Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mercury Retrograde Oppose Neptune

"Unexplainable Throbbing Object in Summer Night Sky"

     This definitely falls under the category of Mercury Retrograde Oppose Neptune.  I am watching certain anomalies occurring on our Earth and around that are factual unusual situations and don't seem to be the typical National Inquirer junk.  I was so concerned I was seeing too much out there that was not just the ridiculous, that I pulled down articles in May from this site to take a bit of a break so I would NOT turn into a "Truther" obsessed with every little activity or thing that could be potentially a threat to our security.   And there is so much we all are discovering out there that has "fallen into our laps" that anything I could say at this point would probably be no big deal.

Anyway, please know, we are 11 months away from the exact Uranus square Pluto and this has been building up a pressure for a few years now, as these two planets have been moving closer into an exact 90 degree angle between each other.  This is the square forcing to the surface unusual and unprecedented upheavals in all areas of our Planet...and can be an additional energy contributing to the escalation of earthquakes and other unusual geo-physical events such as sink holes increasing around the globe and so many things, you can find them on other sites.  I say contributing, because I believe other astronomical activities are actually responsible for the unrest right now on the globe, and the Uranus square Pluto is actually more of a challenge for all of us for 5 years or so, to turn every single undermining consciousness on this planet around.  It will assertively expose and reveal more and more and more sabotaging activities, situations, old decisions and even phenomenon that were never meant to be in the first place. Any square like this will be the conflict between two forces. That which demands truth and transparency in order to preserve it, transform it, change it or discard it, and that which does not want to relinquish power.

So, the Uranus square Pluto continues to escalate its action of exposing that which has been here or "out there" but maybe we weren't ready yet to deal with these issues.  As this Mercury opposes Neptune now into August, Neptunian peculiarities and unexplainable activities, things, objects, circumstances will reveal themselves quickly to the awake ones.  There will also be powerful questioning directed towards old decisions that were made in the past in economic and political activities that just don't make any sense at the present moment. It's as if this Mercury in Virgo is contributing to the tearing down of the veils of Neptune's lies and hidden intentions.

"We have news out of Cornell University that sustains the view that Elenin is playing a direct part in causing large earthquakes.

Professor Mensur Omerbashich is saying that his “georesonator concept in which tidally induced magnification of Earth masses’ resonance causes seismicity.”   This trashes NASA’s assertion that the humongous earthquake we saw in   Japan and before that with the ones in Chile and New Zealand were   coincidental with alignments between Elenin, the Earth and the Sun.

The earth’s seismicity can arise as a natural response
of our planet to its alignments with other celestial objects.

Professor Mensur Omerbashich"

Are you all finding that the information and knowledge of this and that subject is becoming so overwhelming that you can hardly keep up with it all?
How can we get  all that is being exposed straight and what are we suppose to do with the information?
Today through November is another astronomical timeline of intensification of earth disruptions.  August 3, September 11, September 25 through 29,  October is an activated  month, and up through November 9.
So again, make sure you've got your bags with the "just in case" items, especially if you live on any one of the coastlines or areas where there have been an increase of earth disruptions in the past 6 months.  Stay safe, and remember, the vision we hold in our hearts of the future justice, future peace, future love and future abundance, is working! There is a process that is occurring.  The more we stay in that peace and hold the vision, the smoother this transition will be!

More later.........
CNN-EleNIN Article

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