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Pisces 2012

 Pisces- 2012

Christ -the Avatar
the Orb (Globus Cruciger)

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012
Twelfth Sign Pisces     Key for 2012        Face Your Fears  Disconnecting from all  Death and Violence   Become Faith  and Radiate Peace    Contemplation and Concentration of the Smallest Miracles and Magnificent Potentials   

Pisces, Eight major events are themes for you for 2012 into 2013.

 In spite of the rise of chaos and strife in the world,  life is unfolding with amazing progress.  You just need to adjust your perception and witness. 
 Your world is rapidly expanding, your heart is learning, and your mind can hardly keep up with all your new information you have to process and absorb, retain and then utilize.  Your job is demanding but exciting, your family life might experience new challenges, and your health and body require attention.  PEACE, exercise, nourishing food and nutrients are needed now.
  It is difficult sometimes to calm yourself down, when so many things are out of balance but you more than most Zodiac Signs, have an innate ability to synthesize multiple concepts, of  events, symbols and impressions and understand them; you can connect the dots within these variations of themes surrounding your life and in the world, and look at it as a great sea of currents of energies.  You more than most, can see the contrasts within people of the positive and unrefined, the challenging and the beautiful, and still try to work within all these contrasts.   The important thing is to remember share what you know with them, and how certain events or situations are  all connected.   To teach and love and try and then go to that place where you rejuvenate your energies, so you do not become negative and drained is vital.  Here are some ideas for you to ponder this year:

Pluto Sextile Sun
With Pluto sextile your Sun, a wonderful mentor encourages you to add new abilities and techniques, tools and insights into your repertoire.
This person can empower you, teach you and guide your mind to a new level of personal happiness in the exact place in your life you could be struggling.   Challenged and frustrated, but deeply asking the Universe to show you the way, to bring the solution, the answer and understanding...the method, .whether it be a scientific or technological piece that must be inserted into a theory or system, or the spiritual or psychological key, the magic words or ideas that can help you talk to someone, face something or move forward with courage and knowledge to change a stressful thing into finally a resolution. It could even be the teacher, the mentor to help accomplish an artistic technique, or dance style which finally deeply, slowly but surely, overcomes the empty space where before you felt a bit stuck.

  What Pisces needs this year and through 2013 is a power in believing  you  can overcome anything that is not fitting with your ideal. 
The cycle for this training, mentoring,  could be subtle at first,  but gradually growing in obvious instruction, and people will be a support to you during this time, you can feel  happy to be making progress. 

For Pisces Born between February 24-March 2  the help is between January 2012-January 15 2014.
(All Pisces Born before February 24 experienced this helpful friendship between 2008/09-December 2011)

For Pisces Born from March 2 on, Pluto will sextile your Sun from 2014 on.
This cycle is very nice and brings an overall helpfulness in your life so you don't feel alone, however, the next cycle is not easy, and will soon be over.  It's always a challenge I find, to have these layers of cycles, one helpful, one hard, maybe the helpful one is there to assist us in the hard one.

Saturn Inconjunct Sun

The stress or a need to adjust your outlook always comes with an inconjunct of some sort.  It could be a awareness that you are not  being understood by those who mean the most to you.  They could be colleagues, friends, family member or partner.  This could drive you crazy, as you need them to listen now, and cooperate.

The exasperation could be with co-workers or researchers around you,  people who should be in some elegant one mind of universal agreement on what is the best progress for a plan. It could be, an engineering of a product or device, a system, a medical breakthrough.  It's possible for some of you, that is involves a serious decision to move forward on acomplex thing that could prevent future problems for the public; or you see the need for more conscientious attention given to an advanced product or energy engineering, and  if in the wrong hands would trigger devastating chaos, but in the right hands, liberate millions. You want everyone to get on with fixing the situation rather than being blocked by red tape.  Whatever the disconnect is, and the hold up,, my first comment to anyone receiving a Saturn inconjunct, is to explore the possibility of going around someone holding up the event or the important completion of some thing, and pick someone else who is more willing to make it happen for you.

  Another important factor is fear.  Fear within self, or fear others have.  Fear needs to be faced this year.  Fear of what's going to happen in 2012.  Fear of the worse case scenerio. Fear in all kinds of issues that are unknowns.  Overcoming  remorse, criticisms, hurt and abandonment, freedom from fears that have prevented you from embracing life with courage and confidence.   Shift into confidence that the future is actually is worth living for. This is what your year is about  in 2012-2013, but during an inconjunct period, we need to push through and get to the other side of the" fears. Simply say, "I want this settled because it will feel so amazing to get this behind me:.

