Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Age of Morya and God Mercury

"There is so much for you to learn in order to acquire the wisdom 
of calmness and of action.  You must
discern masked faces and know how to 
make My Name the armor of each action. ..."

"...When many earthly apparati will have to be destroyed
because of their harmfulness, it will then be time to
bring humanity nearer by means of
a natural apparatus..."  Morya 1925 Leaves
Inside this Article:
  1. Dates of concern for fall/winter safety
  2. the Timing of difficult cycles for weather, earth disruptions, economy
  3. wake up and reverse the mechanization of society
  4. A recap of unusual activities on the planet
  5. 17 Alien invasion movies released fall 2010 through 2011
  6. Positive re-enforcing tools to strengthen
  7. Comments on the Internet movie, : the Quickening” by Wyatt.
Neptune moves into Pisces~April 2011 -2026 . During this cycle 
we can visualize the beautiful ideal of a Golden Age or be
seduced into the paranoia of end of the world scenarios.
The eruption from the unconscious of unresolved traumas 
and cataclysmic events from past ages, is surfacing. Subconscious
unconscious disturbances of the events surrounding the sinking
of Atlantis and records of the battle which left trauma on the soul are ripe
for transmutation. 
It is natural for people to obsess about something they don't 
want to go through, but unless powerful visualizing and prayer 
and devotion and a happy spirit be maintained throughout this
process of analysis, to replace the stressful thoughts and feelings, 
a psychic fog symbolic of the  chemtrails  creating a false sky will
continue to increase  and  magnetize far worse situations
     Each day experience the beauty, the ideal perfection of
imagery and emotion which brings intense happiness to you 
to sustain the emotion of love and kindness, protection safety
and security. The DNA requires the emotions of Love, powerful 
rays of love to open up the keys within.
This is the Alchemy of the Lightbearer. The Feeling of love
combined with an idea that will replace a negative activity or situation, 
combined with your voice commanding an affirmation,
then the thing you desire  to materialize
according to God's Will, will magnificently manifest.
This replaces monotony and robotic mechanization~the anti-creativity
which kills the souls' joy. Don't allow this to happen to you. 
The Age of Mercury is the Age of the old warriors' quickening. That Planet's 
spiritual history could hold the keys to our over coming the soulless race 
who desires to mechanize this beautiful earth and your beautiful soul.
Examples of affirmations below, but first a little history: 
      Once Upon a Time...
There were those who came to Earth who denounced God 
as Source and replaced Him with Science ...
These beings learned how to manipulate and control the 
electronic pattern behind everything physical materialization. 
These beings believe they are the Law and are gods, our gods. 
They are called the Nephilim, and some the Annunaki, fallen ones.
They did manipulate life genetically.

Many on earth who were already losing their spiritual faculties ages ago
became contaminated with the Nephilim's arrogant attitudes.  
These fallen ones, evolved and increased their ability to control matter.   
     It was a combination of advanced technology 
and psychic mind control altering gravity and matter 
on every level you can imagine.

     These beings come and go, but left remnants here on earth,
some in the same bodies since they learned to maintain their bodies 
through genetic manipulation, and stealing our genes and 
endrocine system's hormonal liquids and some
reincarnating into human form, but have no souls no heart flame,
thus no contact with God, and some left in their crafts to return.
     They are superior at battering God's people
with a variety of psychic astral and technological 
energies projecting confusion, disorientation, fear and ignorance. 
It leads to weakened health and energy, so people stay
in a constant state of stupor, powerlessness and dependency.

     These fallen angels taught people how to use
material machines and drew them away even further
from the inner mysteries and natural power within their
own chakras and Pineal gland by pulling them into a 
preoccupation with the outer material world. Today it is
as an interference with the crown chakra by day by all types of
outer technological assaults and bombardment to pull the attention
out towards the electronic stimulation, whether personal technology
or artificially created microwaves, and in sleep, the process
of pulling the person out via the crown to attempt to alter the soul.
It's time for the armor and the shield.

