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Mercury Retro is doing its Job

   *revised October 29 2012 at 10:07 MDT added material from regarding Benghazi attack, at end of this article.*

   The job of a Mercury retrograde is to compel us, each one, to pause and  pay attention to a new concept.  a new idea.  What is your new mental focus or assignment right now?.... because this Mercury retrograde is powerful and is upon us doing its job.

    The time period when you discover a new fact, insight or truth will be 3 to 4 weeks before  the Mercury actually turns directions, this one happens on November 6 2012.  Therefore, you could have begun working on the process of uncovering or opening up to the message it is bringing into your life right now.

How do you know what it is?  Easy.  Just stop and think for a moment, of the very thing you can not get out of your mind that you know you must do, act, learn, study, pass, solve, understand or shift.  It could be anything.  But, small or terribly meaningful, it is really really important to just embrace it and allow this solution to settle in and teach you.  This Mercury is trying to tutor you now.

Because it is in Sagittarius, it will be about broadening your mind. It could also be about a hypocrisy somewhere in your life, or a dichotomy.  It will be a truth that should free you from something frustrating...because this Mercury retro is square ( a 90 degree angle)  to Neptune the planet of either beauty, spirituality, the ideal,  or!    suffering and sabotage, undermining and deception, being perpetually disempowered, negated but never resolved.   This Mercury is here to help you confront it with a new attitude and even possibly a new solution that could bring relief.

The new attitude could come in a flash!  Or, it could come through a movie, a book, a lecture, even a dream or inspiration, and  it could come from a visit with a friend.  But it will come to set you free.

Imagine being agitated over a situation.  Think about what is on your mind now that is bugging you.  You have just cause to be upset.

Now, this Mercury dives into your brain, October 20th-ish, up to November 6th 2-12, into your inner deep mind, and begins building a case, increasing the pressure to affect you with its idea, its new solution.  It should be recognized by its relief giving properties!  Be prepared for it to also possibly, finalize something that has been going on too long and caused much draining parasitic feelings within your body and brain.

When you can't stop thinking about the solution, because of this new information brought to you,  then you write it down, talk about it, or accept it quickly, ( for me, it takes time and I have to write it out, think about it, days go by, until I see how accepting it,   is going to really help me if I shift into this new way of approaching the situation),   then it becomes a new truth within you.  You can never go back to the old way again. YOU ARE NOW DIFFERENT. And, you are now vibrating at a higher frequency which will give you more energy eventually.

And remember!  this Mercury is to expose maybe secret information, knowledge, explain to you a confusion, possibly even a convoluted event or situation, with a truth and undeniable course of action, either within yourself or without.  It is to confront the Neptune's negative agenda, and bring to light the new way that will help you be at peace with yourself again.  ( *please take in the idea of personal accountability to do no harm to others or self if one becomes wholly inspired to throw off old negative patterns or situations.....please know there is a right way to respond to these " I've had enough"  moments, and a very wrong way that will only cause more suffering.  Okay?**)

It may not solve the external problem completely unless it is in extremely favorable aspects to your own planets in your birth chart,  but it will definitely break the ice and force something out into the open, so you can proceed into your future with more clarity of action.

As we all personally go through this process with every Mercury Retrograde period, so do our Nations.

Benghazi: A Reader Assesses the Evidence [Updated]

A reader, relying on publicly available information, has reconstructed what we know and can infer about what happened in Benghazi. I haven’t tried to verify all of his facts nor do I necessarily vouch for his inferences, although in general they seem reasonable. But his analysis is, I think, a valuable contribution to our understanding, and I reproduce it here in slightly edited form:
This last week may have finally broken the protective wall around the POTUS. Between the comments of Hillary Clinton, Gen. Petraeus, Defense Secretary Panetta and the FOX News report, the picture of what really transpired in Benghazi is starting to emerge. The trail is leading straight to the POTUS…. continued...    Link to PowerLine Article

 Glenn Beck's report on Benghazi events



The question won’t go away: Did President Obama and administration officials mislead the public when they initially claimed that the deadly Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi began “spontaneously” in response to an anti-Muslim video?
The question surfaced again on Oct. 25 — more than six weeks after the incident — when government emails showed the White House and the State Department were told even as the attack was going on that Ansar al-Sharia, a little-known militant group, had claimed credit for it.
We cannot say whether the administration was intentionally misleading the public. We cannot prove intent. There is also more information to come — both from the FBI, which is conducting an investigation, and Congress, which has been holding hearings.
But, at this point, we do know that Obama and others in the administration were quick to cite the anti-Muslim video as the underlying cause for the attack in Benghazi that killed four U.S. diplomats, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. And they were slow to acknowledge it was a premeditated terrorist attack, and they downplayed reports that it might have been.
What follows is a timeline of events that we hope will help put the incident into perspective. We call attention in particular to these key facts:  Article Continues..
Here are two videos which could fall into the category of  how Mercury doing its job, and confronting the Neptunian delusions, deceptions and sabotaging nature.......( in our busy world saturated with information overload!  it is hard to sit and watch an entire interview, but these two videos are not that long, and it is important information all the way to the end of both of other words, I think it is worth taking the time.)

Video One

Lt. Col Calls Rush regarding truth about Benghazi Attack

Video Two:

First Mercury Retrograde Article uploaded on October 6 2012  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Virgo 2012

                                  “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
                                                       ― Mother Teresa

                                                     original photo of Kuan Yin found at this link

Virgo 2012-2013

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~   Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012 and 2013

Sixth Sign-Virgo Key for 2012/2013 Demonstrate Discernment     Avoid commitments without deep analysis        Embrace and Magnify Purity, Service     Mercy

Virgo, 2012 and 2013 is an amazing period for you where you could be one of the few, who is finally making things happen. You have goals, you are inspired, and you are motivated to get up every day and take care of yourself, concentrate upon the task at hand that day and to cut through the junk and get something accomplished.

