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Mercury Retrograde March 2012

Revised 4/12/2012

       Mercury will be retrograde at 6* Aries 48' on March 11 2012. It will go Direct on April 4 2012 at 23* Pisces 52'.  

The strongest aspects it will make will be in a square to Pluto at 9* Capricorn and a conjunction with Uranus at 4* Aries.  When it goes direct on April 4, an opposition to the position Mars was in when stationary retrograde all January / February. at 23* Virgo      ( Mars last January 23 2012).

 The oppositional aspect on April 4, ( actually occurring between March 20 through April 15) could be a process where we review what we put into motion last January; this could also show  global events and those in positions of power and of decisions and actions they put in motion back in January and revising and modifying their plans based upon new discoveries or progress made this Spring.

 For you personally, you could come to some kind of ultimatum or decision in your life, and again for those who are involved in the middle east confrontation, also could be the same thing, some type of ultimatum or challenge presented one person to another or a group or faction to another and but there could be conflicting views, which the other is either in denial about or afraid of, or maybe not willing to yield.  This is the nature of Pluto square Mercury. It is going to be globally and personally somehow somewhere.

The main theme with all the retrogrades from January through June 2012, ( Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Solar Eclipse on May 20 2012 at 0* Gemini) is that the outer world has no idea what is really going on with all the movements to replace certain people, nations' leaders, move onto foreign territories for specific reason not openly revealed, *(Pluto)  yet extremely important and epic in nature.  *(Uranus in Aries conjoin Mercury retrograde).  The mystery is included because of Mars slowing to turn Direct on April 1 through 15 and making an almost exact opposition to the Secretive and undercover planet Neptune. This "turn around of events"  based upon undisclosed information is part of the confusion we all in the outer world are experiencing while watching the build-up in that area of the world, because it doesn't seem completely logical.  So maybe there is another reason this event is happening? Neptune.

 Obviously this is middle east and the Iran issue on surface, but elsewhere, not so public, a crisis building with regards to information.   With the Mercury period, it will be about the space/earth and networking communications, information, and successful operational technology, among all other pertinent pieces of data, writings, documents and findings. That period again where there is a scrambling to obtain, secure, test or decipher accurately will be now through April 2012. This is all again because Uranus and Pluto are involved and in power progressive signs Aries/Capricorn.

The Mars retrograde period was predictable, a military build-up, and also a possible Geo ( Earthquake?) crisis, which hasn't happened yet, and may not, we'll see. The entire Mars retro period was the end of November 2011, peaking by January 14 - February 14, then continuing through June 2012.

The Venus retrograde at 23* Gemini begins May 15 2012- June 27 2012, creating an atmosphere of informational understanding---integrating what the findings are with an elegant system or activity, acceptance and a smoothing out of situations so life can semi- move forward again with some emotional security and maybe a new financial upturn.

Again, this can be in your personal life, but very much at higher areas of power also, in markets, international economy, progress made in all forms of negotiations.

  Everyone knows  Mercury retrograde can create mechanical and communication problems. Well, this one beginning February 25th and peaking exactly on March 11, then leaving on April 4 2012, could be quite a trouble maker.  

     Double check all your important details, protect your vehicles, be careful with all communications and documents, reply to all requests from others, be responsible and conservative.
Tend to your animals and pets, because they might be behaving very strange now, or run away.

 There will be times when you could feel you have to make a black and white decision, not an easy one, in order to face a truth which can no longer be avoided.

Compulsive erratic behavior from others could cause problems during March-April. Immature and volatile individuals personally politically and globally could appear trigger happy,  compulsive and childish.  Our minds might not be in a good space this spring until Venus turns retro on May 15.
Strange noises, energies, moods, dizziness or memory lapses,  might accompany this Mercury retrograde because of its conjunction to Uranus and square to Pluto.

Because of these aspects, I would add it could present dangerous activities or situations elevated.
Someones actions motivated by power, status and massive material gain could trigger an event, but because of the Uranus, intercepted just in time.

I would always look at the present message of Mercury retro in my own life, and see if it makes any sense for me personally, but this Mercury is also very much pointing to  a global issue.

