Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Venus Retrograde in Gemini Part ll

     Two astrological aspects are in need of a bit more in depth analysis.  They are the Venus retro in Gemini and the the Mars retro in Virgo.
I'll be adding more to this part ll throughout the next two weeks.

There is a  possibility of the Venus retrograde drawing out necessary information or an exposure of facts and events regarding money, now through June 2012. It is so we can become educated about the complexity of the economic crisis occurring globally, especially in regards to the bearer bonds issue.    This was recently brought to light by Ben Fulford and David Wilcock earlier this year.

     With Mars going station direct this week of April 10 through 20th, peaking exact April 12/13th, there will be a Mars in Virgo analysis exposing a scam or deception even more thoroughly and deeper than the Fulford/Wilcock explanation.
To read the original release go here:

The Venus Retro in Gemini  article, and another article on Mercury Retro which  included the Mars at 3* Virgo station retrograde going direct April 10 through 20th oppose transiting Neptune at 2* Pisces, spoke of elegant higher solutions for the world emerging, especially financial, and
the possibility of some kind of global deception being exposed  (April) through the Mars oppose Neptune cycle.

 The latter, (Mars in Virgo slowing down and oppose Neptune )  I felt to be some who would like to pull off a huge scam. It would build up all winter, and peak when Mars makes its peak in an opposition to Neptune as Mars goes Direct April 1 through 20, and then brought to light publicly throughout May and June, when Venus turns retrograde, in the information reporting sign of Gemini on May 15 2012.

     The Venus going Station Retrograde in Gemini will be at 24 * trine Saturn in Libra……on May 15, then goes direct on June 27, 2012... but  when it reaches 7* Gemini Station direct on June 27,  it will Inconjunct Pluto and Sextile Uranus, which is very helpful for our global economic solutions.

     These aspects are important.  Sextiles are 60 degree angles and they denote a support productive sharing of truthful, revealing of information between two agencies, communities, or groups.So we are going to have this sharing of information from May through June that could be over the top for resolving things which have been utterly confusing in regards to our economic situation.  

Inconjuncts are 150 degree angles and they create a frustrating attempt from Pluto type power structures or underground societies, usually, to interfere with the truthful Uranus' exposure, and try to get away with diverting something from being exposed.
  But because Pluto inconjuncts bring some kind of judgment upon shadowy people or activities, the attempt to deceive and proceed with the destructive path will turn in on themselves. 

Venus has much to do with money and finances, because of its connection with Libra=wealth and Taurus=treasures, earth, cash and banks.  ( Venus is the planet ruler of Libra and Taurus naturally)

So if Saturn right now is trine the Venus retrograde,   now through most of June 2012, this aspect will  support a very organized and logical yet Venusian Intuitive information system ( Gemini)  that must surface all over the globe, telling the world the truth, in whatever way it can be reported.
This aspect of the sextile will expose the truth, demand transparency and move forward on resolving at a core level, the entire tangled web of crime.  This corruption is involving our global abundance and it being hoarded and manipulated.  It will expose all the lies we have been told for so long...
the fact that this Venus will go direct at 7* Gemini on June 27 and sextile Uranus, bringing about such refreshing progressive truth and revelations, transparency and an organizational agency or community in support of the new data to take action, share, discuss this new truth about our money, maybe this could begin the Venusian elegance I was speaking of in Part 1.  It is the beauty of cooperation through Venus of one mind supporting healthy economic structures and systems in order for our world to thrive.

The Venus station direct on June 27 2012 inconjunct the Pluto  has always been a failed attempt for the Elite ( Pluto) to pull off an ego based agenda, especially through  Capricornian fronts and stages             ( shadow governments?).
Their obsessive need to control or manipulate for their own intense massive use,  monies, gold or jewels  is leading to a cataclysmic exposure, especially because of the power of Uranus moving into an exact square with Pluto this June 2012.  Starfires: Pluto Square Uranus
 But it will be to no avail, because of the nature of the inconjunct from Venus to Pluto. 

More later.....


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