Many important astrological events are in transit for you this year.

You are truly changing and waking up to your real self. Also, there seems to be an empowerment inside coming through, that aids in your discernment with your friendships.

Your familiar manner of sharing with others, is going to change, I feel it has to do with your self analysis revealing to you that the traits you felt were insignificant, are actually in this day and age, blessings. You can enjoy who you are these next cycles. In addition, your friends are blessings in all ways. They reveal their sharpness, brilliance, their flaws, their weaknesses, and it doesn't matter anymore. The discernment level of separating the human flaws and irritants from the helpful qualities within people, are kind of going away somehow, and you see people differently. You just love them, and grateful they are possessing a heart, a soul, feelings, empathy, willpower, determination, and conscientious drive to keep improving their lives and the planets' ! There are several astrological cycles which point to this deep appreciation of life over the next few years. How does this help you? It involves you in greater service with these people, and! It brings to you the sense you are really truly needed. Along with that, income can come your way, support, opportunities to give your wisdom, your detailed analysis of things, and contribute to others' lives abundantly, because of you being in the right place at the right time. You are super aware, very sharp, catch details others miss, project oriented, kind, helpful and want to be useful.

So, this old Virgo critical person, whether towards yourself or others, is over. My sense is you are deciding to take the road of compassion and tolerance, go deep into the world others must be living in to comprehend a little more, their issues. Offering your assistance becomes paramount. Also, there is a divine self enlightened pre-occupation with a “mission”, a career focus, mastering a skill or technique, that is pushing you, driving you towards excellence in some manner.

It is important to stay on top of your own projects during 2012-2013, and not abandon them too much for those who seem to need your attention. It is okay to be a bit preoccupied with yourself now, but it is only so that you have something beautiful to share with the world when finished.

You have organized your time so that most things are getting done each week.

It doesn't matter if it's your work, a project, school, or writing a book, caretaking a family member, what is happening beginning this 2012 and on through the decade, is a special time of putting your time and will into a “matrix” or plan that could encompass a very very worthwhile dream.. It's an idea. It's something you feel so driven to accomplish, there is no doubt in your mind it is your destiny.

If it is practical, do-able, and worth it, you will do it. Please love your beautiful Virgo Self. You have something no other sign possesses.
You have a true sincere need to help other people to progress with their life. You find them a job, feed them, give them vitamins, nurse them back to health, file their papers, organize their lives, spend precious time with them, sacrifice your own projects to run to their aid and bring relief.

You serve beautifully. You are meticulously conscientiously skilled. You care about the details and spend the time to edit, categorize, pour time and love into something, and do it beautifully.

You are there for others, and truly adopt the attitude of harmlessness towards life. Your intelligent analytical mind, is bright quick alert for points of interest. But.....

how do you magnetize to you loving caring nurturing people into your life? How do you draw more people to you who are looking out for you, and demonstrate sincere love and care, concern, comfort for your world and what you are going through? When it doesn't happen, especially from someone you would have expected support from, wow, it just isn't fair. The injustice and irritation can absolutely escalate into a mental fixation of negativity and hurt regarding this person.

Do not engage in an intellectual battle of words and concepts to convince someone to love you more, or look out for you more, or comfort you more. Just tell them, from your perspective, they are behaving cold and analytical, and almost acting like a machine towards you or others. Just keep saying it, if it persists and then if need be give them an example of what loving behavior looks like to you.

You may need to leave the situation and stay away from them until they really understand what you are asking for, you deserve, and you really mean it. This will intensely help you not feel like a victim, and wallow in unfair treatment. You want to avoid that thinking, and be really loving,expressive, positive and powerfully excited from now on. Don't waste time with cold people, or you could become cold too.
You are amazing. You're comments are refined and well thought through. People really do feel you are of great value. Even if they do not share their insights, they need your skill in their lives. Lighten up, and be your efficient helpful and deeply truthful self!

Pluto Trine Sun in Virgo

(Peak dates below )

I remember when I had Pluto trine my Sun. I was so inspired by a dream, an ideal of how I wanted to feel, what I wanted to achieve. Back then, it was all about spiritual awakening.
I had no idea I needed money to take care of a family!
I naturally began going through the motions of realizing this dream.
Even though there were parts of it that did not directly look like it would get me to the ultimate goal, I knew I had to take these certain steps of exercising my determination and will to change myself. To become a better person.
I changed my diet, I exercised, I fasted, I cleansed, I went on retreats, I became an expert at Blue Green Algae and cleansing products, regimes and solutions. I worked on being more responsible. I cared more, I had to muster up courage and resources within myself to push through projects in order to get something done. I worked hard.

I studied. Boy did I study. My mind was insatiable.
Then, I planned, dreamed and concentrated on a big move out of the city. I knew it would be an amazing thing. It was for myself, family and my future children. It was an ideal.
But the amazing thing was that each portion of my circle of activities was actually moving more rapidly into an empowered, higher motivation to become the dream. I had to become this person I was being shown . And, there were so many compartments of it, so many stages. To the outsider, they may have not seen any connections between all the activities I was committing to, but now I can see it was one huge package of some kind of cosmic University I was enrolled in!

I wasn't suppose to just reach it, but become it! And you know what? At the very end and for years later after this Pluto transit, I felt it. Especially at the very end of this cycle, I became it. I accomplished this amazing feeling in my body, heart, mind and spirit ( and location) of reaching that point where I felt the wholeness. I wish this for you too.

