at this time, because the Natal Chart of the United States is 10 Degrees Taurus.)

You would  be handling this situation because you care about that person, or
because it benefits everyone in the future.

An opposition is stressful.  It asks of us to deal with an opposite or contrary place.  It may mean you are pulled in like a tractor beam, to a situation which takes up your entire focus of concentration for a time. 
It is taking you partially away from your comfort zone.   How can we prepare for this Solar Eclipse in November? Because it is in Scorpio,  your opposite sign in the zodiac circle, you just need to practice the art of combining resources, joining energies with someone else, accommodating someone for a while, being helpful, sensitive or supportive. 
It requires, letting go of something.  If you know where your Mars and Pluto are in your chart, what sign they are in, and what “houses” they rest in, you could determine what you will need to let go of, or where you will have to accommodate. 

For all Taurus', you may need to exert powerful concentration requiring more energy and time than usual to really cut through and get the job done!! 

Be careful during this period, especially between the two weeks before the Eclipse on November 13, and a few weeks after. 

I think this one is going  to be really important. Stay away from demonstrations.  Stay away from crazy people.  Stay away from really nutty traffic and public events.  Don't risk it, you could get sucked into a complicated chaotic situation.  Okay?   Take care of your health, your money, your interactions with everyone, including people in authority positions, such as bosses, professors, teachers, parents, spouses.  If you are a female, and in a  relationship, your partner could act demanding and if that is the case, then in combination with Saturn also in Scorpio, well, you are really going to need to be extremely careful, balanced, calm, and try to do what you can to listen and help, but set your boundaries so you are not being overwhelmed with their personality or needs at this time.  
Again, this period would be between October 15 through December 1, especially peaking on the day of the Eclipse, November 13 2012.

Mercury retrograde at 4* Sagittarius inconjunct your Sun in Taurus
November 6 2012 – November 26 2012.  Period it is active:  October 1 through December 1 2012.

.....and Mercury stationary direct ( leaving retrograde)  at 18* Scorpio oppose your Sun in Taurus
 November 26 2012.
  ( whew!  Complicated!  Let's see if I can explain this one)

If you are a Taurus born between April 20-27th, during the period between October -November 15 2012, you could be really frustrated.  Something is just not working out, and it is extremely inconvenient.
Can you just ride it out all the way through the month? And do you absolutely have to make that electronic or vehicle purchase just now?  This Mercury retrograde is filled with peculiar delays, re-dos, disappointments and confusion all over the place.   I think, if I were you, I would take it slow as soon as you hit about October 10.  Just concentrate on what you normally need to do to keep your life regular.....but wait a minute!  How is that possible, when at the same time,  you're being asked to help out and stretch a bit more than normal, ( the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio) and embrace someone challenging you to come up higher in your performance or what is expected from you at this time, ( Saturn oppose Sun).

This is all too much! This is what I would do during the period of October – November 2012.

1.    Concentrate very patiently upon what you can do at this time, without over committing.  That includes financially.
2.    Try to be open to listening;  Be helpful  but don't feel badly if you can not do more or take on extra expenses, just because someone is expecting it.  The Mercury retrograde could be showing you a problem.
3.    If you find yourself in a terribly awkward situation, you will have to be totally honest and let the chips fall where they may, as they say.  Don't try to hold on to your agenda now, and fudge, or cover up anything, because it won't work.   Just be honest.  Think about others feelings or position, and if you have to shift a bit  in order to do the right thing, even if it hurts, do it.
4.    If you find another person is not making sense and leaving you with a feeling of something missing, or not quite right with their explanation, reasoning or decisions, well!  With the combination of
a. Pluto in Capricorn trine your Sun;
b.  Saturn in Scorpio opposing your Sun,
c. Mercury inconjunct the Sun Oct-Nov 6, and
d Mercury oppose your Sun Nov  26, 2012,  it might be time to trust yourself and walk away from giving up so much of your own values for this person's needs.

When you get into the 2nd half of November 2012, the Mercury will oppose your Sun in Taurus and there could be a meeting, a conversation or decision you are faced with.  At that point, you will know how to proceed with the agreement.   My inclination would be to plug away at something worthwhile, but patiently, thoroughly, and then trust that  what decision you need to finally make, can wait until after November 26 2012.

Neptune sextile Sun in Taurus
A Gift of Personal Assistance. Open your imagination Sharing with someone and being understood.  Love.
Neptune is at 0-5* Pisces 2012-2013, so the Taurus' who will be experiencing this aspect will be the ones born between:

April 21-26th  ( in 2014, Taurus born between April 27 - 29th will receive the Neptune sextile,  and as the years go by, all Taureans will eventually receive this fun experience),  you will have this cycle all 2012-2013.

Here we have a wonderful cycle of helpfulness coming from a specific person. You might know this person already. Someone, who has decided to put a more than ordinary effort into your life.   It could be someone new that seems to have been sent to you to make a difference. Here's the interesting thing about this transit: You might be clueless  as to how much you even need this gift!
This period does provide a friend, and it is a lovely cycle of collaboration and attention!  The advice, skill, support or gifts this one brings to you will be inspiring, elegant, practical and intelligently executed. Maybe, this new friend is sort of, well, rough around the edges here and there?  Some will come nicely packaged and smart, others might have to concentrate upon the gifts this one provides, while ignoring the peculiar or eccentric parts! 

Love - Divine Friendship
In general, the sextile ( 60 degree space between two planets) is an inspirational kind, newness of opportunity to be understood by others and express oneself more effectively, powerfully.  It activates your imagination and heart to love more sweetly, more romantically or purely.  For business projects, it inspires and magnetizes someone who sees your mission and wants to support you in making it come true. They give you their gifts and helpful skills.
Some relationships you have with others, will just keep improving during 2012-2013 and on throughout the decade.

Thank you for reading through this rather complicated but important report and period of your life.  Planning, Patience, Goals, and faith in the truth that you deserve happiness, are the keys for this cycle.  There's more to come in your 2013 forecast!  Stay tuned

Good Fortune!
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