Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturn Conjoins Arcturus-An Opportunity for Serious Transmutation

       November 9 -20 2011 holds the potential for 11 days of intensification of love and transmutation 
in this time of  escalation of disruptions on Earth. There are moments in time when a cosmic event comes around that has the potential of much grace and one of these events is seen in the coming together of the  Fixed Star Arcturus at 24 degrees Libra conjoining the planet Saturn this November 2011.

     Astronomical and astrological phenomena mirror God's timing, and this is one of those events which can mitigate what some would call an Extinction Level Event.  This psychic permeation with the internet of the impending disasters, is the misuse of the new cycle which began this 2011 of Neptune entering the sign of PIsces. Saturn is moving towards a conjunction with Arcturus this November to turn the tide of this wave of fear for one thing, and the predictions real or not.
     In addition to the shift that is naturally occurring by the alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Center and Rift, there are also other events in addition to this one, which need to be dealt with, now, that have absolutely nothing to do with this shift into love, 2011/2012.
    When Saturn is involved in any configuration, it requires the discipline and accountability of those who want to be Jedi.  We need to step up to the plate and put on the role we played many many years ago.
      The Light at this time, now through the end of the year, can be used for a very great cause. We will want to use it and call it down into our physical world and expect Miracles to occur.
The constellation Arcturus at 24* Libra is the place in Cosmos where the Violet Transmuting Flame emanates for all worlds to use.
 The violet fire is a magical intelligent electrical energy.  It is a brilliant glow, like a fiery haze of the most intense violet color.  It can be prayed into action. It responds to love and only love.
We can say, " God, Mighty God Presence in all the Universe, Great Mighty I Am, release your Powerful Violet Rays into the Earth and intensify now the powerful change needed to mitigate all unnecessary disruptions to our most precious Earth."  The Violet Transmuting Ray has the potential to Change circumstances.
This wonderful light the ancients used secretly to raise up their consciousness and their frequency to avert destruction of all kind, can be mastered by you, so easily!

     So, what does this mean, to use the violet ray?  The power of sound repeatedly through prayer, devotional mantras and decrees create waves that mitigate and roll back, shatter and successfully interfere with destructive forces.
  It is a science. Each mantra or decree has a unique affect upon matter and releases a different color and frequency.
There are mantras or decrees or prayers of love and desire for mercy, change, shift in consciousness, attitude, repentance, quickening, that release the color violet.  Other colors of the rainbow rays are also released through prayer, but for the request of mitigation, change, transmutation and eliminating burdens no matter how huge, violet is the key!

Beautiful Souls on wonderful Planets have being saved from dark forces by those powerful and courageous people and their use of the voice and heart combined releasing lightwaves of such power and frequency of love,along with their technology to remove the invader, and the planet had its victory.

These people knew a secret weapon.  It was the Word spoken combined with great love and vision to turn back their enemy or the oncoming danger. These negative forces always desire to mechanize whatever world they focus upon and then take over the resources everywhere.  But they know the sound of the souls who are from God; they know their vibration.
Have you ever heard stories of individuals recounting in the process of abduction speaking the word Jesus and the abomination flees?  The Word is a frequency they run from, and they can not duplicate or override its power and they are afraid of any one who uses this form of Sacred Word.

 An Astrological moment such as the one this November can release  shock waves around  the Earth and out into space to uplift,  heal and mitigate the disturbances, but will also act as a shield of love barring the entry of dark ones, possibly even coming as some kind of trojan object. What technology do we have that can mitigate any geocentric or space anomaly? Whatever is going to be said to the people on November 9, if anything, the power of the decrees, the Angels, the Mantras spoken and repeated, the meditative posture, should be at the heart of our solution.  Many are speculating it will be a national announcement that coincides with the recent astronomical fall events.

For many years I  have believed focusing upon the light and being prepared,  practical, and making  " the call" out loud to the angels, to God, in repetitive waves of sound has mitigated so many calamities which were predicted  many years ago by psychics and seers.  Negative Prophecy is to be changed! and so even repeating the "Our Father who art in heaven" prayer, or " The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want..." or the Rosary, or Tibetan and Buddhist mantras, or Kuan Yin Mantras is an incredible release of love and light!
THE KEY IS THIS: YOU MUST BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, become what you are saying, feel the power of God released through your heart as you are saying it and know that perfection for the world, for the universe, perfection and protection mantras is a weapon like no other. Know that God's intelligent presence created YOU for this reason! To change outcomes for the light! and..always say " Not my will Oh God, but Thine be done!"

A Few Astrological Reminders

     The movement of Uranus in conjunction with the United States Conceptional Chart's 4th house always creates upheaval of some kind but eventually changes the country's consciousness so that it can never return to the old ways it has suddenly grown out of. It can never go back. The theory of Uranus conjoining any person's 4th house, is to accelerate that person through an intense restlessness to evolve out of the souls' old familiar house, neighborhood, location, city, consciousness and lifestyle.  Once this process has completed, which usually takes 10 months of initial shock treatment depending upon how dense and stubborn we are to hang on to the familiar, one can see the truth all around him.  It's as if one's mind popped open and a larger reality and truth of everything in the world is presented. It is better this way, it's real, versus illusion and comfort.
This cycle began 3-4 years ago and made an exact punctuation of disruption beginning on March 1 through May 1 2011; September 20 through November 30, 2011, and January 15 through February 15, peaking exactly February 3 2012.