Some of you have already gone through this cycle, and your dates of when this happened will be shown below. Some are entering this now, and others are later in the decade so you need to get ready! What I did not expect was the cycle to continue blessing my life long after the cycle was over! It usually lasts one year, two if you're lucky. But I found this cycle had a life of its own! It just changed me and moved in me for years and years, so that I had a new way of looking at my life and what I could do. And it did change the way I could engage with others and provide something for them. You wouldn't even believe some of the things I had to go through to transform myself. I don't think we're ever finished, but I'm trying to tell you here, this is a big one!

This cycle is about a skill, a service you want to achieve for others, it's a project, and purification. Going for the Perfection. ( Ah, that Virgo word ) The power of exercising your will to energize your life.

You are overcoming an internal voice that has thought things were not fair, or your were a bit helpless, too weak or unskilled to do something. Now you train yourself to get on with life and grab the reins and do it! Typically life provides all the opportunity you need to move through this period.
The cycles for Virgos to have this wonderfully empowering period are:

( If you are a Virgo born between August 22/23 through 28th, your magnificent period of rejuvenating your ideals occurred 2009-2011. Don't worry, you are still in the WAVE of this beautiful period for at least the next 10 years! So re-read all the above, it is still pouring down upon you. Write down some things in the past 3 years you have changed; take note how you are different, and what you did to improve your life, how you overcame something very hard. Now build on it. Don't stop there. Write out your next five years of how you would like to live your life, and what you hope to accomplish. It doesn't matter what it is, try.)

Virgos born August 29/30
You have Pluto trine Sun all 2011 up through November 25 2012. You are in the tail end of it now, when it can be the most energizing!

Those born August 31 have Pluto Trine Sun all 2012,
especially November 26 to December 25 2012.

Virgos born on September 1 have this cycle on:
December 25 2012 through February 23 2013;

Virgos born September 2, have this cycle from
January 20-February 24 2013;

Virgos born September 3rd have Pluto Trine Sun on
February 24 on.......

All Virgos born from Sept 4 on to September 22 have Pluto trine Sun to look forward to. It will be really important for you to know that in the next 10 years ahead, these will be the most important years of your life, to plan and prepare for your dreams to come true! Don't be sad!! that you do not have this once in a lifetime empowerment happening right now.
You are fortunate to find out about it early! You get to get a head start. One of the special ways to prepare for this is to write down goals.

Neptune oppose Sun in Virgo

In addition to the above trine aspect, you also have Neptune opposing your Sun in Virgo.

Seeing some parts of your life right now, as disappointing or confusing wouldn't surprise me. Many times, it's involving a person you realize is not living up to your expectations A mystery may be involved. It surrounds a person and their actions, their way of life, or their preferences.
It could be personal. It could even be at work. Is someone not appreciating you, valuing you, paying you enough for your time at work? Are you being undermined somehow, and someone else is getting all the attention or praise? Is there an unexplainable neglect or shift in someones way of interacting with you now? Has it been building over a few years?

This is a time when the longing to be treated nicely and cared for is so intense, that it is key to address this somehow rather than avoid or escape it. It is also important to want the truth, expect the truth, since Neptune is the planet of deceptions, hiding, guilt and escaping from confrontations.

Can you talk to the person who is in your life that is acting out your Neptune? What are your options with them. Think about how to handle this. I wouldn't just let it slip by or ignore it, or throw yourself into your own dream world of purpose and importance, just to compensate for this problem.

Another aspect of this Neptune Oppose Sun is your health. Your body needs attention along with your emotional needs. Strange illnesses, immune system issues or the possibility of contracting something is likely, so .be very cautious now, don't take risks.
When I had this aspect, I contracted walking Pneumonia twice! In one year.

If traveling, be careful where you eat, who you meet, what you do. If single, this is a weird time to begin a relationship. The person could have hidden psychological secrets and weaknesses that undermine your future security happiness and contentment. They are definitely not the amazing person you are thinking they are. Right now they serve a purpose in your life, but in the long run? Disappointment. Look out.

Is someone near you depressed? Are they acting peculiar? Showing signs of revealing personalities you never knew they had before?
The temptation to have an emotional or physical affair might come up in order to escape from what is not right with your love life. Don't do it, because when the transit is over, so will the affair be over, and it will hurt people. Instead, if you have the ability to move on, if very little is at stake, such as family, children, marriage, might be the best thing.
If you have an affair instead, you might even wonder at a later date when this is over, what was I thinking??! The unusual thing about this astrology cycle is the capacity to transcend old situations and lifestyles, and move into a higher, sort of surreal and dreamy year. Unfortunately, along with it, could be a totally impractical approach to your everyday life in order to cope with something you may not even be aware is bothering your soul terribly. Throw yourself into self improvement by going on retreats, working on your affirmations and surround yourself with beauty, music, spiritual experiences or yoga, fitness, running, and meditation. Stay away from the water. Talk to someone about your problems and what you may be going through, or what you just had to endure. They can shake you up and out of your lethargy or passiveness about this. And the most important thing for a Virgo?

A. Don't feel it was unfair, whatever has happened, or is going to happen. Stuff happens, move on. Believe me, hard things happen to everyone and it is life. We just need to accept the good stuff and let the rest go.
B. Don't for one minute blame yourself, or think there is something wrong with you, or that you are inadequate.
C. Try to be compassionate to the other person if involved with another in this situation. Try to also though, be crystal clear about your expectations, and hold on to your boundaries, and don't space them out or forget them, or get talked out of them!