When Saturn finishes the inconjunct to your Sun, as described above, ( at the latest, October 6  2012)   relief comes from a long period of waiting for something to shift so you can get on with your real life again and bring things back to some kind of order. 

 For Pisces born between March 10 through 20th, this hard cycle of enduring unpleasant frustrations and being obligated to wait and put up with strange delays or lack of support from certain people is from   October 2011 through October 6 2012, then it is finished for all Pisces.

( Pisces born earlier already went through this disconnect with others between December 2009 through September 2011.)

Saturn Trine

 The new energy of Saturn trine your Sun, beginning October 2012 on for 2 1/2 years, is a huge relief.  You are setting some boundaries, feeling your mastery come back a bit, and realizing what you need to do to create your habitat and the routine that works best for you.   There can be harmony and more success finally with love, partners, friends and organizations. People respect your wishes.

 There could be a gift of some sort brought to you, such as a new project or mission, a new job or a raise, a new training or marriage, (even though it looks difficult, it is stabilizing for you).  It is a necessary blessing in disguise, helping you absorb a lesson, perfect something that still needs perfecting, gain a greater wholeness, whether outside of you ( project, relationship, baby, etc...) or inside of you ( your behavior or attitude about life).   You accept the truth maturely, or accept a reality of how something is to proceed, be build,, engineer  or  to be released.    You really feel how something is just going to have to proceed with a certain attitude and will,  if you are going to get anywhere with your goals.  You may not even know how important this is until some time goes by and you can see how Saturn is helping you go up a few notches in your self image and purpose in life.  Maybe these standards or goals are your Higher Self's goals, being impressed upon all around you and you aren not totally aware of it yet,  but through this aspect, you will be.

New stability, empowerment and respect for your ideas will come.   Your path and your values  from others could happen on October 7 2012 through 2014 when Saturn moves into Scorpio and makes this trine (120 degree angle)  to your Sun.
Unless you are in one of the peak periods noted below, you will probably just experience it building up as new ideas of independence, planning, and setting some future goals. This Saturn will be encouraging you with new thinking, new boundaries, new power, new plans, ruminating and calculating how to go about this and that to secure your life, but on the exact time periods connected to your actual date of birth below, it should be felt pretty strongly.  It's felt as a knowing who you are and an action you need to take within the next two years.  You won't allow anything to  hold you back from fulfilling this destiny.  This has nothing to do with the timing to cut ties with others or abandon a job!  It might involve this, but is usually not what Saturn is's about facing a more mature way to proceed with the next decision, the next smart move.

Here are the exact peaks when this new confidence, conviction and common sense ABOUT SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT you feel motivated to proceed with or do occurs:

( It may seem obvious to many, but a quick reminder, that any act or expression that imposes harm, distress, fear or intimidation to others in anyway would not be considered sanctioned by some favorable astrological period, in other words, don't use astrology to justify getting even or taking your disgust out on anything or anyone......Instead, what these cycles could do of you are outside the law of love and harmony, especially Saturn, is boomerang back upon yourself the very thing you are doing negatively....because this is the planet of accountability with everyones' energies, good or bad.)
If born between February 19th -23rd, Saturn trines your Sun between October 6-November 20 2012;  May 31 - August 15 2013.
If  born between February 23 -and 27th    Your cycle is  Nov 7 2012-Jan 6 2013;  April 17 2013- September 22, 2013. 
If born between February 28 - March 3 your cycle of empowerment is     Dec 16 2012- April 15 2013;  and again September 10- October 25 2013
For all Pisces born between March 4 -20th, your Saturn trine empowerment period begins October 25 2013 through all of 2014.   

Make very good use of this cycle.  It will really help you advance in your life in some big way.

Mars in Scorpio trine your Sun in Pisces

 August 24 through October 7 2012
For one month or so, you can feel  energized ...wondering where all the clarity came from all of a sudden.  People in general care about you, want to spend time with you, and work is good now. This is a good time for money.. employment,  raises, acceptance at work and proving your capabilities to others.   You can be very helpful and make a difference now.  You could finally launch something big!  Investors finally come through and for those in science and engineering,  a new kind of organic bio-technological system is in a stage of usability.  The solution to making something Universally workable for the public is to impress your pure hearts' desire and good intentions onto an actual thing, even though others would be using it and may not have the same intelligent consciousness as you do to make it consistently work.
  It is like a positive grid or matrix from your own good intentions and heart almost like blessing the product, the machine, the paper, the book, the whatever, and it is insuring its protection and success. Somehow the frequency of your consciousness, and the good will of your love to bless people with this invention, could mesh with the technology for not only its success to come from it, but for it to successfully work every time and never be misused.  Along with the spiritual infusion, can come a safety net idea put into place, so it is not misused.

