Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Power of Belief Restored


September 2012, beautiful day, sun is shining, news is increasingly confusing and stressful, and we are still in a potentially volatile period where anything could happen in too many arenas. 

I'm  postiing a nice Video here to help us all take a break from the usual.  Three quarters of the way through, I felt it was just what I needed to finish writing the next Mercury in Sagittarius Retrograde square Neptune in Pisces article, which strangely enough, peaks on election week, exact November 5/6th at 4 degrees. 

Instead of all of us being at the Mercy of an escalating multi layered vast deception, crossing several activities, one of them the elections, I know NOW we are suppose to confront the ever Neptunian Illusionist faking several false flag scenerios, back it into a corner and force it to be at the Mercy of those who demand the truth.
What did I get out of the video?  A strong reminder, we are more powerful to affect not only our lives' outcome, but also the whole world. We are more powerful  than we tend to believe.   Neptune, look out, we're paying attention and taking back the reins.

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