Virgo's born between: August 22-25th have already been going through this period of deep desire and longing for a better life and possibly some dissatisfaction from
Spring 2011, up to February 25 2013;

Virgo's born August 26th : Neptune oppose Sun occurs on:
May 12-2012 to June 30 2012;
more in 2013....
Virgos Born on August 27:
March 24 2013 on........

Virgos Born After August 28 through Sept 22, will experience this cycle from 2013 ( complete article coming later in 2012)
2014 through the rest of the decade.....

but hold on is important to know.....
Because Neptune is in Pisces, the opposite Sign of your Sun sign throughout this decade, it is still affecting all of you by dangling a carrot, playing hide and seek with you throughout 2012-2020 , prompting you to dream and to reach goals that you may have never felt were that important to reach before, and most importantly, face someones weakness or secrets that must be addressed, so you are not in the dark or in denial about something or someone anymore.
It could also be at the very same time, teaching you things about people in your life you thought you knew well, but are beginning to show their inner self, the beautiful and the stressful side, different aspects of their personality. Is it a phase? Or is this who they really are?

Transiting Uranus inconjunct Sun in Virgo

Ready for something out of the ordinary? This cycle is really going to yank you around. Here is a time of great shifts, learning, challenges to do better, work differently, build or design something you've never thought you could do before, comprehension of some subject or truth that you must adjust to, and come to a deep realization of it.

Is it a studious application of a subject matter you are working on, laboring for hours to get it? To Do it? To launch it? Make it work? You might even feel out of sync with someone. Even though it is so logical that they help you now, why don't they do it? Well, you may keep coming to the conclusion, you can't wait, and you have to move forward with your goals regardless of the contrary movement of the other person or group. You are going one direction, and they may be going in circles.

This cycle feels as if we are in school again. ( Maybe you really are in school?)
It is hard, but exciting. You are about to totally comprehend something about yourself and how you can adjust to this new masterful skill, and it will be a breakthrough into a complete mastery with this subject.
You are changing. Can you feel it? The only drawback to this is your nerves. It is hard to handle Uranus inconjunct anything....especially the Sun or the Rising Sign. You might feel so agitated sometimes, you want to jump out of your skin. Walk in the forest, by the ocean, work in your garden, eat a beautiful salad with interesting variety sprouts, do yoga, take some Bach Flower Remedies . Anything good for you that can naturally alter your nerves and moods.

Once you enter this period, you will feel it for about 10 months. It is time to study something, and keep asking the Universe to teach you, show you, elevate your mind so you can come up to the place you need to be in, to master it.
Because we are Virgo here, the body is adjusting to something and needs your extra nutrition, vitamins, massage, body work, healing. There needs to be also an adjustment to your mind.

  1. if critical, change it.
  2. If hard on others, love them more
  3. if you can't do the work you need to do because of a lack of skill, learn it. I don't care how, just begin learning and get that skill now, because you need it. ( this is what Uranus inconjunct sun is all about anyway!)
  4. If sick, get better ( easier said than done. If this is the problem, you may spend the entire time of the 10 months applying healing processes, until finally, at the end, you have a breakthrough!)
  5. If you are being criticized and damaged, make your plans to get away from it.
  6. If you are up against a group who is putting pressure upon you to come up with a solution, please don't give the end of this cycle, you will discover the solution. There will be an Ah ha moment at the end of this cycle.
  7. If you are critical towards yourself, take a deep breath and write down that list of all the things you have done in this life so far that are good. Count your good traits, and know you are only growing and coming into your own more and more as the Earth progresses into the Age of Aquarius, from December 2010 for 2100 years. You are becoming who you have always wanted to be.

Take a nice good look at what you know about yourself.
Use that Virgo self analysis.
Write down your heart, your feelings, how you feel about people.
What would you want people to know about your inner motives and aspirations.
Write down your understanding of who you are.
Define your identity, your inner motives. Define what you have already mastered. A technique, a subject, an art, a style, a musical instrument. It doesn't matter. Something healthy, uplifting, nice.
What you are looking for from life and how you feel and think about your role around other people.

Write down your qualities, what you feel and think about your identity.
This is an exercise in knowing yourself and owning your identity. Know yourself. What you are and what you are NOT.
Owning yourself. Trust what you know about yourself, your positive and challenging traits.

This Self is in your power to purify. But, the point here is to protect what you know is your stuff and what is not. It is the filtering mechanism of Virgo.
You are getting really good at knowing yourself, all of you. And, you will soon if not already, be able to throw off others' personalities and situations, and behaviors, that somehow project their shadow upon you and you somehow accept this shadow as your own, when it is not yours, it isn't truth!
This shadow personality defect or issue, is there's, not yours, but by identifying with some parts of what they have told you are behaved like around you, you could indirectly take on the burden of this behavior, and then magnetized the karma come due to them, but now it is also coming to you to be handled!
Know the nature of your own soul, what it is capable of doing and what it is not capable of doing. There are traits mankind can act out with, that I can tell you for sure, from examining my behaviors, tendencies or reactions to things throughout my entire life, that I absolutely know! I will never express. I just don't have them. However, if you are in sympathetic loving care-taking with someone near to you, that has an obvious style or behavior, and in sympathy, you begin to identify with their perspective and behavior, you will soon draw to you their karma that was intended to force them to adjust, but now you have to adjust.

I feel the Uranus inconjunct Sun is to Adjust back into your real self, and to recognize what has been somehow rubbed off onto you.
You are going to need your independent identity crystal clear, with the vision of what you want to be because of who you already really are and where you are going.
Does this mean you have to leave the group or the person? Not necessarily. In fact, most inconjuncts create a tension of having to stay with the group or person, while we are accelerating up and out of the old identity. Everyone needs to adjust to the new you!

This period is making you uncomfortable so you will finally change it and grow.