You can use this technique also, with anything.  Any situation, work, writing, ideas, lectures, relationship, having a baby, a new endeavor, a purchase, an invention, anything which you deeply desire fulfillment and success, can be endowed with your mind and good wishes.  You want it to succeed, infuse it with a desire for this or that to bless life in some way, and yourself and those close to you, then you can call for its protection by, yes, Angels.  Or, whatever magnificent light you desire to surround the thing, and then let it go and be. 
There will be a leap of understanding for all Pisces during this Mars in Scorpio period, and I don't mean a small insignificant comprehension, we're talking huge.  Like, an Awakening.....politically?  Globally?  In Physics and Science, Economics...Art?.. even though you have your own personal world to look after... your thoughts and feelings and process through the day is helping the world.   The Cycle again is August 24 through October 7 2012.  This will be a better cycle to have events flow for you  ( write it down, what is it you really need to acquire or share with others, what you would like to have happen in your, their lives?).  You could also be witnessing a major breakthrough in the world with an idea, a new information or oneness of vision among so many people.  You might think, how can so many be knowing the same thing all at once?'s almost as if we have superseded phone, Internet, etc..and become spiritually connected, communicating on some other level with such exact details it seems virtually impossible this could happen.  

Something comes out in the news, and suddenly, almost everyone seems to be connecting the dots the same way, and arriving at similar conclusions.    It's an explosion of desires ( Scorpio) to share and become useful to each other and to validate the truth about a trend, an event. And with this validation Pisces, the  Scorpio Mars can heal a situation, tear off a hidden fact or being taking apart a problem. Pisces, use this Mars in Scorpio to heal others' blindness and denial, and expose the truth, link the facts and patterns together, and also! heal yourself and energize your body, your lymphatic, your adrenals and your soul from the poisons and toxicity all around you.

It is a time to unify, to combine talents and understanding and be a part of emotionally, mentally and spiritual network of bringing some huge change into place within your community, or city, nation or the world,  without even being in the same location with each other.  How can  this can happen! It is to direct you and those like you, to a more secure place in the world, and its happening because the veil is thinning between the physical and spiritual and those who think alike, are becoming closer. It's kind of like, a miracle.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius at 4* then turning Direct at 18* Scorpio  November 6 through November 25 2012.

Mercury will turn Retrograde on November 6 at 4* Sagittarius.   From October 20 through November 13 2012, Mercury retro will square your Sun in Pisces, For those born with a 0-5* Pisces Sun Sign....( ibetween February 19 through 25th).
If this is your degree or period of birth, Mercury is trying to help you sort out a conflict with a sticky situation.  You are going to have to face some kind of adversary, but is it real or imagined?  Don't feel afraid or intimidated by them, or believe you are outnumbered right now.  Remember your new empowerment you are receiving now or coming later next year under the Saturn Trine Sun?  It is happening, and you do have a much going for you now.  The square from Mercury is simply trying to push you to address an issue, and you may need some help before it will be clear how to do it.  It might even involve a misunderstanding or a lie. This Mercury Retro is to provide you with the heads up, the info, the vision, optimism, clear facts, and a positive solution.  You might need to talk it over with someone, get their advice, then finally!  on NOV 14-DEC 10 2012 peaking November 25 2012, the green light is on FOR ALL PISCES,  and you feel good about taking that action you know is inevitable now.  ( this mercury retrograde in November is in square also to Neptune in Pisces during the U.S. Elections, and so as you are breaking free from an overlay of illusion and potential deceit, so will several candidates during the election process need to put in strong measures to ensure honesty and the facts at every angle of potential deception or loss.)  Watch for false flag distractions. 