     They effectively decreased the worth and value 
of each person's soul. They genetically created 
people with no souls to:
A. Be slaves so they would 
not have to physically do all the work, and
B. genetically programmed these mechanical creations 
with a personality gene that would mock 
the people of the light, by cynical sarcasm and 
intellectual superiority to diminish and humiliate
the lightbearer. Since the lightbearer did not know
this type was a mechanically engineered being with 
an agenda, the average beautiful son or daughter of
God was caught up in the tangle of trying to appease
this condescending personality devoid of empathy. 
This dance for some, occurred over a long period of time.  
Souls of light 
naturally care through the heart 
with all life, and avoids antagonism and separation.
So, their spiritual self image was diminished, as they 
attempted to behave naturally forgiving and take 
false responsibility for all inharmony.  The lightbearers 
forgot who they were.

These beings were not invited by God or mankind into the earth. Some Laggards were invited, but these are renegades hitchhiked into the wave and slipped in uninvited to rape and pillage our resources and our bodies.

They brought creatures they created from their planet; 
sort of intelligent but not created by
God. They were created by scientists on other 
systems of worlds. They were mechanical w/o souls. 
They spread darkness, oppression, infiltrating every
part of mankind. Not one part of them and their creation 
ever possessed the same beautiful electronic pattern and casual body as God's people.

Some of these creatures have never left, some have
re-embodied and look human, some may have left,
and return in cycles, either every 3600 years, or every 12,000 years. 
There are theories of two cycles of the return.

In the bible it has been told the enemy has sown tares 
among the wheat.  Their description is everywhere in the sacred scriptures.

There is only one high and invincible power that
can eliminate them, it is the Fire of God through the
power of intensifying the flame within the chakras,
increasing soul power, and using the violet flame. 

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn ( 2012 ~ 2015)  Yet another version

This square is about the awakening ones ingeniously replacing the Plutoneon
power and massive 
control with the excellence of skill and harmlessness.  It will do this in every
single activity and field
that is necessary to evolve humanity to a golden age.  Uranus is also truth. 
from 2008 through 2016
( a broader scope of this square's activity) truth has come down like a
lightening storm 
forcing its way into our conscious mind, exposing the bizarre and
unimaginable activities.
 The exact peak is June 26 2012,   and I'm beginning to see the Uranus
as the community of the warriors of the light who have returned, 
in direct conflict with Pluto/ the Nephilim for one last time.
  By their fruits ye shall know them. They run on the track of the 
lower mind and do  not have the potential for wholeness and can never 
reach the vastness of the Mind of God,  therefore can never comprehend
the Magnificent Plan of Light for those of light on Earth. 

( Here I would like to say, approach all life with love and bless everything 
and everyone in your heart.
Judge not lest ye be judged, yet don't be ignorant of the dark
things occuring on the planet.)

Some facts to ponder....

In 1975 a man named former CIA official Victor Marchetti wrote a best selling
book called the CIA and the Cult of Intelligence.

The CIA took him to the Supreme Court to block the book.
It was the first book in u.s. History to be censored by the U.S.  Government.
He then in 1979 wrote an article how the CIA views the UFO phenomenon.

He said this subject is so sensitive you did not talk about
it even inside the Agency unless you had a need to .

11 years in the CIA intelligence he believed no government 
on the earth would release the information on UFOS
because it would jeopardize the status quo, their power. 
Even if there's no hostile intent from them (the aliens).

He said the governments themselves, have discussed 
they have everything to lose by admitting they exist
and what they are doing here. Marchettie believes 
it will probably come out by some action of the phenomenon itself, 
not by the government.

During the 2011 through 2026 period of Neptune In Pisces, 
By continually focusing upon the outer world, and the
phenomenon of the end of the world, or other mesmerizing 
cataclysmic events, the people give power of their third eyes 
and chakras' light to that outer material and extraterrestrial 
world  in which they are trying to comprehend and wrap 
their mind around it, and maybe even compete or master
it, thinking that way we could survive it and not be 
destroyed or enslaved by it, if we could just figure it out, 
what are they up to, why are they doing what they are 
doing.....”What is that to thee, follow thou me.” Neptune in Pisces.
Remember Medusa....don't look directly at it all the
bad stuff....your emotions will not only re-enforce it, 
but infect you inside and weaken your inner power.  Jedi tactic.