The periods for this wonderful new cycle are:

Virgos born on August 22/23rd to the 26 :
all 2010-2011 to March 24 2013.

Virgos born on August 27 to August 30st; your cycle is:
March 17 2012 through June 7 2012
August 18 2012 – March 20 2013:

Virgos Born on August 31, your cycle is:
June 5 2012- August 17 2012
March 20 2013 – April 5 2013....more later throughout 2013

Virgos born September 1 – 4, receive throughout 2013.
( more later)

Transiting Jupiter Square Sun in Virgo

When you are close to the days of this cycle, beware there are people near you who are very much wanting to involve you into their life somehow. Whether it is a project, a vacation, a date, a business idea, an investment, a house to buy or car to purchase. if someone else is pressuring you to trust and move forward with them during this time, Don't do it. There is something pretty important that is missing in the deal If you aren't sure what to do, and you want to place your trust into the other person, yet somehow, you might even feel your red flags are saying no, trust them. Usually we are in conflict with the other person, because we want to trust or agree with them, but in this case, you are right.

If you were born August 29 – Sept 1:
July 5- 29 2012
DEC 12 2012 - March 20 2013

If you were born between September 2-4th:
July 29 – August 19 2012
November 18 – December 13 2012
more in 2013.

If you were born between September 5
August 19- 28 2012
November 11-22 2012

If you were born between September 6-8
August 26 – November 11 2012
more in 2013.

If you were born between September 9-11:
All of October 2012, may be actually the very first time the offer or subject is brought up. But it will go away or be dropped until......
April 27 – May 13 2013

If you were born between September 12-28 this cycle will be occurring only in 2013.

Mars square Sun

October 7 through November 16 2012
Be cautious during this period so you don't come on too demanding or critical. You could feel totally compelled to accomplish mega projects in record time. Driven, self critical or demanding, motivated to work hard and produce results, a square to Mars is a bit reckless and prone to arguments, accidents or just plain stupidity in your activities! Be Careful. Slow down.

Mars Trine Sun
November 16 – December 25 2012
This is such a fun energizing cycle. Definitely take advantage of this and work, clean, start the physical diet/training/ workout. Plan, take the exam, present your thesis, graduate, learn to dance, get physical, motivated, have an event, a party. You are in a great period now to harness this energy flowing with you instead of against you.
Financially, get your books in order and do re-arrange your money so it is more conservative,safe.
This cycle is very similar to the one above, however, it is incredibly positive and usually holds no danger. Just constructive action and tons of energy coming your way to feel empowered and happy.

Mercury retrograde at 4* Sagittarius square Virgo Sun

October 20 through November 6 2012.
This aspect is alerting you to something foreign that must be faced or made aware of.
A strange and confusing situation where you might be asked to embrace someones news, information, data, but you don't trust it, or know actually more than they do, but you're not sure, if they are just ignorant, or bluffing you.

Your your intuition and heart feel very contrary towards this news. In other words, it doesn't sit right with you, and you want to avoid having to deal with or depend upon person or situation, This square is a different concept, mind opener, paradigm that is somehow imposed upon you.
It is conflicting with an outcome you desired during this time and for your future.
You could also feel compelled to suddenly expose a problem. The problem is regarding ethics, morals, right and wrong and what position you stand on. It is time to face confusion, illusion, fears and dread, and know your inner integrity and boundaries against those who would force you to compromise, is what is completely important now, not yielding to this other person's delusion.
Someone might even be lying, and taking advantage of your innocence weakness or trust.

This aspect is especially strong for the Virgos born between August 22-30
Double Check, get references, and get professional opinions, hold meetings. Try to avoid having anything seriously important launched during this time. Do it before if you can. Go here for understanding this particular planet's behavior right now..

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 21 degrees, sextile your Sun in Virgo

November 13 2012 For all Virgos, Especially those born between September 11 – 18th.
The period of 2 weeks before, and at least 1 month afterward, is what you can count on for experiencing this solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse is meant to highlight one event in your life, one situation and pretty much eclipse all other activities around you. It is so you can almost totally concentrate upon this one action.
It is to pull you into a much needed commitment that has to be handled.
This is definitely a sign post pointing the way to what you need to do to step up your work, your intensity and concentration at this time, because it is seriously important to kick in gear
and finish something. It could mean a sacrifice on your part...a sacrifice of time, energy, money, paying for something, helping out with something urgent, a Scorpio eclipse could involve some kind of danger, disaster, health crisis of someone around you, personal crisis and you are willing to help, allowed to help! It's not hard for you, because it is
a sextile. You receive guidance and support for an endeavor that you have been wanting very much to accomplish.
This could be a supportive loving period with someone you cherish. Deep conversations are exchanged between you and another. Plans could be laid and progress is made. The idea is to have mutual sharing and an agreement of what each person is going to commit to, so the ultimate vision is realized!

The transit of the North Node in Scorpio sextile the Sun in Virgo

Beginning August 30 2012 – January 31 2013
for all Virgos and especially those born between September 14 – 22

Here is a good period where a part of your life's work is actually very much in sync with your destiny. What you are rehearsing, practicing and developing the skills in, are what you are meant to be doing now. There will be people here and there who can help you get the job done, enroll in the classes, take you on as employee, or mentor you now. New friendships can be made. People open you up to your new vista of possibilities!

Saturn in Scorpio Sextile Sun in Virgo

The best way to describe this cycle is mild to extremely important connections, friendships and support come to you to finalize goals, help you move something along, a building or renovation project, a new assistant, a partner, anything you feel you should get on with, but might not have the energy, money or skills to make happen, here it comes.