It has to do with a possible severe disruption in one or several of the following:

A possible EMP pulse taking out electrical power. Either Solar or Military weapon; 

What is an EMP?  It is an electric magnetic pulse that can emanate from the powerful rays of the SUN and/or be the result of an atomic missile launched by a rogue country (to explode 200 feet in a strategic atmospheric area of another country) with malicious intent.  In the worst case scenario, the energy grid of the country will  be totally wiped out.  Everything operating from the grid ceases.  The threat is real . . . it's extremely dangerous  . . .  and something you should be made aware of...

Increase new developments with psychotronic mood, mind weapons affecting the populations' ability to think;  ( again, the Mercury ( mind,) influence connected with Pluto, control, and Uranus, the bizarre in technology)

Technology created to protect and ensure proper relaying of data could now have a glitch or vulnerability and need to be re-visited to function correctly.

 Networks of all types, including space, ( again Uranus) might be in danger of sabotage, putting situations at risk. * Pluto and the Aries involved)

 Faulty information transmitted ; intercepted information;  Challenging or hostile information received;

 Disruptive misinformation leading to possible errors in judgment. (this is because of the emphasis upon the Venus retrograde this spring in Gemini, Mercury in Aries ruling Gemini, the Mars retro in Virgo also ruled by Gemini ( all mercury/Gemini/Virgo involves communication precision under normal conditions, but because Neptune opposes Mars in Gemini Virgo at 3* April 1-16th especially and Virgo being ruled by Mercury ( communications) there could be secret or invisible things, objects or issues, problems with disappointment, confusion, errors in judgment, misinformation or a feeling of having our privacy interfered with in some way by others.  )

Sudden earth changes possible, maybe two events back to back;

Gossip and unhappiness with others words and statements;

A rising theme of ousting those hastily who are in power, or control;
the explosiveness of demonstrations or groups at a moments notice, maybe even contrived, then  the unnecessary containment and control certain groups or gathering which were potentially harmless.

The positives of this Mercury could be an escalation of those with affluence and influence challenging corporate powers who are in control of destructive products and activities, and not backing down until something changes for the better.

Personally Mercury will be helping you by being energized to cut through, take action,
make concrete decision.  You will feel inclined to cut things out of your life that are no longer helpful.
So we could see this nationally and personally all at the same time.

It could motivate you out of all inertia.  Empower you to a wonderful shift in personal identity and self image, you feel more internally in control and confident now.

Now, you have no problem saying no thank you.   Mentally, it is getting easier, an internal will power is developing to push back bad situations and/or habits.

Every where there has been a sort of putting up with a handicap or unwanted condition, you now change it, just like that!

  Remember, we all begin to feel the theme of each new Mercury retrograde at least 3 weeks before the peak.  So around February 25th it should begin. and again, the theme for this one is about a concentration upon identity. Higher identity or the old negative human self image that has been somewhat limited and frustrating.

   Positive self image and true real wonderful identity versus how you thought you were suppose to be all your life, but is no longer necessary because you know what? The old self didn't work very well anyway. It's time to get real.
2012 is the year of the dividing of the way. Which path do you want to walk this year? It begins in Aries, with the Mercury helping you decide.


Chart for Mercury Retrograde March 11 2012  ( Mercury conjoins Uranus; almost in a Finger of God, inconjunct with Mars at 10* Virgo, and Moon in Scorpio);    Square to Pluto.  This aspect could also from March through April, create an emergency with economy resulting in decision to make an impulsive bold shift in our currency or financial networking of money; and/or the electrical aspect of Uranus involved, a sudden crisis with the grid forcing a restructuring of all our power to free-energy source, but somehow because Pluto is involved, it's still not free, but an attempt for those to still control.  Could part of the grid plan be to have a justified excuse to revamp all our electrical energy sources, but it was actually manipulated not an accident? What and who would gain from this ruse ( a trick).

Chart for Mercury Direct April 4 2012  ( inconjunct or quincunx Saturn)

In addition to the Mercury Retro spring issues, I wanted to include Mars in Virgo Retrograde from January through April 2012, as the actual "breakthrough" period...breakthroughs for all forms of refined elegant processes people, corporations, governments were waiting for, for a long time.  Some positive, some disturbing?  Remember, one of Virgo's qualities is Micro-Tiny....and Mars-Military or Competitive.   Insect-like Drones
My concerns with the unusual unorthodox "weapons" include self replicating metal droplets with are like metal DNA, and the numerous array of Nano technology being developed for whatever reasons, we can only speculate.