      Pluto has been in a loose square for a few years already to the planet Uranus creating the tension we see around us everywhere in the entire world.  This is not just in the U.S. ( Uranus square Pluto)
 It begins to make an exact intensified tension on June 2012 through 2015.

For the first time in the history of the United States of America, Pluto is opposing the U.S. Conceptional Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer in the 7th house;
January 17 2011, July 8 2011, November 20 2011,
and has been opposing its Venus at 3 degrees  Cancer in the 7th house;
March 8 2009; May 1 2009; December 26 2009;
August 8 through October 19 2010.

Pluto will then oppose the Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer in the 7th house March 14 2014 through May
17 2014; November 15 2014 through January 5 2015.

At the same time, the planet Uranus, which remember is following Pluto around in a 90 degree angle from 2012 through 2015, ( a square aspect), is also square the U.S. Sun at 13* Cancer in the 7th house on
April 17 2014; November 8 2014; February 2 2015.

All four of these, Uranus conjoin the U.S. 4th house;  Pluto square Uranus, Pluto oppose the U.S Venus, Jupiter and Sun; and Uranus square the U.S. Sun, are indicative of not only a potential invasion and the sudden necessity to  galvanize every possible technology and retaliating resources, but potential land movement and the Gold and Precious metals and our supply being allowed to be stolen from within.  This is because Pluto is transiting in the 1st house of our country, which is the personal presence in a nation, and it is the power manipulator within the astrological cycle, opposing the U.S. planets in the 7th house.  The 7th house rules the country's mannerism and posture with other countries.  The Pluto activity, working through individuals as a conglomerate entity, is extremely interfering with the original destiny of the U.S.' role with the world, economically.  With this interference, it is crippled to defend herself and other countries against any oncoming calamity. Could it be that Pluto represents also the Trojan in the 1st house as the saboteur?  Again, this has never occurred in this particular country's lifetime. Do you realize how important that is?  This is an event occurring of potential loss of our position in the world in the worst  way.  But, for the souls who have reincarnated here in this country from Atlantis, Lemuria and other advanced civilizations, it isn't the first time they have seen this happen. In fact, this is an ancient battle story which has been fought by many millions of souls on Earth in other times.

The difference between this moment in time and the past cycles is that we are meant to deal with these forces once and for all.
Again, a great wall of light must be invoked between Earth and Space, and between all those of Light and the disturbances in our environment, whether physical disruptions, activities in all areas of finance or political, or economic.  All obsessive preoccupations of oncoming disasters must be completely stopped.  Seal the chakras and the Aura and be aware of these potential situations, but refuse to allow it any power.  In addition to that practice, use your voice and command the Violet Fire to consume all oncoming debacle, within our world here on Earth, and from Without.
(More later.....)

      How can I express to everyone my deepest concern over the planetary issues which are escalating and which according to the repetitive and consistent input from intelligent sources point to September 11, September 20 through 30th, Oct 14-17, November 1-9, November 20-30th, December 20 through 30th?
How can I describe to you the urgency in my gut to take our security seriously since my first red flag wakeup call last January 2011?  A wake up call that took me from a semi-ignorant refusing to believe it all state of mind to one of action.
       Most of you have already studied so much more than I could have ever wanted to know last winter, yet, I am just the reminder, something is escalating, and with our attunment and our prayers, much can still be turned around.   The evidence is so crystal clear now we are in August, for you to take vacations with your preparation bags away from the tectonic plates, somehow on these dates.  All of the dates?  I don't know.  Which ones seem the worst?  Mostly the last week of September, and the first week of November.  Am I absolutely sure?  No. Is anyone sure?  No.  That's been the problem, and that is why these dates, and potentially more in 2012, have been so confusing and I have been so reticent to post anything too severe, since I do not believe in things being set in stone  Do I care and feel accountable for saying something?  Absolutely.  I would rather tell you, and have NOTHING HAPPEN, but have said my piece than to have neglected giving you the information.
Stay in tune and follow your hunches, because like the animals being guided just before an event, your intuition will not fail you.  Even more than animals, we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High, and everyone has a purpose, a divine purpose! and is most loved and needed now more than ever.
Be Safe,
Please know, my including of prayers and mantras, examples of spiritual tools is not to convert anyone, but to engage the warriors of light who have been born at this time for this purpose, to intensify the fire within our chakras to hold the balance, and mitigate if possible, cataclysmic events, small or great.   This is our purpose, to help the world and roll back the complicated drama involving natural and artificial interference trying to escalate at this moment in time.  It is NOT just a 2012 shift into higher consciousness Let's say, that should be the platform, the foundation, of course, of why we are here and what this is suppose to do for everyone. But can you believe there are those that do not comprehend how a higher spiritual Holy transcendance into a Golden Age could be possible without physically manipulating life everywhere or allowing a cataclysmic event to take place?

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