Thursday, December 15, 2011

LEO-2012 Forecast

     "I advise  noting what actions and thoughts are accompanied by the appearance of stars.  These indications are like the bliss of the worlds. The Fire of Space is seemingly metalized, and life becomes filled with the radiance of the prana of reality......The sparks of Cosmos are unique and unrepeatable.  We could provide an entire chapter describing observations of these stars."  #466 1929 Agni Yoga     Morya.

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012
Fifth Sign~ Leo       Key for 2012       Cast Aside discouragement-no time for resentment-
Leadership awaits.

  The first half of 2012 is somewhat similar to how the last half of 2011 has been for Leos.  It has been because of a Jupiter cycle.
Jupiter has been in Taurus in a square to Leo, causing a bit of stress with the people in your life you want to trust.  They just have not been using good judgment.

In order to look out for this cycle properly, you'll have to match it up with your birth date below.

  •  Leo's born during July 22-August 2, are having this transit from last Summer 2011 up through March 25 2012 and this group has had it the hardest with the most tiresome problems with people around you going against your will.  There could even be some down right unethical and deceptive situations which if not on top of your game, could cause you suffering for quite a while.  
  •  Leos born during August 3 through August 12 are having this transit from March 2012 through May 7 2012
  •  Leos born during Aug 13 through 22 are having this transit from May 1 through Jun 12 2012.
     The people around you might be doing the best they can, but it isn't good enough for you. Some kind of moral challenges and ethical conflicts involving your money,  your well being, your future is occurring, so if you can, stay clear of people who act sincere but something isn't measuring up with their offers or requests.  They may even mean well, saying it's for your own good, but they have been duped, misled themselves, and it isn't going to be good for anyone in the end.  A very big mistake to trust them at this time.

     So use your Leo common sense and savvy to recognize incompetence and overly optimistic ideas in others which could put everyone out on a limb or at risk and graciously back out. 

     I know this might sound a bit contrary to the above comments, but, at the same time, the planet Uranus has been helping you transmute your frustrating history with these types of souls you have been unfortunately tied to in this life and in past lives.  While you are still connected to them as family, co-workers or through projects and can't realistic jump ship, Uranus is ever so intelligently separating you by cellular and atomic frequency from the old drama, the old loyalties even though many times you have not agreed with their attitudes or approach to life.

     You have such a strength and maturity by nature, and love very deeply, are so amazingly loyal and feel like a natural guardian for those close to you, so I know sometimes it's hard to separate this loyalty from facts, but right now in December 2011 through 2012, something more irresistible is compelling you into better situations.
Life for you is about integrity, common sense, and correct management of projects, people, and plans, but it's also just as important for you to experience pleasure, happiness and satisfaction.  You also must feel a certain degree of respect and authority given to you to perform at your best.

  Leo is the star among all the stars! and I must say, the most radiant. So the Uranus in 2012 brings new interests, business, money and expansion.
  You are rapidly pulling together some plans for self and family that will really pay off in the future and bring everyone into a more protective and productive situation. Thjs will be true for all Leos except for a very small group born between August 20 through 23rd.  For this small group, you have suffered much in the past two or three years in the way of being forced by circumstances to give up your fondest dreams, and securities.  Especially from 2010 through January 2012.  It's almost over!!
Some very worthwhile goals you put your heart into may have had to be postponed for a while in order to sort through someones psychology or strong, get clear about your own purpose and truth.  You have the most amazing heart!  and the capacity to bounce back in 2012 and get back on track, get everyone whipped into shape, busy with a new plan and set your personal course for your vacation, that business idea, or educational activity in motion.

     The best time for social gatherings, marketing, training, progress with your money and business, and also a nice flow of good fortune with things working out with children is beginning June 13 2012 all through summer of 2013 with Jupiter in Gemini sextile your Sun.
Here is a fantastic period of time where trust runs high, you feel respected! Yeah! Friendships, fun, social gatherings, writing, teaching, promoting and marketing, education, confidence, and even some extra money should start flowing into your life during these dates, or if you have been paid well, maybe it's been running through your fingers because of the people close to you mismanaging it or using it all up!
Well, after January 2012, NO MORE!
     New plans, a New Year's resolution lets say can be put in place and you will really feel even better about these exciting activities once you get into Summer of 2012. If single, you may even fall in love again.

   Please set your house in order this year of 2012.
  Get your repairs done, get your partners and children to settle into  productive and practical goals that will feel very realistic and where you can see progress is obvious in their lives throughout 2012.  You can manage all these things very well, so move on it, and don't put it off just because you are exhausted from the past 3 years of Neptune or Jupiter draining you.

     It's important to set boundaries and implement plans and  get your money in order, your health good and strong now, before December 2012 throughout 2014.  When the end of the year comes, a new period of restrictions and limitations coming from one person only could happen with some Leos. This person was suppose to support you, help you or be there for you, and suddenly the energy has changed, and now a little karmic blip on the screen pops up late 2012, throughout 2013, and you find they might be too weak or down to help you for a while.
This blip shifts your Fiery enthusiasm into more realism about their inner world and turmoil.  So take care of yourself, your money, your home, your loved ones so no matter what might cause the hiccup, it won't catch you off guard at the end of winter 2012-2013, and you'll have plenty of resources to cushion you.

  The most important mission you will find yourself in this year is reminding people everywhere what they need to do to stay positive with emotions or their attitudes, and to not give up.  You will be relaying very mature reliable and extremely uplifting information to others this year...radiating so much reassurance and clarity, people will walk away and know all things are in order, and even though the world is going through this transition, there is a divine reason for it because the Leo said so.

For those Leos who are in precarious management administration positions where the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders, remember why you took this job.  Remember the honor and the challenge you knew would be on you at this time.  Well, you are now in that time that was once your future.
You must lead this world into the next era, through the crack in time, through this unknown portal of chaos.
You were born for this assignment and that is why you are there right now.   Feel your heart.  Feel the fire in your heart.  There are those around you who do not have that fire and they will argue and appear irrational in their decisions.  Have confidence now in your power, especially  after January 2012.
The loss of influence some of you may have felt over the past 12 years, will be gone now, and the brilliance and leadership is returning completely.  We need your are the Lion heart helping us through to the Golden Age coming soon.


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