Saturday, August 18, 2012

Solar Activity and 2012

Summer of 2012 through 2015 is a crazy cycle for Earth; there are increasing solar activities, geophysical disruptions, and some challenging planet positions to look out for.
Here is a list of astrological cycles with tension.  Remember to be prepared physically, expect a bit of emotional or challenging attitudes around and inside of you during these periods, and also weird or unpredictable news around these dates:
September 18-October 3 2012
 Sept 19-20- 2012     Uranus square Pluto 2nd peak
Mercury in Libra oppose Uranus and square Pluto  ( Sept19-22)
Pluto also stationary direct exact Sept 17 2012

 (will update more later)

Three activities could be behind these changes:
1.  The solar flare uptick;  MailOnline
2.  4 years of the planet Uranus in a 90 degree angle aspect to the planet Pluto which began mildly in 2008, peaking June 2012 - 2015.  ( Uranus square Pluto)
 These two planets are moving through space locked in a 90 degree angle to each other.  After 2015 they begin to move apart.
3.  Pluto has moved into Capricorn from 2008 through 2025.

Pluto square Uranus
When this happens, all sorts of volatile activities increase.  Because these two planets have a bit more influence and power than other planets in the solar system, they are felt and seen to create an impact years before and years afterwards, instability everywhere would have been noticed a few years before, and a few years on, afterwards.

Where are the disruptions showing up?  Everywhere.   Economic upsets and transformations, earthquakes, Solar activity,  political attitudes, government,  space, planets, machines,  and technology revelations, energy, free energy, quantum and technological revelations;  people's moods and behavior,  and especially the bizarre, unexplainable, unexpected truths opened up for all to see and be forced to adjust to all around us, revealing how things really are.  Everything seems to be going so fast and accelerated, good and bad, progressive or disintegrating, preparing for the new. 

What is the goal of this square?  The goal would be to stay focused upon upgrading and improving our life and moving towards more truth and maturity, love and tolerance, efficiency and smart living. It would be here to help us live peacefully, demand progress, truth, fairness and freedom, which brings solutions to our jobs, energy usage, how we harness energy, how we care about our food, our safety, our efficiency of life, medicine, nutrition, chemicals, toxins.  It would be to discover solutions for our psychology and progress in our quality of life and liberty all over the world.  It will be met with Pluto's behavior manifesting as the old power controllers and greed for more authority and structure, rules and restrictions in order to monitor and control our innovation and natural expansion towards freedom and betterment of life.

How does this affect you and me? We are trying to stay balanced and focused in the midst of changes, flow where it makes sense, stay true to our inner guidance when it doesn't. 

The two are clashing for 4 years. 2012 - 2015.  The solar flares are an additional stress.

Pluto in Capricorn will try to control and disintegrate what blueprints have been solid and good everywhere, and replace them with punitive control and greed;  or it will be those who press hard to preserve what has been good, and upgrade and create higher blueprints in all areas, trends, standards and protocols, structures and measures which will be intelligent and helpful, always sane and providing boundaries for the others to follow which help keep order and progress for each person who is affected by them, move into freedom, individuality and the best life they can realize.  No one is hoarding the power-money-truth.

There are universal codes or blueprints which are eternal and opportunity.  There are those who believe their codes and humanitarian beliefs are the correct sane ones, however,

...during this Uranus-Pluto cycle,
and the solar flare cycle,
 and the 2012 cycle,
and the Pluto in Capricorn cycle,
and  the Age of Aquarius cycle, an intelligence higher than anyone person or organization's power will press down upon the Earth a new standard of Love and Individuality, Progress and Efficiency, Truth and Breakthroughs for Divine Living to replace abuse.  Will this be easy?  The 90 degree angle between the two powerful planets say, no. There will be a step by step replacing the old with the innovation, but at the same time taking the respectful knowledge and experience from the Pluto in Capricorn structures and some seasoned individuals, and incorporating the fruitful parts into the new blueprint.
A link to watching solar flare warnings is here so one can gauge potential electrical problems, cell phone and satellite and electrical grid breakdowns which could disrupt services of all kinds:

and Dutchsince, ever vigilant preparedness: 

It is always a very good idea to wake each morning with an affirmation to a Higher Power for the sealing action and grace of complete protection around your country, your town, all systems, satellites and communication technology to secure and protect these activities and our way of life, so that a more smooth transition takes place into our Golden Age of Aquarius, without cataclysmic disruptions of any kind.

It is possible for the many of great light living on this Earth to live in a world moving bit by bit into a Golden Era, never needing to see what darkness  is being challenged in through and around, above and beneath. Eventually taken and never to return.  The Sun, the Solar System, the Ground and Seas Waters and Air, visualize perfection, stability, visualize the Gulf Stream moving beautifully and normally around the seas, the elemental life able to handle the geomagnetic disruptions and pressures and all other forms of unnatural things which are interfering with their life.
"Mighty God Presence, I Am that I Am, Mighty Archangels and Magnificent Angels of Fire, Release your divine protection now into the Earth, in the Atmosphere, surround our Planet, my Country,  all nations and the solar system, especially our Sun, with Rings upon Rings of Glorious Bands of Blue, White, Golden and Teal, to now repel all that was never intended to  be.  Preserve and Protect all life and rotations, cycles and orbits, magnetics and life sustaining nature.  Release and place around our planet now, the invincible Golden Chain Mail Armour  to repel all disruptions and war, and protect and sustain all light and love, prosperity and divine Activity here.  Protect all who are destined to thrive on this beloved Planet now and forever, beloved I Am, Amen."

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