Dates of Prosperity and Safety.........June 4 2011 – June 11 2012

Jupiter in Taurus right now is buying us all time to pull our money, business
and financial
physical plans together.  This year Jupiter is in Taurus, June 4 2011 -June 11 2012.
July 1-15, 2011, October 20 - November 10, March 1-20, 2012, Jupiter and Pluto 
will be in an earth trine holding the balance for the economy, the earth, ingenious
farming, building greenhouses, erecting solar panels and preparing for 
self sufficiency, advanced  engineering and technology along with getting 
back to some basics,  acquiring machines, devices, equipment, and  new uses 
for metals.
This cycle is generally good for wealth.

Pluto in Capricorn will make an earth trine to the U.S. Sun at 10* Taurus
on January 2012 through December 17 2013.  
The most serious cycle of implementing a new period of economic growth,
realism, prosperity, 
and financial reform, respecting the Gold Standard and other ingenious activities
to pull back our country and the world from economic debacle.

 These will be the years and several decades following this cycle  of the greatest
exertion of Will and Power and sweat and blood from all of us, to transform
protect and preserve and create the world the way it needs to be. Think of every earthy
physical goal you have for your life, your business, professional skills, school, money, savings,
building, survival, physical, and this is the cycle of tremendous accomplishment for you.
Many powerful plans will be put into place in so many ways. When Pluto is in trines
( 120 degree angle with another planet) it rules pure energy to go to the core of any
situation, and with great strength and focus, move that undesirable situation into
a better and more prosperous place, including our economy and a new treasure,
market, money and industry all over the globe. 

 Jupiter in Taurus at 10* conjoins the U.S. Sun in the 9th house.
 August 11 through September 18 2011 and
February 2012 through March 20 2012.

Red flag warning time to get our act together, like a grace is being extended. 
 Learn, Plan, fix up your education, your career security, your extra food, water
and supplies, tighten up your home, pack up a "just in case " tub for the trunk of the car.

When Jupiter trines Pluto from July 2011 through March 2012, we  act on the
new ideas and get them in our physical homes, lifestyle, we incorporate the new plans.

Positive time for conservative expansion of ideals and dreams,
reaching your dreams and being
mature and realistic about one's nature and abilities. Positive time
for relationships, partnerships,
love, reaching aspirations, moving forward on goals.
Saturn trines Neptune   December 1 through February 20 2012; 
September 15 - Oct 20 2012
The stabilization of all things peculiar, toxic, invisible, previously unresolvable, 
disturbing, oil, gas, radioactivity in water, vapor, liquifaction, illusions and mirrors...
.events which 
could create public panic and disorder.  A plan is discussed among all people
and communities, naturally and logically, with great ingenuity and it rapidly 
gains acceptance and everyone is beginning to implement the new plan.
It took time to accept the truth, but now everyone is 
getting ready. 
Pluto in Capricorn 2008 through 2025  Excellent cycle for
studying history, political progress and
economics.  Perfect time for tuning into your own life purpose
and blueprint, and know you can realize  your Divine Purpose!  This is for
you personally, and it will be manifested in every nation on Earth. 
This is a new  blueprint from the Great Cosmic Mind and  began a few years ago,
January 25 2008 to be exact and continues up to September 1, 2024. 
The last cycle this occurred was the Declaration of Independence from 
the abuse of power and the courage of claiming  America, our land free
of Nephilim control. This would be January 7, 1762 to January 26 1778.
So is it possible that from now up to two years before 2024 COULD REPEAT
a time of our final declaration of Independence January 2008 through 2024. 

Transiting Pluto at  5* Capricorn in the U.S. conceptional chart oppose the conceptional
U.S. Jupiter at 5* Cancer,( 2011) and U.S. conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer ( 2014-2015)
Opposition to our security and economy and potential - November 8 through 20th 2011. 
Uranus moves into the U.S. Conceptional 4th house with 
stressful aspects.
Transiting Uranus alone making stressful aspects globally
with other planets.
these aspects are coming from the  U.S Chart but it 
will  affect the rest of the planet)

These dates may  not be too convenient for travel and vacationing, and potentially
hold danger from terrorist attacks And btw, during a 4 hour webinar last June 2011
Richard Hoagland ( which I was very pleased I sat through to the end)  
 powerfully emphasized he wouldn't be surprised if they blew up
comet ELEnin at the last minute as it approaches Earth because it served its purpose. 
And he and the panel always believed it was never a real comet, and found it very 
interesting YU55 flies by exactly on November 8 over the Moon.  Hoagland described 
YU55 as having an odd movement and smooth perfectly spherical appearance, and not
rotating as other comets do, coming very close to Earth, 
the same time we sail through the dust debris of ELEnin, and the same day the Gov
sends out a national test on all the air waves Nove 9 at 2:00 pm.  
Could this comet as some have said be just a huge distraction? What are we being
distracted from? 
Just keep an eye out.

