Friday, December 28, 2012

FULL MOON IN CANCER-December 28 2012

     Full Moon In Cancer-Impostors Revealed


Some may relate to this strange  insight I'm about to describe, and some may think it's a bit out there, but here goes.
I've been pondering this FULL MOON on December 28 2012 in the Sign of Cancer,  for a few weeks now, and watching the aspects it is making, along with other interesting aspects from Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn and the Black Moon.  Some cycles come and go, maybe I should pay attention to them, but I don't.  Some, like this one, is pulling at me like a magnet...begging for interpretation, for discovery and to confirm something I and others I've spoken with have been noticing. 

Interesting that tonight, on the Full Moon, I think I've got at least part of it figured out.
I would be curious to know if any are having a similar is very deep.
It is as if the astrological position of certain planets right now, and triggered by this full moon, is parting a veil.

When the veil is parted, and it could have been for only a moment, for any one of us recently, anytime this past few weeks, or maybe a week, someone or some thing, that has been hidden from you that is holding a negative or shadowy intention, you suddenly see it clearly,  like the the Lightening piercing through the sky and everything is now illumined. For some, it is a shock because of the depth of your inner being understands what you are seeing.  It is as if you are understanding an ancient story all at once, and it has come to the surface because it is time.
  Your eyes take in the "knowing"  but do not know what exactly it means maybe in your outer language,...all you know is that it is disturbing, and you are being show something very important, possibly epic.

I believe when we are shown something, God wants us to fix it.  But because of the configuration surrounding this Full Moon period, and because of the subject matter,  the fix can not be done openly, but through prayer.  

When you discover the thing that is out of place, and you can really feel and know this is out of place, pray very specifically for God's Will to be done...and do not wish any harm on any thing or one.  This is not a judgment. The perversion of this Full Moon is Criticism and Judgment projected unfairly and impersonally towards life, or feeling you are or could be at the mercy of those who send it out towards you.  Sending out thoughts or words of sarcasm, contempt, aloof actions, or indulging in a sense of sorrow and pity, weakness and personal hurt are all artificial projections. Yes, we have these in our own nature, some more than others, but I want to take the position right now, that something is attempting to pull you one way or another into this drama or mood, using your own tendencies here to amplify it, to intimidate you, and even stop you from your successes.

The antidote is to understand that there are those who are using this Full Moon period to project this onto you, the passive or the aggressive intention, so don't fall into either one of these patterns now.  Be On Guard.
But, because of the other planets positions, it seems to be pointing right now, to a source.  These energies having a very old agenda of this pattern, but  how long have we been subjected to it?  So even though the Full Moon in Cancer could activate it, or bring it out today and tonight, the rest of the sky is revealing to us, it has been going on for a long long time, like a curse, and it is time to break the curse.

Deeply go within the heart and call for it to be revealed to you, anything that has been oppressing you; call to the Angels to also contain the darkness and remove it from the activities of good people or yourself, if it is true.  Be detached and let it go.  

Protect yourself during this Full Moon in Cancer period,  all the way into January 2 2013.  Protect yourself by staying in the heart, love, pray to Archangel Michael,  Pray to your most divine protector that you have a powerful relationship with, or simply say  " God, I ask that all things that are not right in my domain, in my own kingdom, be revealed to me crystal clear, and I call to you to take care of these situations and individuals quickly, speedily and contain any future harm or ill will that could be released by this situation in magnificent shields of Lapis Blue Fire, invincible light and the electric blue shields of protection from my own God Presence Now.  You take command of this situation, and I affirm and command it is done, according to God's Will, and not my own, Amen."

So above,  is the configuration.  It is the Sun/Pluto conjoin in Capricorn and today oppose the Moon in Cancer.    You can see the Sun/Moon at the bottom of the wheel; it is connected to Saturn on the left side of the Sun/Pluto, by a sextile.  The Saturn sextile the Sun/Moon is the bottom part of the Finger of God.

Then, the Sun/Moon sextile the Saturn are both making an aspect called an inconjunct, or a quincunx( 150 degree angles) to the Jupiter and Black Moon at the top right of the wheel, in the sign of Gemini.  It has the action or appearance of a cone, or a funnel.  It is a divine energy pointing towards the tip of the cone, in this case the Jupiter/Black Moon position.

