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Solar Eclipse November 25 2011- Sagittarius Freedom

        November 25th 2011~ There will be a partial Solar Eclipse.   At 06:09UT,  Sun and Moon will be conjunct in 02*36’ Sagittarius, in a trine to Uranus and an inconjunct to Jupiter and  in a square aspect with Mars

      Open your Mind!  This Solar Eclipse which we are feeling right now and coming to a peak on November 25 2011 brings vision, inspiration, and deeper understanding into your life and on the planet everywhere.
  Something or someone can alter your perspective this winter, so no matter what the outer circumstances are, you are breaking the confines of your old negative feelings of apathy, boredom, or hopelessness.    Your mind is opening up to ideas and possibilities never before realized.  The liberation from mediocrity is beginning.

     Uranus, the planet that releases intense magnetic alteration and change frequencies, is in a powerful aspect ( a trine) to this Solar Eclipse this November.  And yes, you should be feeling it already!   This is multiplying the impact of this new cycle for you.

     Go put on your most inspiring favorite music right now, or your favorite DVD.  Go put it on.  Grab a tablet or piece of paper.  This is Sagittarius working.  It is the sign of ideas! It's helping you this fall and winter.

     1.  Think of the thing you most want to develop or accomplish or materialize.  Is it a project?  Is it something new you need to introduce into your work?  Is it a new attitude?  New friends or helpers?  Is it new technology or is it "What am I on this Planet for anyway?"

Write it down.  Write down your problem, and write down how you would like it to look or feel or be ultimately, and do it with this amazing favorite DVD or Music playing in the background.
Now, this part is important, but it might take a few minutes. 

2.   From the place of seeing your end results, close your eyes and imagine in front of you a Brilliant Golden Orb like the Sun and a person inside listening to your wish.  Believe me, it can hear you and respond.  
Tell this Magnificent Being your desire, your wish, like the Genie in the Lamp.   Take your pen and go to the first thing that pops into your mind you know you must have or do to reach this goal. ( such as, I want to buy a new car, so, I need to put an ad in the paper to sell my old one, or, I need to go car shopping and check out what I really like and put that energy in motion, or I need to find an extra on the side job to earn maybe a thousand dollars more a month for a while to get a down payment going, or whatever it is).

Don't worry about getting stuck or taking too long because Jupiter is in an awkward inconjunct to this solar eclipse so you are bound to hit at least one glitch during this cycle, but I promise it isn't permanent! That's because Uranus is trining the Eclipse providing continual energy to go all the way to the completion and success of this experiment with change.

Sometimes I have to go backwards with my steps....with 4 boys and crazy household over 30 years, I had to be ingenious.  For example, the most common and mundane goal of having a nice house  was crucial for me, yet exhausting.  Anyone with kids knows this can get out of whack in just a few hours!  So, I visualized how I wanted it to look. I needed  photos in magazines, to get me started. ( she needs house pictures to clean her house?)
So once I focused on the photos, and locked in, the next step would be re-creating that feeling or look or organization piece by piece in the rooms until I was completely done.  It might take me all day, but as long as I kept visualizing the ideal, it happened.!  

Can you do this with your yard?  With your outline of your business?  Your financial portfolio?  Your Diet? Your friendships?  Of course.  You just need the VISION LOCKED ONTO YOUR TARGET!  This is the Solar Eclipse action this winter.  Vision and Target. 
3.   Keep backing up and backtracking until you get to the place where you are right now,  just thinking about the target and get up and begin doing it is the very first step.  Get a picture, a book, an article on the web, a new diet, a photo of your perfect body or wardrobe, or hair, or portfolio goals, a vision board or matrix of everything you want for your security or home, or a new school for the kids and a happier outcome for everyone.  It doesn't matter.  This is a formula for everything, but you need the visual on paper written down or image of the thing in front of you.

4.  Now, Write down all the things that happen in your life that are interfering with this goal.  
" I want to have............but this thing keeps me from doing it....."  or whatever your interference is.
There is an answer to every single one of these problems that keep getting in the way!
Look at them..decide right now, they must be put under your firm control and not allowed to interfere anymore with your dream.