Solar Eclipse November 13 2012 at 21* Scorpio.
Solar Eclipse trine your Sun in Pisces is teaching you, that isolation and retreat is not the answer now.  Thhis Eclipse can enhance your emotional intelligence, intuition and desire to work things out with others.  It is good for  finances and flow of progress for Pisces especially born between March 6 through 15th, but should help all Pisces feel supported.
 This is simply for you an opportunity during October 28th through November 30, to cut through and feel in general everyone is harmoniously supporting each other, excited, sharing and there is a mission to accomplish, a project to get finished.  Everyone needs to set aside their differences, and cooperate now, for the bigger plan to take place. This Solar Eclipse Cycle is important, providing an opportunity for not only YOU, but those near you to release unwanted negative grudges and hypocritical attitudes, selfish brooding and feeling victimized.
Synthesis, that is the keyword.

Jupiter in Gemini Square Pisces Sun 

This period is simply a time when you could feel morally and ethically in conflict with something going on close to home, or near you.....something you feel is too much, too complicated, not good timing, or hurried in some way.    Also, someone could be sort of convincing you or  pulling you into doing something with them or for them.  It may seem harmless, logical,  but usually it has disappointments in the outcome.  It's not feasible, or there are unknown future events that are going to happen that no one is expecting to occur, that might cause you to change your mind later, but it could be too late.

So just be on guard with anything or anyone that seems to have a great idea, or plan, and want very much your commitment or participation in that activity.  You could even convince yourself it is the solution to something you have long needed to take care of.  Jupiter in Gemini brings ideas, people with logical presentation, plans, lots of talk and information your way, however, your Pisces Sun, is trying to synthesize this and something feels like it isn't going to ultimately work for you. Remember your Saturn trine cycles.  They will bring common sense to you. 

One more thing...this square can simply be that you are stuck or tied up in something very important, but another equally important situation is going on, or person who needs you at this time, and it seems to be overwhelming how you could help them truly, because it is not good timing for you to be there for them. It will work out, but during this long cycle, from even summer of 2012 through next summer of 2013, it would be hugely optimistic to see this one conflict get completely resolved. Even with the trines helping.  Sit it could be just one thing that remains a bit not to your liking.   Anyway,   be smart, and don't make any decisions on the following dates below:

This is the kind of cycle you might want to get very specific key dates from a professional astrologer, as to exactly what week this will peak in your own personal chart.
The peaks will be a bit different for each one of you.  
I will break it down into sections:
Born between February 19- February 23rd      Jupiter square Sun on June  9 through July 7 2012.

Born between  February 23 to 27th    June 27 through July 24 2012;   January 1 through March 10 2013 

Born between February 27 through March 3          July 15 to August 19th 2012;   November 18-December 29 2012;   March 1 - April 7 2013; 

Born March 4 through March 7th     Your cycle to be cautious is August 19 to November 19 2012;  April 6 - May 5 2013

Born between March 8 through 20   Your cycle will move very quickly between May 6 2013 through June 11 2013.

Did you know, that many Pisces have a serious interest in physics, biology, genetics, oceans, waters, sea life,  engineering and medical research?  They can be fascinated with health issues, astronomy, science and social civil improvement, research of all kinds, free energy systems, solar powers, self sufficiency, and humanitarian progress, alleviating suffering, removing waste of energy, materials, providing efficiency.  They can not stand waste and stupidity.   Therefore, they are idealists, stubbornly producing and sacrificing, healing, liberating and deeply spiritual inside.

There's is the ability to see the exotic, elegant and highest form of perfection possible for themselves, their projects, their friends and family, and the earth and everywhere for everyone.   They have style. They have the vision and desire to bring it down for all to appreciate to make life more efficient.   They go one step further than the Aquarius' humanity; they become emotionally and willfully embroiled in the production or the manifestation of the thing. Especially if it is your own physical artistic expression, such as dancing or acting.  

Any manner of art form where  YOU are the the creation and the creator  that is going to provide impact upon your public!!
 It is the emotional engaging and releasing  of a magical faith and drawing from the ether's, useful products or style, discipline and serious skill.    The Virgo has the details and the work skill, but the Pisces has the capacity through faith and belief, to realize it. They can be fearless and dauntless,  a magical and breathtaking performance

Pisces can be the most frustrated of all the signs also.  Pisces can be the most put out, the most negative, because he or she sees the potential, and can not handle that potential being wasted or tossed aside, or not utilized. They accomplish things others tell them is impossible. That is because they come under the MASTER TEACHER, THE MASTER YOGI, THE MASTER CHRIST PRESENCE.  It is the way to realization of the vision, no matter what.  It is for the Divine Love.