Harmonious productive compatibility and support. Partnering and agreeing upon a plan, an arrangement that is workable for both. Or, Just plan helpers, getting the job done, because you are tied up or can't do it.

This is good for hiring people, cementing a partnership. Committing to a purchase. Anything that takes a bit of a risk. You can trust pretty much, this person who is there to help.

Here are the dates:
For Virgos Born on August 22/23 - 25, your cycle is:
October 6- 30 2012

For Virgos born between August 26-28 your cycle is:
October 31 – November 25 2012
more in 2013.

For Virgos born between August 29-30
Your cycle is:
November 26 2012 - December 16 2012
more in 2013.

For Virgos born between August 31 – September 2
your cycle is:
December 13 – January 25 2013
continues through 2013.

For Virgos born on Sept 3
Your helpful cycle is on:
January 25 – May 16 2013. It is really strong and helpful, this one!

The radiation of the divine Mother of the World pours through you Virgo, to nurture, feed and tend to people on Earth.
This year and next, try to see yourself as the Divine Gardeners planting seeds and harvesting the crop of good will towards all you meet. Provide them with your expertise, your talent, and all these positive cycles will come to fruition.
I am excited for you Virgos, becoming more and more of who you really are!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mercury Retrograde

November 6 2012 at 4* Sagittarius -November 26 2012 at 18* Scorpio

This fall/winter 2012, and especially on election day, could be the strangest and most confusing Mercury Retro time ever. It isn't the Mercury retrograde causing the problems really, it's the Neptune and next to it, Chiron.

Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius is suppose to be an ethical mind, and profound utopian Ideals, pontificating upon righteous inspirations to lift up a standard of integrity and good will for everyone.

Adventure, boldness with action and speech are all characteristics of Mercury In Sagittarius. IT is the impulse to be the cheerleader, and minister to those who need their vision restored. Optimistic guidance is the best choice describing Mercury now. This is what Mercury is trying to help you with now..
Sagittarius----the Vision of the Path, The tunnel, the Corridor through the murky waters of Neptune, to get to the other side.

So, when Mercury turns retrograde on November 6, we all begin receiving the new assignment, the message from this Minister of Vision.

Stay on course....keep your eye on the track of light and truth....keep to your Golden Rule in the Heart.

If there are lies, speak the truth.
If there is fear, lift up and remember we will get through this.
If there is confusion with information , keep digging. Keep asking questions.

The Mercury retro is in a very disturbing complicated aspect to the planet Neptune. It is called a 90 degree angle, a square.

Mercury in Sagittarius is the Ethical, Optimistic, Righteous Judge. Challenging the inept, the Lies and Goof ups. It seems Mercury retrograde is working through all of us to change
the situations created by those who are involved in:
  1. Massive ineptness from the past revealed
  2. Massive ineptness occurring in the present.
  3. Underestimating the intelligence of the people.
  4. Unbelievable neglect from those who are professionals, and then hiding certain serious global issues which now may be jeopardizing others safety;
  5. Terrible miscalculations leading to disastrous events;
  6. Peculiar activity in the Sea
  7. Panic, Depression, delusions regarding economy, helplessness, the end of the world consciousness.
  8. Hopelessness- lack of vision for anything worthwhile to look forward to.
  9. Subconscious overload
  10. Unfair tricks and distractions projected through media to cause the public to look the other way from the real problem.
  11. Sneakiness, invasion of privacy, spying, tattling, ratting chips and devices dissolving our right to feel secure, to go and do and say what we feel, when we are innately innocent and harmless, not stupid or dangerous.
  12. Living in fear of being abused and punished by certain powers.
  13. Feeling like slaves to an invisible group, we can never bring to accountability.

    Listen, this is the time to concentrate upon the beauty. Yes, the beauty and elegance of your complex and magnificent precious kingdom inside your mind, your emotions, your contemplations and take for granted these processes, but listen to me, they are unique to a race of light.
    This Beauty of your spiritual powerful inner being and soul, is what they might actually not posses.! Mercury square Neptune means all you guys are waking up that there is a game going on. It was to hide from you, that you are different from a whole bunch of “people” who would give and do anything to either steal what you have inside of you, or kill it. Dumb it down, take it over, control it. It scares them.
    Why do you think you are being dumb ed down with TV, bad food, stupid shows....Stop watching the stupid shows. Think about what you are doing here on this planet?! What are you doing here? Why are you here? What is going on anyway? Your Body and your Mind are Precious Vehicles of Power. Mostly untapped.

This Mercury Retrograde is a challenge to the fabric of illusion permeating the world.

    Mercury is POWERFUL, like LIGHTENING, flashing the fire into the murky fog. Some people think this Mercury cycle is going to be a big fat mess, creating disastrous confusion and deceptions, possibly even one huge catastrophic situation. I want to add something to this. I think this Mercury retro it is ripping off the mask of the entire Neptunian illusions we have been under for ages. Globally and individually. Last August 2 2011, it was in opposition to Neptune. It was an actual event which opposes people, like a secret campaign or sabotage. It involves two parties polarized ...and can result in sorrow and loss, and very much a sense something is out control to turn it around. It could have been personally, or all over the globe this might have been happening. Even without knowing the details, we felt it, and when in Neptune cycles, it creates a collective uneasiness.
    This year Mercury retro is in square. There is a difference. A square means we are facing the illusions and fears within that could cause us to feel powerless. Face the fear and move right into what is right within your life to get things back in integrity with yourself. Be able to go to bed at night and be at peace with yourself. Our weaknesses need to be faced so we can get clear and empowered to deal with helping the community, nation, and the globe.

In your Personal Life, The main themes are two.