Now, write down ideas of how to get to this goal.  Do you need money?  Help? Time? Ideas?  Grab a friend, hire a coach, read a book, watch a movie, get on the net on YouTube and Google,     " how do I ........." .   Just keep writing and the more you focus on this, the more the plan will evolve.  

5.  Now, write down 4 things that will be discouraging or create unhappiness and regret in your life, if you never take any action towards reaching this goal. Realize at that point, you have no choice. You must accomplish this thing.

  With Jupiter inconjuncting this Solar Action, it might have to be in pieces or spurts or zigzaggy ways.  That is okay, and  that pattern should finally leave after January 2012.
6. The last step is to write down as many amazing things, inner confidence or incredible activities, experiences, peace of mind, positive energy, security, that you can think of, when you reach your goal and do not cave into the procrastination or neglect of the goal.   
       Mars moving into Virgo on November 10 2011 through July 3 2012,   square the Solar Eclipse is the gasoline on the fire.  It is the problem, frustration, injustice, or annoying situation you are in that you can no longer tolerate, and the energy moving through you to motivate you to change it.  It will analyze and plan and organize your affairs so you permanently change your situation and reach this worthy target.

Your original problem can now be
 seen for what it is...a matrix that must be changed!

So now, take this new cycle of the solar eclipse in Sagittarius and concentrate on one single are that archer pointing your arrow exactly at the bulls eye which is targeting your goal.
       We can use the same formula with world events also.  Research, asking this Higher Power for insight, truth and depth of motive behind the issues in the government, economy, and other key issues in the world.

We will also all begin to look more deeply into world situations and analyze what is behind all activities.  This has already begun, but more is needed because Mars is making a challenging stationary retrograde on January 23 2012.  It is bringing numerous crisis into an escalation mode of mega-drama by that date and much counter measures need to be in place for it to be calmed down and diminished or mitigated.  Get ready for weather, earth, military escalation, pressure to start another war, or an pandemic of some sort and an illogical analysis and report of issues explaining why there is no other way but using a  forceful way to control or intervene.
Millions of people are waking up and there will be more, and it will speed up. But we're in a bit of a race right now to checkmate the January 2012 date.
And the crisis events usually emerge a few weeks prior to the actual peak, so look for an escalation problems on around January 8th beginning.
A good example is the  growing perspective of revolutionary activities in the middle east, leading up to the recent confrontations with Iran.  No longer can people just take the news at face value but want to understand the motivation on all sides of these events.  People are studying, researching, getting educated.  There is a direct empowerment occurring within the brains and minds, the intellect and comprehension within all of us and it has massively accelerated this year alone!  
This must happen in order to stay on top of those who's belief is to dominate.  There are truths woven in with hidden activities and so, just as we have goals and targets in mind, so do the ones that want to rule without our best interest in mind.  Our Goals for the world and its positive outcome when reached, will be so strong and clear, there will eventually be no way anyone could take us down.

Example:  Brookings Institution Analysis on "Which Path to Persia"

   I'm beginning to believe more and more this quantum theory of the power of the observer changing the particle to a wave, or vice versa, or let's say, what we put our strong  concern upon, changes the thing we are observing.  Just at the exact moment that something is observed,  wave-particle is in a state of pure potential. When observed, the potential 'collapses' into a single entity—either as a particle or a wave.

 The act of observation—your attention— turns possibilities into reality.  It really does....but it sometimes requires doing it every single day for our personal things we are already deeply involved in.  But it will change it.  Remain active and watchful.    Remember,  without consciousness, everything would only exist as undefined potential or raw energy.  Whatever you observe—place your attention on—turns into reality, in some way.  Sometimes amazingly obvious....Literally!  It's back to that concept of being destined to being Co-Creators with God.

Now you understand why it is so important where you put your attention, and it is even more important what intentions you have. You are the designer, you create the blueprint that turns your thoughts into reality.   As we put our attention also upon world events and question research and analyze, wheels are turning and energy is in motion to solve the problem as you observe it.   Did you know that?   You can change your world, and the world.


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