So we have this Finger of God.  It means the time has come for a situation to surrender its misuse and embrace the higher road.

The Sun/Pluto in Capricorn, is in a right angle called a square, to the Planet Uranus on the lower right side of the wheel.  It is in the V or 5th house.  The action of the Uranus warns us of a renegade situation or personality.  The attitude of extreme uncooperative defiance, but we have Pluto involved, cloaking the entire operation with a fake, a calm, cool and held together persona.  The Uranus also is the power of Electric Violet and the Sign of Aquarius.
It is the release of light creating rapid exposure and pressure to force the change necessary so the situation does not remain toxic. 

We have two major revealing formations.  The energies simply say,that it is possible during this period, to learn something very important about someone or some thing in your life now.  Maybe it is regarding the world, the economy, a contamination or a severe secretive problem, ( because Saturn is involved, is in Scorpio,rules Capricorn and is involved in the Finger of God).  

 By the way, the positive of Capricorn is duty, responsibility, emanation of Power for the welfare of others.
It is pure Etheric Fire and holds the Keys to knowing how to love God and God's Laws so obediently and purely, great gifts and blessings can flow through that person to shower upon many simply by just doing their job with conscientiousness.

The perversion of Capricorn is the Black Magician secretly hidden inside a do-gooder.  Someone who hates the light, but because of the Saturn in Scorpio's involvement , we are being told, it is hiding, or has been hiding and is clever.   The cleverness comes from the Jupiter and Black Moon in Gemini also.   It has an intellectual quality and is very bright.  This is why our freedom from this energy, is in the heart right now.  Get out of the head, and go into your heart.  Change your music, food, dance, atmosphere, colors, scenery.  Go for the bright warm loving higher qualities and situations!

Because the Finger of God is pointing to the Jupiter and Black Moon in Gemini, that is the point of the shift, the point of the surrender. 

We all need to let go for a few days of the intellectual problem solving mental fixation ...working through the mind, trying to force the soul to operate solely through the thoughts and get into the heart instead.  

Rise above in frequency the permeating air waves, cell waves, invisible waves, programming waves, bombardment of information seen and unseen....manipulating thinking and trying to cut you off from your feelings and your heart, keep you in your head all day. 

We need to disengage from being too much in the head and talking our way around everything and everyone, and get back into the Sun within the Heart.....Go now within your heart and feel what you  know, don't just think it. 

The feelings won't lie to you.  Love your friends, family, children, life, future.  Feel the power ( Capricorn ) of your life that has still an ability to do something wonderful, care about something.  Feel ( Cancer) the soul's craving to be nurtured and protected.  Get in touch with the inspiration to protect your own soul from danger of being bombarded with a negative agenda. .Love your soul and feed it with beautiful things.  

I think we could use this period to pray for the removal of all things which have ill-will towards the light and your own success. Pray the prayer above to seal yourself and all you love from all opposition to your true calling.  

In this way, by getting out of the head and into the heart, you have turned around the warning, the Finger of God Warning and being in that responsible Capricorn mode to protect through Cancer, the truth,  use this open door period to shift into the heart, so you are if just in the nick of time.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Geminid Meteor Shower December 12-14 2012

Meteor Rock Shower this week
Composite of 23 images of Perseid meteor shower, taken on the morning of August 12, 2012 by EarthSky Facebook friend David Kingham from the Snowy Range of Wyoming. Click here to expand image.

 There are a few interesting objects to pay attention to this winter such as the Geminid Meteor Shower .  Look up in the night sky on December 12th through 14th for dazzling display of lights.....
 Also, an object that has been identified as Comet c/2012 V4  
coming in fast, but is suppose to be of no danger.  

However, there is another object raising some concern in the skywatch is the February 15 2013 Object named 2012DA14.  
Below is the latest video as of December 8, 2012  on these two objects from YouTuber Sunsflare.

Stay connected, watchful ~~~ we are looking out for each other.  Hearts One.

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