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Gemini-2012 Forecast

     Can one ascend and descend in isolation?  Truly, no being can act without affecting his surroundings.  Not only does he stir up the various layers of the atmosphere with each action, but he literally drags his near ones with him.  Man must learn his responsibility towards the Universe.  Beyond the range of one's conscious thought, flows a constant unconscious interaction,  embracing  wide circles, limited by the law 
of karma, and the affinity of auras.

     It is not always easy to decide when one is a murderer and when a benefactor.  Only as beacons of Agni Yoga can we with justice illumine the workings of chaotic thought.  But for this we must consecrate ourselves in sacrifice; and few can love the dangers of self-sacrifice.  
     Therefore what is said is comprehensible to only a few. But one can site numerous examples.  Such as how one who becomes insane in Asia, was the cause of the death of one in Europe, or how one who rose in spirit in America, healed another in Egypt.  

     Hence the efflorescence beneficent of thoughts is a flaming flower of Spirit.

Morya  #168 Agni Yoga 1929 

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012 

The Third Sign-Gemini      The Key For 2012   The Strength is in your Loving Union   On the alert for divide and conquer tactics from challenging energies within self and without.

To you Gemini, is the daunting task of avoiding the massive swings between polarizing to the left or to the right, but instead reminding self to rise upwards and take the higher way. This year, you are learning this balance and becoming steady and strong in the face of old familiar problems.  This time however, you have a new attitude and you can see right through the games.

Saturn has been in a trine to your Sun all 2011 and continues through 2012.
This has been helping you gain some ground, get ahead, reach some serious goals.   The regular day to day business such  as helping a child in school; negotiating a promotion; landing a better job; sorting things out with finances, investments, re-finance a home at a better rate; pay off debt, creating better communication and oneness of mind with you and your partners or loved ones, this will become more successful.
Your mind and intelligence seems to soar.  You become impatient this year with many moments of   "I get it!"  but frustrated over so little time left to do so much, now that you understand.

Organization, budgeting and creating a better security plan, all come under this trine.
 Gemini, you have the advantage this year to make it through the incredible disruptions occurring on the planet.  Keep your thoughts, your mind focused and in tune with the faith and power of the divine intelligence flowing all around you, guiding you to your prosperity this year.  It is helping you stay safe and stay on top of everything.

If you were born between May 22 through June 10, much of this new awareness has already happened on Dec 2010 through September 2011, and sealing the inner power August / Sept 2012.

If you were born between June 11 through 15th, this stabilizing was a quick but important boost for your life, between September through November 2011, and again culminating in an inner "knowing" the priorities of life September 2012.

Even though the peaks of these cycles have been already felt for this group of Geminis, it is now gaining much strength like you are growing into a new body and bigger brain in a way, and there's more blessings to come your way in 2012 so keep on reading!

 If you were born between June 16 through the 20th,  the strengthening power and inner guidance is just now beginning to grow throughout all 2012.  
Trust if you were one of the early ones, it was necessary to get that big step out of the way for more exciting advancements and expansions to take you to higher activities in 2012, via Jupiter.

Mars Retrograde in Virgo~ Influence felt November 28 2011 through April 2012 ~ Peaking January 23 2012, and April 13 2012.

Mars in Virgo moving into two crescendos, a stationary retrograde position this January 23 2012, and a stationary direct position on April 13 2012. This puts you in a temporary challenging position to step up your security and preparation plans a bit.  There are a few things you may quickly need to re-arrange in your life that absolutely has to be taken care of in order to maintain that sense of power and to be on track with your goals for the rest of the year.  There may also be some in your life acting bit hyper and anxious?
  You may have already experienced this beginning in December 2011.   Situations which just don't seem fair  require a strong demonstration of discernment now.   "Should I be open and be friendly or remain distant and cautious"?

Quick short replies,  or an icy, hurried and impatient nature could create drama between you and others you care about during December through April 2012.

 Try not to take any of it personally, or express yourself this way.  It increases irritability, sense of injustice, and could escalate in  fault finding and meltdowns of worry and anxiety.  What should you do?  Keep your frequency up this year.   Remember 2012 is to lock into your boundaries, your inner knowing of your worth, your strength and incredible talents.