 ....and here Nano Cells, another example .

Saturday, February 18, 2012


  "Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold exterminate his kind. He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march out...and help to slaughter strangers of his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no quarrel...And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off his hands and works for "the universal brotherhood of man"--with his mouth."
- What Is Man? Mark Twain

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012
Eleventh Sign-Aquarius   Key for 2012      Brilliant objectivity  Let go of rigidity~intolerance  
Science and Spirit Unite

       Aquarius  in 2012 will be quite a strong magnet of help for people who want to know the state of the world this year.    You are drawing to you important facts and people and rapidly able to process the truth of this and that and take it to a higher level.
 Your power lies in your intuition, a mysterious ability to take in information and transform it into a purer truth.  You lift up all subject matters, people, opinions and information to the ultimate vision of insightful solutions and actions. You understand waves, frequencies, the power of heart, love and embracing individuality.
You are all about accuracy and truth and what is the highest most perfect level of science, economy, politics, spirituality, social activities and world health.  A born humanitarian par excellence.  This year you might say, "let's have the faith that a higher power is handling the situation, and by the way, this is how I see it playing out!"
You are against prejudices.   Tolerance and universal progress is key. Do you ever wonder why  this so hard for others to figure out?
    A natural friend to all, leader in unusual thought and deeper insight, people need your unique approach to everything.
 Your job this year is transforming burdens into factual progressive and sometimes mathematical or scientific answers.
You would be the one in 2012 to stand out and say and create the radical statement. Go ahead and punctuate the miasma with your lightening strikes of powerful prose. Your message of transformation! Just be careful come fall of 2012 through 2013.( more about that below)

  You want progress, transformation, improvement, ingenuity and inventiveness.  
      Your talks are about universal brotherhood of good, and it is is catching on.   This is your time to help others get it together.
     I feel many of you have discovered a practice and meditation, a process by which you become so centered and filled with light you can maintain a higher frequency and vibration to accomplish greater things than ever before.  If it hasn't been discovered yet, it will

Uranus Sextile Sun in Aquarius  Summer 2010 through 2019
(strongest in 2012 for those Aquarians born between January 21 through 30th.

Uranus has begun to sextile your Sun bringing a stimulation within your nervous system and causing a bit of restlessness.  It intensifies your brain and your imagination.
 This planet Uranus in a sextile, is such a diversion from the normal everyday routine, you will have plenty to do, new ideas to digest, new books and videos to absorb, new friends to have heady discussions over dinner with.
      For those involved in theatre and the arts, it is good for you now. Interesting friends surround you to work with.  Not only the actual stage and script experience, but the community of artistic friends could be very stimulating.

     The same goes for collaborating with groups of people gathering together to be of service to the community, or! working on a project together to perfect an art or a specific skill, write an awesome movie script, a song, record a video, introduce a new program into your work.
  Friendships are good this year.  Bonding with others similar to yourself, appreciating your refreshing outlook on everything.

      Whether it's a fascination recently with historical events or information bringing you closer to the truth of mankind, or an actual excursion you take to see it all first hand, your independent researching brings amazing conclusions. Your razor sharp insight takes people to a more profound understanding of what everything in the world really means.  Friends love to listen to your theories, but don't be surprised if it takes them a while to finally get it. The mind is very stimulated and excited now, and could you be  onto something amazing.

      Freedom and independence is at its height and the right to pursue happiness.  This is your message. You want to light a fire and make it spread throughout your community and then your country and ultimately the world.
 Expertise with your information is paramount, relaying indisputable facts no one can argue against, proof of a unique slant on our reality.
 Whether it is a scientific technology, a mathematical equation, a comprehension of unified field of oneness and how one can affect another by good or negative emotions and thoughts, or an historical ancient wisdom revealing mankind's true origin, you are more focused and articulate in your global, spiritual, scientific or political observations now.  You want to write about it, lecture, discuss, make it into a video, a song, write music, perform it, practice your idea.
 People will learn a great deal from you this year, so don't hold back!

What I am trying to say is this.  This is thee year, when you are exploding with  cosmic AH HA moments over and over again.  Has your brain grown?  Maybe your DNA has changed?!   Something is happening to you and you are not the same as the years before.  It's as if you OWN the 2012 EVENT..