  1. Be frank with those who skirt issues, create distractions or avoid serious issues,
    to your detriment, withhold the truth, withhold bonding, lie about their feelings, Lie, project blame, distract, play games, escape from true helpfulness and truthful conscience, avoid accountability integrity and high standards of behavior. ( This behavior might have already been getting worse for months or years prior this time)
    Why can't they just be real? Mercury in Sagittarius is real, but square to Neptune says you're dealing with people who are afraid of being real. To be fair, we need to look at our own faking, escapism, denials, hiding and distortions.
  2. Overcome suspicion. Project the ideal of what you do want. The tendency to be suspicious with everything is on the rise. Projecting conspiracy upon too many things, being paranoid about 2012, about danger, earth changes, politicians, the Power Elite, microbes and Chem trails. Spying and Micro Chips, Earth changes and starvation. Fears and irrational fixations must go. Abandoning hope, abandoning faith, allowing negative frequencies to affect you, to actually alter and change you into a paralyzed deer in the headlights zombie person, unable to think about anything other than survival food and how many packages of toilet paper are we going to need......If you fit into any of these categories, Stop it!
    WE are going to make it through this.

It is terribly inconvenient for all of us to be having a Mercury Retrograde square Neptune at the end of the year of 2012, because it has the capacity to magnify fears and paranoia. But maybe we are going thorough it in order to roll back everything that could be trouble, and we need to face the Neptune.

So, This is what we all need to do. Stand strong in your right to be here in this body fulfilling your divine purpose now.
Trust that the uneasiness you are feeling, is because your intuition is sensing something off with life. (Maybe it isn't an alien invasion after all...but a projection of an alien invasion.)

Simply say out loud, with MASSIVELY POWERFUL CONVICTION “ I demand Truth and be shown the Truth. I Am Drawing down the solution to every single complicated and dangerous activity on this planet that is unnatural, potentially catastrophic, disruptive, manipulated, twisted and hidden. Expose the solution. Expose the reasons and causes behind each one of these powder kegs. Empower those who have the true wisdom to set things right. I Call to you, Living Magnificent Beings called The Angels! I call to Archangel Michael. We need you now, Captain of the Archangels.. Come and protect us, defend us, and reveal the causes behind all Neptunian Suspicious activities. We believe in the good in man’s hearts. We Thank you and accept it done, Amen”.
Squares force the truth to come out about something.

The most important thing as we all go through this suspicious period, is to hold on to your faith and trust in the goodness of the hearts of people and know with this crazy square is also............

Mercury Trine Uranus

Electric lightening from the planet Uranus descends into our lives, coming through certain channels, news, facts, exposure, quirky unexplainable leaks, almost jaw dropping confessions;
Unexpected information providing brilliant solutions needed in the nick of time. Technological objectivity and independence solves problems. Deceptions and hidden issues are disclosed. Its all about truth and innovation. Independent groups, professionals, just ordinary people are beginning grass roots solutions to every day issues, and it will work.

Uranus has come as a background moderator,
explaining what is REALLY HAPPENING in so many many situations around us.

Here is where we have electronic technological brilliance, unconventional solutions to touche those who would shut down, control, fake, black out, intercept and pull the plug, re-arrange or distract.

It will be innovative. What is it? For every one of us, it will be an idea, a force that shows you the way to taking on a new job, a new project, or something! That leads to greater freedom.

I feel this aspect of Uranus/Mercury retro in a Trine ( 120 degree angle to each other) is
the game changer.
It is also peaking on the same dates as the Neptune problem square. Last week of October through first 10 days of November. So it is running right along side of this retrograde confusion, sorting out things to make it functional, accurate. This is in the world, and in your personal situation. You will feel the truth guiding you towards a clear light at the end of the tunnel. Just stay in this protective focused tunnel path and you will make it through the waves.

Not only is Mercury in this wonderful connection to the transit of Uranus helping the entire population have a breakthrough in their lives all over the globe, but it is also in the same trine aspect to the U.S. Natal Uranus at 1* Leo in the 11th house, creating an impulse for truth, reform, unconventional courage, inspiration, and grass roots community building.

The most powerful days for truth and solutions to come through are: October 30 and November 13 2012.

Global Events and Mercury


 Mercury retrograde is in square with Iran's Venus in the 8th house
at 3 degrees Pisces.

October 24 – November 17 2012

The Mercury is in Iran's 4th house and it denotes
 concentration upon its
 own security and prosperity, trade, commerce, and
securities, but because it is in square to Venus in the 8th,
means it is having a hard time culturally with a relationship
with an outsider, another country ,
religion, race, culture, who could appear to Iran as
being impossible to please, very high standards,
wanting materials, the goods, buried deep in the 8th house.
Possibly these materials contain the potential for something advanced
something pertaining to physics, magic, an elegant artifact.
Not just oil, but something more exotic?
Negotiations will have to happen.
You can't win in a Mercury retro square a natal planet.
You'll be forced to bargain, and hand it over, or make a deal.
That's usually the way the 8th house works. To whom though.
I'm not speculating the U.S., because.

The U.S. also has frustrating
aspects from this Mercury retrograde...It's appearing
to look like it too has to yield or contend with
some annoying group or source of authority
and take the crumbs.
 Mercury is also in square to Iran's Saturn in the 2nd house of assets, possessions, net worth and valuables. November 1-8
It looks like Iran might also have some trouble holding onto something it considers of extreme worth. It may be the rights to something...Iran's Saturn is in Virgo, Mercury always rules Virgo, and we find it in Iran's 8th house along with the Venus, in Pisces.
Again we are dealing with something very high, elegant, culturally unique and peculiar, ( Pisces ). Mercury Pisces connecting Saturn Virgo, some kind of manuscript, documents, writings or tablets perhaps? Why would this be so desired?