You can give these loved ones extra warmth and kindness, a nice meal and cup of tea.  Listen to their problems and respond sincerely, but because of the Saturn trine much gain has been offered to you.

People are going to tune in to your fast neuro-network of information. You feel sometimes like a  walking library data base with answers, fast solutions, and complex psychological tactics to solve a problem worth a therapists' wage. Others might not be able to keep up with you now, and could cause you to become impatient.

     They don't need a lecture, they need a pat on the back and a comment such as "I know how you feel, lots of people go through this all the time.  Don't worry, you'll see, it will all come around and let's talk about your options". 
So be prepared for this "options" talk to last several weeks into March/April of 2012 as they process their next step.  The reason this is in your path, is because the natural logic and multi-resourcefulness of your ideas attracts others which may be lacking in those qualities, now more than ever.
     Okay, enough of the way, you are witnessing a  potential mental global meltdown synchronisity. In other words, what you are being challenged with, maintaining a higher truth and understanding and not getting caught up in the left or the right, is exactly what the world is also struggling with.  As you maintain the higher truth and logic, it will help key events and powerful people stay in the peace they need so as to not react or become trigger happy. 

Geminis, you have so much attunement to world patterns and events .... so this agitation an aggressive energy is in the air all December 2011 through April 2012, and just about everyone right now is either on the spiritual meditative courageous position or the combative aggressive and neurotic reacting to this and that....and it's bursting out all over the world right now.
It's because there are powers that be, who have very large thoughts and  emotions  ( desires?) focusing and possibly pushing a war to solve global problems,  and people are anxious sensing it. The trigger is Mars slowing down into a power radiation of martian energies, which are masculine and intense.   They feel it....they feel the agendas and feel out of control.  Gemini, stay in the higher position of clarity and keep connected to your goals, and the positive powerful Golden Age Ideas for the world.  Your mind's visions held very strong with positive solutions and outcomes for yourself and the world will do so much good to carve the way for peace and prosperity.  In addition to your regular things you love to do, it would be a very good year to read inspiring uplifting books and watch illuminating documentary videos to lift you up.

   We don't want war. We don't like war.  Mars is war, Mars is aggression, and Mars in Virgo, is in a bad state now stirring things up on the planet, and will be in an even worse state come spring when it opposes Neptune March 20 through April 20 2012.

Sales, advising, consulting positions should be steady and reliable with good people coming to you all year who respect your opinion.
You are in a position of helping others see how something is done and they follow your advise.
You are respected and appreciated. Your credibility is good and the job is becoming more serious and creative for you.
Please keep a high spirit and still love the earth and love people, and love your other half.
Don't allow the world to split you apart from your split apart ( a reference in Plato's works to your twin flame). The Divide and Conquer tactics create confusion, grief and regrets.

Uranus in Aries Sextile Gemini 2011-all 2012 and beyond.
This brings new information systems and technology into your lap all year and the people who can introduce them into your life.   Meeting new people, being exposed to such an interesting variety of lovely persons with unique perspectives of life and talents.  Whether they come through your work, your downtime, friends, or long distance, or just opening up your mind to them via the media, seminars, documentaries or entertainment, your mind continues to be exposed to unique concepts. 

For those born between May 22 through 24th, Neptune in Pisces began to square Gemini in 2011/2012,  presenting nebulous and deceptive behavior from others and causing you some confusion as to what to believe.  You are so sensitive right now, and are picking up the negatives of others close to you, or around you in the world, and need to be reminding yourself, your shields are down.  
All Geminis working in the communication and networking fields, bizarre and peculiar mishaps and glitches are occurring.  Something isn't right.  This includes people you would normally depend upon.  You might see them falling apart and feeling overwhelmed, unable to continue their job, because of such a mixed up new requirements which don't make sense.  When or if you are faced with this stress, trust yourself and know there is a deception occurring and it could be important to finally connect with someone that can explain the strange change of plans or technology.  Deception and lies might need to be challenged somehow with this birth Gemini group in 2012.

For the rest born after May 24th, each year by year for the next 12 years, similar situations will need to be confronted.  