Venus Trine Aquarius   May 15th  2012 through June 27th 2012 
( This cycle gives earth a necessary boost of balance and resolution, intelligent solutions and revealing truth which will correct problems for the rest of the year. )

 This Venus retrograde will bless life around you through your Sun sign, (Yes, that means  YOU,  push your ego aside and allow the light to move through your transparent radiant presence.)

If you were born  between : January 27 - February 6th,  (but the rest of all Aquarius will benefit from this very special Venus Retrograde period also.)
Love and friendship reign.  Sweet happiness permeates your life. Write, Paint, Share, Entertain, Celebrate. 

Something beautiful is happening to you now.  Take it in and allow this release of love and elegance which is magnetically emanating from Venus' rays into your world. 

 It brings people closer and a precious oneness intensifies the light within you and your friends; balancing rays of love electrify the Earth and alter the magnetic shields to secure the poles even against a potential severe earth changes and polar shifts. Yes, your own body can hold the balance against severe earth changes.
 Whether you are with a group or by yourself, you are grounding electric fire and frequency of love into the earth and the metals, the crystals and molecules of chemical substances absorb all your body's power and have a stabilizing affect upon all geo-physical life.  Your music, your prayers, your affirmations, your yoga, your love and your heart is the vehicle for the release of Venus' power into the earth now. 

Mercury sextile Aquarius
Mercury in Aries retrograde on March 12 will  sextile your Sun.  It is active all March - April 15 2012.
You speak your truth and  get your point across with much confidence now.
This is good for all forms of meetings.  Harmonious and successful collaborations occur.  You express yourself clearly and explain complicated concepts perfectly to a happy conclusion.  It is wonderful for signing contracts and formulating plans and making strong agreements in all circumstances.

Solar Eclipse at 0* Gemini  trine Aquarius  All May 2012, Peaking May 20 2012.

This cycle is especially strong for Aquarius born between Jan 20 through 24 only. Here we have a very specific inner direction calling you to do something now which you know is important.  May is the month to do it, if it seems to enhance your life in a good way.

Mars inconjunct Aquarius  
 From the middle of December 2011 through June 2012, it's time to handle  irritating inconveniences.  This has been building up now for a few months. Just go ahead and fix the problem. Now is the time.  It is an out of sync issue, and your patience is wearing thin.  Depend upon March for All Aquarians  to finally make some progress.  It's all in the details, the bookkeeping, the budget, the particulars;  Something of a mess is getting fixed.  Perfection is what others' want from you.  You want it for yourself. It will somehow give you more freedom.
 There is a sharper focus upon your skills.  Perfecting your professional abilities.  Self motivated, improving your life, your money, your health, your credit, your job, your home. your body and your style and clothing.
Purify and transform all the small irritants.    The worst has probably already passed, being the January/February cycle. 
Here are some specific Mars dates for you.
Aquarius born between January 21-28.  You feel this inspiration on March 13 through May 18th.

Aquarius born between January 29 -Feb 5, Mars will create this shift and pressure for something to shift between Feb 24 through March 19 Then back again May 12 - June 5 2012.

Aquarius born between Feb 6-13 will have the urge to change a situation, purify or correct between December 14 2011 - February 5 2012;  June 6-23rd 2012.

Aquarius born between February 14 -19th ;  You might experience this push from December 2011 through June 2012, but it isn't as strong as the other Aquarians noted above.  Your cycle is different. You are in a cycle called:

Saturn Trine Sun
This cycle is a very special, and is similar to what the Geminis are experiencing 2011 through 2012.
It is about coming to terms within yourself, taking stock of what you really are about.  You are eloquent this year. Power directed into uplifting your life, your mind, your ideas and others.
 It will build a momentum of clarity within yourself as each month goes by.

You are accepting your individuality and purpose and not trying to be anyone other than YOU. 
Have you been defining better boundaries for others to respect recently? Or at least trying?  Well, if others have a fit, so what. 
When they really care, respect, and  believe in what you stand for, they will be okay with this inner strength and conviction.
 This is  what this period is all about anyway.  They will respect your position and still work with you and be your colleague.  This period stabilizes your money, your filing and organizing, your paper and data. You are a success this year. 

  It is an excellent time to finish a thesis, present a technical discovery, or create functionality and reliability within your projects and within your team. Reliability! Organization! Dependability! Clarity and strength. Permanence.