 Mercury retro is square to Iran's Saturn in the 2nd ( assets, ) Square to Venus in the 8th ( being pressured to oblige someone they are in a strained relationship with, and
Mercury retrograde opposes Iran's Moon in Gemini in the 10th house of government or leaders. 

The Opposition of the Mercury retro to the Moon is interesting...I think that could be a split within the country which comes to a head, all escalating around November 6, and the most concentrated time would be November 1-11th 2012

Election confusion November 6 2012 Mercury square Chiron/Neptune.

This could actually be seen as a wounded ideal event. Whatever high ideas were espoused, promoted, becomes as vapor now. The Mercury could be pushing all those ideas aside in order to make room for a new Sagittarius Spirit. Visualize and concentrate upon justice, accuracy and protection on Election day for all votes, technology, ballots tallied, individuals and agencies to be completely under the watch of a Universal Intelligence of Truth. ( God) and for the divine blueprint of the entire Nation to come into alignment with its true purpose.

United States 
Mercury will be concentrating upon the U.S. Natal 4th house of homeland security, land, boundaries, liberty, independence, freedom, food, agriculture, the weather and its affects upon crops, distribution of food, water, transportation of goods, oil, fuel, gas, and strange unexpected issues with water. ( Mercury in the U.S. 4th house, square Neptune-water- in the U.S. 6th house of public health, crops, agriculture) The Neptune square could contaminate or create loss in these areas.

Watch for flooding in some areas, coastlines? Or drought in other areas. Snow where it never snows, heat where there should be winter.
this cycle begins now, and concludes December 1 2012
What this means is that the U.S. has to concentrate upon preserving and putting constructive actions into some of these areas described above seriously, because of an infiltration or evasive activity attempting to sabotage these liberties and things we take for granted in the 4th house of security and home. 

Mercury retrograde inconjunct the
U.S. Venus, and Mercury retrograde Inconjunct the
U.S. Conceptional Venus and Jupiter.
Those two aspects mean we also want something someone has.
We really want to negotiate, own it, use its resources,
but someone else is getting in the way. More frustration.
Mercury in the Conceptional 12th house
is pointing to a behind the scenes culturally
influential group, and the inconjuct to the Venus,
denotes we as a country, are incongruent with this group
or have very little to say about the bargain taking place.

It could be partially with Iran, but possibly
there is a much bigger story this group is
negotiating with to have something that it,
they feel will provide a platform of security
and stability for them in the future.
( Mercury retro in Sag, in the 12th.......hidden,
behind the scenes, sag= culture.......Jupiter rules sag...
so we go to where Jupiter is in the U.S.. to find more clues...
It's in Cancer in the 11th house..the future, Cancer security.)

Why would anyone want to lie? Mislead? Cover up? Create so many gazillion false flags in the media? Or in your own personal life?

Devious individuals could do ANYTHING devastating now, and blame it on Iran, or anyone.
Why do they want to start a war? Why? Another Mercury retro square Neptune tactic.
Distractions.....smoke and mirrors.......magic. What are we being distracted away from?

Mercury retrograde is also in an inconjunct ( frustration ) Aspect with Israel's Venus in the 9th house of foreign people, foreign minds, culture or race.

( Just recapping here: Israel has stressed aspects with having to yield, accommodate someone's attitude and code; U.S. Is having to accommodate and yield also to one they are in relationship with, and Iran is strong and desires to confront and move forward with all it's plans, but is being blocked and having something taken away it values.

Mercury is square to Israel's Mars at 28* Leo in the 10th house.....Oct 28 through November 13th. This is a strong example through mostly a speech, a powerful dramatic presentation of authority and right to have their isn't so much a declaration of conflict or war openly, as it is powerful words reminding others of their heritage and the Lion in government. But again, Mercury is in square, which leads to a block or a setback in someway to what Israel would like to matter how powerful something has been presented, the leader may have his hands tied to a former promise or arrangement...again involving the country's 2nd house ( transiting mercury retro in the 2nd) of assets and worth, valuables, or valuable heritage.

China is also receiving a hard Mercury cycle. It is in an inconjunct with China's Uranus in the 12th house meaning China is frustrated over a behind the scenes ( 12th house ) brilliant and technologically advanced people or system, and it is a challenge for them to gain power over it, or assimilate the knowledge and genius behind the technology. Mercury is conjoin China's Chiron in the 5th..they feel embarrassed by the overpowering group as they are forced to yield to either the control of others, or patiently work on gaining the expertise they so much desire in order to continue to have the corner on materialism and powerful position in the world.
The dates where China experiences the hardest incongruences between its desires to achieve, and the others' more powerful control over them are: November 6 and December 14. In conclusion, it seems each country, and there are more I have not listed, is going through some kind of disappointment this winter. And it seems the disappointment is as a result of some manipulating force, blocking certain ideals or agendas, each country desires to accomplish.

No wonder there is so much confusion in relation to the global movements and actions of leaders and military, trade, currencies and bailouts, missing billions non accounted for, all at the same time the earth is stepping up in its earth shaking and solar flares threaten blackouts and satellite failures.

The vision I have for this period, all the way to the end of the year, is a crystal tunnel. I am running through it. I have my vision, my end of the tunnel goal! I am on a routine and even when I feel the energy swirl around in waves of peculiar Neptunian waters, I keep running through the tunnel to the Great Central Sun of a Golden Day I know is there.

We will make it through whatever is on the horizon, because we are a different people, with unique inner resources.

Until next time,

   Mercury Retro Chart square to Neptune and Chiron, and trine Uranus.

Here is one of many examples of the Neptunian mixup and confusion.

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