All Geminis will go through the test of illusions and holographic projections upon your emotions, erroneously translated by your mind, in bits and pieces, here and there. In other words, your challenges will be how to be secure and sure of yourself and keep your life stable in the midst of ever increasing confusion in the world and all around your local area, city or town.
Use your inner heart and spirit and your connection to your higher self to discern what is true and a lie around you.  What is important, or what does not apply to you and your family.
Don't worry, it's only a portion of yourself that will be fuzzy and feel taken up in the confusion for a moment.   The rest of yourself is as I wrote above, will be right on target with knowing right from wrong.

The key again, is to stay clear about what your mind/emotion needs to feel happy and clear about your path and your nature.  Repel and resist the bombardment of fearful and draining people coming at you repeatedly.  Repeatedly!  This period would be most challenging for therapist Geminis as it could seem saturated with not just the usual confusion or disorganization of other's choices, but a step up of desperation coupled with some kind of deception. 
This could be more serious for those born between May 21 through 23rd.

Are you also asking yourself if  this or that situation is really your  problem? or should I just stay out of it.  Is there nothing you can do about this really and should you just allow this situation or person to work its way out and trust it is a necessary process for them to go through this?  Will they  reject your suggestions anyway?  If some of you are experiencing this, it might be because of transiting Pluto in an inconjunct to your Gemini Sun from 2009 through 2012 and after.

Solar Eclipse at 0* Gemini beginning April 20 2012, occurring on May 20 2012, and lasting through September 2012. This is another support to the logical intuitive knowing you will feel all year.
Beginning in the middle of April 2012 throughout September, accurate data, information, news and educating facts fall in your lap and finally make the picture clear.  You will know what to do, who to vote for, where to work, what house to rent or buy, and how to proceed with a comfortable and confident position you take.

Venus goes retrograde in Gemini May 15 to June 27 2012.  May 9 through May 23 2012, you could feel a strong level of commitment and security, reassurance and safety in your partners and/ or family, as if finally a resolution has happened that everyone can live with. This stability in your love or family life is real.  It marks an important moment in your life that you can now say to yourself " this issue is now closed, and I can move on with satisfaction."

North node in Sagittarius opposing Gemini summer of 2011 up through May 30 2012 puts you in the position of needing to heal some old wounds with others, or, it might be a decision to show up for someone from the past and really let them know you love them.  Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to be there  for them as you wanted in the past, and now is your chance.  The universe has been clearing away the distractions around you that have normally pulled you here and there so you can only focus on just one person now.  They need it, and you will be so grateful you had that opportunity to love them and give them your undivided attention. The relationship will grow into a deep friendship lasting forever.  Can you think who this person might be?

 Jupiter moving into Gemini June 11 2012 for 1 year is a wonderful time to expand your communication talents.  It will increase your activities in areas of writing, meetings, research, artistic creations, music engineering, producing, writing, performing, recording.  It will activate higher inspiration for video production, book publications, and basically anything that brings inspiration into your life that demands an expression of yourself to others. 
The Beauty with this aspect is the strong possibility of magnetizing your other half into your life, or, profoundly falling in love all over again with your dear life partner, this summer through 2013.

Yes, Gemini is thee most romantic, spiritually uplifting sign, motivated in this life to find true love, and only true love.  A strange mood flows within you from your early years wondering where he or she is.  
Music, drama, movies, poetry, literature reflecting this immensely consuming search for love can become all consuming. If this is not your nature, you have risen higher into the desire for oneness with the true meaning of life in this world, the truth of heaven and the union with your Divine Spouse, the Great Mystical Mighty I Am Presence above you, and possibly even visiting your other half in the etheric realms of light as you sleep at night.

This is the natural disposition of opposites, the twins, representing the positive and negative forces of all life, the Alpha to Omega, Omega magnetizing the Alpha, in an electric charge which when brought into loving harmony in all areas, literally holds the balance for peace on this world, and maybe all worlds. And remember, the KEY to sustaining that true love, is to look up to the higher light as the source of both of your power and happiness, and share it with each other, and to not rely solely upon each other thinking the partner is the source, when it is above.

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