Success! This is what Saturn trine Sun in Aquarius can bring.  A karmic struggle is over.  You can allow a new life to take over and bring to you inner peace now.  Friends are good to you and a lovely brotherhood or sisterhood bonds you to truth and what matters now.

For Aquarians born between February 14-19th;  Your trine cycle is November 22 -May 1 2012;  August 17 - October 6 2012.

For Aquarius born between February 10-19th; Your trine cycle will also include the entire cycle from November 2011 through  October 6 2012.

For Aquarians born between January 21 - February 10th, you went through this Saturn trine Sun in 2011. You are now reaping the rewards of last years' organizational maturing and valuing self;  period. You are stronger now, and really know what you value, what is worth your time and energy, and care more about maintaining your self -respect. You will never devalue yourself again for anything or anyone.

Scorpio Node squares Aquarius August 30 2012 through 2013.

   The  natural futuristic attitude which is always yours, your unconventional style and self expression,  the acceptance of  higher laws of cause and effect, and the belief of a beautiful universal love which radiates its intelligence through the world, has such power in 2012,  but a certain negative greedy group of people around you might be preoccupied too much with holding onto their power, money, political events, agendas, movements and strategies.  Professional issues terribly frustrate some of your progress universally. This is natural in 2012, as you are leading the way of educating others to throw off the oppression in a non violent and intelligent kind manner.

 Even though we said earlier, you have such a wonderful ability this year to get involved with others who are thinking like you, there may be moments where you are exasperated with the limiting movements of that elite faction, you might want to retreat.  Keep going, we believe in you.

Saturn Square Sun in Aquarius

October 2012 through 2013

Here are the issues to watch out for beginning October 2012.  Your Health.  Stiffness in joints, bones, back, legs, arthritis symptoms, joints tired and achy, circulation challenged, internal anxiety could build.

A Serious Karmic circumstance attempts to take over your normal routine. ( again the date begins October 2012 through all 2013.)
It Begins October 6 2012.

A person being influenced by a thing shadowy could threaten  your happiness  now.  Please move cautiously through this fall 2012 through 2013.  Don't assume everyone has good will.  Someone could be used to project hatred upon you or those you love, out of some kind of vindictiveness, or mistrust against the world, and you could be caught in the crossfires of that person's energies. They want something you have.
Even if it is just your light. 
 Transmute, and release this problem with a blazing ray of love... Violet is the key this year for you, as you enter a period of being challenged to raise yourself above the darkness and the coveting secretive people;   become lighter, become more love, and rise above the petty hatreds and fears of others.
To be exact, here is the breakdown for Aquarius birth dates when this danger could occur:
If you were born between January 21 - February 1, you have this cycle from October 6 2012 to October 19 2013.
February 1-19th Aquarians have this from October 20 2013 into 2014.
A miracle will rescue you at the end of this cycle and you will be protected. Never take your eyes of the Light. The individual who tried to deceive you will be taken care of by the Universal Justice which sees all.  You are strong, clear, truth, peace, beauty, love. 
  Jupiter square Sun in Aquarius ~Summer 2011 through June 10 2012.
  During this time, you may be pressured to compromise  your inner intuition ( which by the way is very very strong now).  Stay in your heart and trust your first impulse.

    There is a person you might press you to buy into something, agree or commit.  I wouldn't do it if I were you, because there are important pieces of information missing that could cause regrets later on.

Jupiter trine Aquarius:  June 12 2012 - June 28 2013.
This is the exact opposite of the above cycle, where you can trust and accept the ideas and offers from those key people in your life.
 You shine, love, speak brilliantly, feel an increase desire to exercise, be outdoors, improve your body, your mind, your life, make more money, entertain and bring friends together for a variety of activities. Yoga, art classes, book clubs, sports teams or a golf buddy maybe is giving you a fun quality of life.

  Attending lectures, seminars and presenting your own findings in front of groups of seriously studious listeners, is so satisfying during this year, and could actually take off and become a regular event out of sheer demand from the public.  If in the public entertainment world, you are radiant and successful.

You are in your element now.  Your interests have become the interests of a large segment of the world.  They need your knowledge and high minded perception.   You are a living Miracle. Rise up Aquarius. Rise up now, the world is entering your Sign. All things will be new and right.
Thank you for being Aquarius.