Sometimes it all seems pointless.. this lack of vision others have that seems to cause people to repeat the dense  behavior over and over again.  Pisces then can enter into escapism hopelessness, depressions or addictions.   Know, at this point, you MUST have a friend, book, an inspiring movie, a music, a teacher, a mediation, something to fall back upon, so you do not feel alone.  Something to remind you of the experiment called Earth, so you can regain perspective. Here we are with contrasts again.  While it is important to keep perspective that all on Earth are going through a necessary massive wake up from delusions of all sorts. This has to happen and so some will act peculiar now, illogical.  Let it go.  On the other hand it is true that all eyes are on Earth within the magnifidenct Galaxies of life and consciousness. So at the same time I ask you to detach for your own sanity, you can also understand the big picture, that this cycle we are all in is very important, soul by soul, to take advantage of the opportunity to advance and make the best of EVERYTHING! .  Everyone is watching to see how we pull this end game off.  You are a crucial part of the play, but if you get too disgusted, irritated, panicky or stressed, pull back and say, " Mighty I Am, take command of my life and mind and situation, NOW!"  Say it outloud.   We must pull Earth into the light of the Golden era.  Pisces have the capacity to somehow through your pure powers inside to be an integral key player in making this happen, especially when you truly know your belief is like a megaton of positive energy released to move mountains.
This is why I put the Christ at the top of this article.  He has the power to superimpose the ideal of Power and Royal Perfection upon you.  Magdalene is the Divine counterpart of the Royal Empowerment.
The comprehension of particles, molecules, microcosm and macrocosm, exotic physics and the physics of the body's potential, the souls potential and the power of belief in love, belief in good is all comprehended ultimately by these Master Teachers, through Pisces. It is the synthesis of the understanding of the body, the chakras, the systems, the molecules, the emotions, and the surrender to the higher will, manifesting the Holy thing.  It will overcome all.  It is overcoming all darkness, limitation, karma, narrowness.   The Christ/Krishna/Buddha, I Am  Presence, any divine being seen as the one which could overcome, can overcome this dense suffering and ignorance, has a Pisces mastery.  

 This is a process for all of us to take upon ourselves, this idea, but suddenly, it has sped up.  These are the teachers of the Elect.  Pisces, you are frustrated because this ideal is what you know you want to become like. It doesn't matter what you think is limitiiung to you, there is a way to become it, quickly. 

Neptune in Pisces conjoin Sun in Pisces 

This period is active between only for those born between February 18/19 up to February 22.
It can be a healing.  We usually think of our body, when we say healing, but this is anything in which we have suffered much and finally a sweet balm of relief comes into our life in the very place where there has been none for a long long time.   Neptune is your planet, Pisces.  Possibly to get a better understanding of this powerful Neptune in Pisces period for all of us, especially you, go here. 
"Mighty God Presence Above and Within Me, I call you down into my body, my mind my emotions and all my outer behavior, activities, love, relationships and money NOW!  I believe in you, I see you with my eyes shut, within my inner sight.  I can speak to you and you hear me.  I love you and need you to save my life, save the Earth, save this COUNTRY, MY NATION, Save all from suffering, and It is done."  This synthesis is happening, the old way is dissolving, the new is appearing.
Watch,  it is coming. In a twinkling of an Eye, we shall all be changed.   

Meditation for 2012

 New Atlantis       “We have also perspective-houses, 16 where we make demonstrations of all lights and radiations; and of all colours: and out of things uncoloured and transparent, we can represent unto you all several colours; not in rain-bows, (as it is in gems, and prisms,) but of themselves single. We represent also all multiplications 17 of light, which we carry to great distance, and make so sharp as to discern small points and lines. Also all colourations of light; all delusions and deceits of the sight, in figures, magnitudes, motions, colours: all demonstrations of shadows. We find also divers means, yet unknown to you, of producing of light originally 18 from divers bodies. We procure means of seeing objects afar off; as in the heaven and remote places; and represent things near as afar off; and things afar off as near; making feigned distances. We have also helps for the sight, far above spectacles and glasses in use. We have also glasses and means to see small and minute bodies perfectly and distinctly; as the shapes and colours of small flies and worms, grains and flaws in gems, which cannot otherwise be seen, observations in urine and blood not otherwise to be seen. We make artificial rainbows, halo’s, and circles about light. We represent also all manner of reflexions, refractions, and multiplications 19 of visual beams of objects....." Francis Bacon   New Atlantis (1561–1626)  Paras 60-91

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