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Libra - 2012 Forecast

Beauty and the Beast Jean Cocteau 1946 Criterion

            " Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?  Thou art more lovely and more temperate:  Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,  And summer's lease hath all too short a date:  Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,  And oft' is his gold complexion dimm'd;  And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd:   But thy eternal summer shall not fade nor lose possesssion of that fair thou owest;   Nor shall Death brag thou wanderest in his shade,  when in eternal lines to time though growest;  So long as men can breathe,  our eyes can see; so  long lives this,  and this gives life to thee."

Shakespeare Sonnet #18


 Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012

Seventh Sign-Libra         Key for 2012      Beauty and elegance    Justice   Karma is consumed - With Great Grace, you overcome all strife. Peaceful existance without compromise.  Achieve freedom from debt; overcome covetousness and love one another as the greatest treasure you could have.

Libra, this is the year to see beyond the veils and costumes of those around you.  
Some parade good manners and competence, but inside are empty, needing your support.  Others behave as the Beast in the old childrens' story, "Beauty and the Beast" but hiding within is a Prince trapped in outer coarseness.  You deal with opposites and dichotomies.  Mirrors and see-saws.

With Saturn in the sign of Libra since the summer of 2010, these Topsy turvy situations have needed extra attention in order to maintain your balance and composure.  You are seeing what has been inside of people all along, but are now more than ever being forced out into the open.

Your job has been to truly understand the inner world of those close to you, so you can truly make the right assessment about your friends and close ones.  It isn't so much to judge them, or to remove yourself from them ( although, with some this year, that might be the case), but to have deeper compassion for all people and their healthy and broken parts, and to also help yourself wake up and be fully aware always what you are in relationship with exactly, so as to not be either fooled and have unnecessary losses, and to also, be strong and help if you can, and not assume the wrong concept about others.  
To not take advantage of other's greater strengths, and also to not allow others to take advantage of you or others close to you!

Maybe they are weaker or more fragile than you think, so don't lean on them  or trust them so much.  Maybe inside they are more princely and filled with goodness and largeness of heart but come across them more, and help soften their expression.

Maybe they are empty, lacking faith and integrity, and have no loyalty, but for their own gain, but come across as critical and need to see this too, so you can beware and defend the innocent.

Be strong this year, become more independent, and not so much expecting others you care about to always hold you up.  It's possible these past two years, you have had to put your foot down with others.
See the two sides, some it will be one way, others another way.

It's time to rise up and meet the challenge,  become even more mature and handle these issues that have now finally come due.  You don't want to stay in the same old pattern anyway, right?  So 2012, is taking you on an unusual journey, into a land of mirrors, a world where it necessitates using your deeply insightful intuition and inner sense about how things really are, and not what they seem on the outer.  Yet all the while, maintaining utter harmlessness towards everything and everyone.  You are transcending the human niceness, and the human judge.  You become objective, seeing all the roles, all the sides and making new decisions based upon these new heights of wisdom

The Main themes this year for you are
1. Maintaining composure while some people in your life might be acting odd or erratic, causing you some friction. Try to hear what is wrong inside of their hearts, once you get past the difficult behavior.
2.  A possible ending to long standing pattern of "niceness and complacency"  within yourself, or others, knowing it now needs to change  A relationship may significantly change, psychologically, or physically end.
3.  Accept the flow of blessings, friendships, new happiness and increased beauty, style, love and social fun, extra money and good things coming to you, from spring throughout the rest of 2012!
4.  Brace yourself for a maturing period, accepting a new independence, self sufficiency,  realististic perspective, organized, responding to daily needs, bills, accounting, relationship equality, 50/50, fairness and putting in your share, otherwise, someone is going to be complaining!
5.  And beginning this summer of 2012 throughout the end of the year, paint, decorate, entertain, exercise, write, play or listen to beautiful music, invest in some essential oils and rare frankincense rocks and charcoal, fill your world with love.   Create Art, jewelry, clothing, elegance, beauty!   Jupiter begins to bless your Sun sign this summer throughout all of 2012, enhancing all these joys.

For Libras born between September 22-25th, Uranus might show up as an alienating behavior from those close to you from summer 2010 up through the end of December 2011;   and  for those born on Sept 24th -25th, this ends February 11 2012.

Have you been feeling as if a part of your life is separate from those the closest to you?  After February, you can begin to move closer to those loved ones again and shift back into a calmer time.
Try to be kinder, more understanding and present with your family, friends and loved ones now.
A situation at work or about employment  may have had you on edge for the past 3-6 months or so.

You are becoming  more confident and gentle times are coming in with Jupiter trine your Sun beginning May 2012, and then continuing  June 1 through 25th especially.   This cycle is perfect for vacations, holidays, love and expanding your work, and creative projects.

The Solar Eclipse especially blesses your life this April 25 up through May 20 2012.  This aspect inspires artists and musicians.
People ask for you now. They want you around, miss you, and there could even be an important decision you make based upon friendships and community, to be closer to where you are appreciated and loved the most!  A place where life is a bit easier and more fun!
Your money opportunities look better here, and whether it is a physical move, or a change in a group of friends or activities, beginning this April 25 through May, peaking May 20 exact, then continuing to move on this new decision all the way through August 2012, this cycle will keep you busy with your social life. This is because of the solar eclipse on May 20 at 0* Gemini, and the Venus retrograde at 24* Gemini, on May 15 2012, and the Jupiter moving into the sign of Gemini beginning June 11, 2012.

Also, specifically for those Libras Born between Sept 22 through 25, Mercury in Aries will turn stationary  and oppose your Sun March 2 through April 23. 

For this group of Libras, please try to avoid hostile volatile people and situations.  Stay at home and slow down.   It is a time of tension, where there could be one who wants to complain and you are the only one around for them to vent upon.  It's a time for  caution, conservative movement and stay in your right mind during this week!
  You're already feeling the pressure, try not to add to it by doing anything risky, or making a testy person more stressed!  Some of you in high level challenging positions, might actually see how you could trigger extremely unpleasant reactions from trigger happy individuals during this one cycle of April 1 through 15th 2012.
Also,  for Libras born between September 22 through 30th, the time of March 4 through April 26, this Mercury Retrograde in the opposite sign, Aries, opposing your own sign,  is where you might need to listen to someones' suggestions and try to accommodate.
Usually the Mercury presents specific reports you must take in, reports at work, data coming in to review, or school reports and reviews for your children that need improvement.
  It will require action on your part, a decision   once you now have all the info. It's just a good time for all Libras born between Sept 22 through 30th to listen to what someone else is telling you, because its important info you need right now to help you progress.

With Neptune from 0-3* Pisces making an inconjunct to your Libra Sun, you're going through a learning curve with your professional or community activities which requires a powerful change in your self image now.
Something you have never done before, but you know you can tackle it, falls upon you on March 25 through April 2012, then continuing for the rest of the entire 2012.  This is a very important position you are now playing.
It could be a new elevated position you know you must do, fill the shoes, learn the ropes, because you are called and no one else can do it correctly but you.  You have earned the role or the part.

Libras born between Sept 26th through 30th   Uranus opposes your Sun Sign.
April 1 through 12th, 2012
October 20th through November 10th, 2012
January 10th through 25th 2013.  These dates can present oppositional behavior from others, or stressful circumstances you need to circumvent, overcome, move around or simply work through.

You know how life is suppose to feel, you want to break through to the real issues, but someone is behaving oppositional, or at the least,  a negative attitude.
  How can you proceed when there is hostility, arguments and possibly dissension within your very group?
The solution will come from Jupiter trine your Sun this summer.
It will be mostly because you have found a way to elevate yourself to an advantage so the opposition sees you in a different light.  This is from June 20 through July 10 2012, especially.
Here is where you can make a breakthrough.

Also, for this birth range of Libras, Venus is Stationary direct : Jun 14 through July 10, Peaking strongly on June 27th 2012.  
This time period blesses your love, marriage, partnering, business agreements,  money, good fortune with writing, singing, dance, theatre, popularity and all things beautiful or stylish, excellent!!  You are like a  magnet for wonderful things during this period.

Pluto square Sun In Libra
This aspect simply brings an end to a relationship, partnership, or love of some kind. Either the actual relationship will end for one reason or another, or it will psychologically never be the same again.

Usually this transit of Pluto causes us to be brought to a place of being forced to come out of delusion, out of your unreality about someone. If you have known this person for a long time, you are seeing what they really are capable of being like, or what they can not change within themselves, and it is destructive to your future to remain with them as they really are.

Here are specific dates to know if you fall into this category, since this cycle is so crucial to prepare for, or to also know when you no longer have it, I will list all the categories here of Libra birth dates so you can track this important cycle.

Libra's born during:

If you were born from September 22rd through Sept 28 , Pluto square your Sun is over.  It began on December 2008 peaking on January 1 2009, through Dec 3 201, so it is over.  

 If you were born on:
 Sept 29th:  Pluto began  [peaking } in a square to your Sun,  March 1 2011;  continuing up through Oct 12 2012.

Sept 30th:  Pluto is active from Dec 24 2011 it began,, peaking exact on January 24 2012 up through November 24 2012

Libras born on Oct 1:     Pluto is active on  Jan 1 2012, peaking exactly on  Feb 8 2012 ~ up through Dec 11 2012, ends.

Libra's born on Oct 2:        Pluto squares your Sun on Dec 20 2012 begins,  Peaking on January 24 2013 peaking............ends November 28 2013.

For Libra's born Oct 3 up through 21st, your Pluto squares are from 2014 through 2023, so we have some time before the  Pluto square cycle described above, comes into your life.  Get your life in order, and try to be very realistic with whom you associate with now, or the activities you have always thought was your life plan might become re-arranged..... so in the years ahead, you are not too dismayed by the need to let go or make adjustments.

Libras born Between Oct 1 through 9th
Saturn in Libra conjoined your Sun all 2011, and so your maturing lessons are in the past, but now it's important to keep it up, and not fall back into old habits. Embrace the joy and new successes coming your way as you move deeper through the year 2012.  You are a new person now.  Try to be positive and restore your faith in the goodness of life.

Libra's born between October 9 through 21st
This group  will be the ones where you must rise to the new demands coming from life in general or others close to you.  You will be tested the most with discovering who your friends are and who are not  Some of you have already experienced this, last year, but it continues throughout 2012.

People might in general be expecting you to become more, deliver more, perfect more, get up off the couch and really work at your talent, exercise, get organized with your money, pay off your debts as much as possible before Oct 1 2012! and also enjoy and reap the rewards at the end of the year 2012.

Eat right, try not to indulge in drink or junk food, care about those close to will probably naturally feel more inclined to offer help to your family and loved ones now, because you really truly want to make a difference  You want to prove to others, you really really care about them and need their love and acceptance also!

 However, during the period between Sept 7 through Oct 30 2012,  Jupiter trines your Sun, bringing many happy people your way, wanting to love you, needing your love, desiring to support you, and bringing you presents, opportunities, friends, fun things to do, and just basically success in your life.  This period will mark an end to many challenging months of working hard on yourself and your relationships.

Remember the 4 keys at the beginning of this article, for all Libras in 2012.  Peace with truth spoken;   Love, sharing and boundaries practiced;  Faith in others but with realistic expectations.

The World you come from, is filled with magic, where angels guide you, everything is alive, meaningful, a sign.  Music accompanies important moments and regularly you dip into events which continually  open your heart chakra, filling the atmosphere with a heavenly energy.  You come from a place quite like a beautiful Fairy tale filled with hidden meanings and tests and trials meant to be overcome, yet at the end of the story, is the most magical of all moments!  Worth all the striving.  You have torn the veils off time and space, personalities and posturing, and see who is what and what is real.  This world has never gone away, it has only been temporarily diminished in order to guide earth out of her own darkness right now.  The magic will return to you.

( In the French Children's Fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, Belle must see beyond the coarseness of the beast to his true self, and see beyond the elegance and passion of one who pursues her, and recognize the coarseness and brutality, greed and negative passions within the other man.   Two men, with deceiving outer appearances, change appearances in the end.  Her test is to remain in the middle until she knows, maintain balance, in the center of the Rose, in the presence of Love radiating within herself and try, try to be Love and truth at all times, to both sides, both situations, and everyone else in her life. And yes, at the end, they live happily ever after.)
For those who have some moments to indulge in an old French classic, I found the final scenes of one of my fondest movies in my collection.  I hope you can sit back and enjoy the symbolism of the two examples presented for the initiate to discern.  It's a bit long, about 10 minutes, but I couldn't resist.

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