( Challenging Uranus dates...transit to transit, and to U.S.)

 March 1  2011 through April 14 2011 (began the first wave of disruptions 
as it entered the U.S. 4th.)
October 13 2011~ 2nd peak of Uranus conjoin 4th house cusp
November 20 2011 Mars conjoin the U.S. Natal Uranus 
November 12 2011  Mars Inconjunct transiting  Uranus  
February 2 2012    3rd peak of Uranus conjoin 4th house cusp
March 31 2012 - May 8 2012  ...Transiting Uranus Inconjuncts transiting Mars stationary direct.
May 10 - June 30 2012 Transiting `Uranus square transiting Pluto
July 18 2012 - Transiting Mars oppose transiting Uranus
August 20 - October 30 2012; `Uranus square transiting Pluto
April 20-June 15 2013; `Uranus square transiting Pluto
September 3 2012  ` transiting Mars  inconjunct transiting Uranus
November 10 through 25 2012` transiting Saturn inconjunct transiting Uranus
October / November 2013;   `Uranus square transiting Pluto
April 2014   `Uranus square transiting Pluto
December 2014   ~Uranus square transiting Pluto
February/March 2015   `Uranus square transiting Pluto
March 17, 2019   over
     The 4th house of the United States represents not only to us who live here, 
but to the world, the base of the pyramid, the stability and rock in which we
build our dreams. Its the area of the chart which governs the dirt, the ground,
the Earth's crust and mantle, its metals, caves, bunkers, mining, earth's resources, 
all of them, the earth's  core, secret hiding places, tunnels and pathways,and under
the sea in deep faults rifts, and shifts.  It also rules the metal Silver. 
Uranus in the 4th shakes up these areas, or creates serious
unexpected attacks, disruptions and calamities here. It increases 
the disruptive and potentially dangerous unexpected accidents or
complications with microwave -weather- earth atmospheric and 
earthquake technology causing all forms of aberrations in our
natural environment, space and space aircraft technology.
The Uranus moving into the 4th, can  dramatically escalates  earth changes
and weather patterns  in the Earth over the next 5 to 10 years.
This Uranus was in this position in 1760, 1843, 1927, and 2011 to 2019,
each time lasting about 8 years. The reason this cycle is so unique is because
of our solar systems' position with the Galactic Rift and Great Central Sun Alignment.
In my December 2010 America Article on Starfires I wrote :
"Our very land, borders, boundaries, cities become unstable, disruptive.  
Weather, earthquakes, fire, explosions... country needs to be in an increase
level of alertness during this period.  This transit occurs every 80 years or so years.
People could be motivated to move to safer places. iIf this were a person's 
transits for this time, they might sense it's time to move, or they longer fit 
into their neighborhood. Our country could feel displaced in the world, 
feel foreigners or alien type of activities and laws and people, outsiders
disrupting our way of life. This continues for seven to eight years."

Possible  artificially created 6.9 earthquake in Virgina straight across from

Trinidad area Colorado's 5.3 and 4.5 and 12 others occurring on same day,
with Oklahoma city earthquake in center point creating a straight pathway between Rocky Mts
and East Coast disruptions.  Seismic Graph show anomaly in Earth Movement not normal for Earthquake patterns.
The possibility of Volcanic plumes seen venting out of dormant volcanoes....... 
first seen week of July 28 2011.
6 plumes erupted in 12 hours  July 27 - 28- 29 2011 in California/Nevada/Oregon.
 2 plumes appeared near Shasta days later.

Undersea Volcano erupting off shore of Oregon ..Volcanic Eruption Off Oregon Coast.

Much discussion has occurred recently over Nuclear facilities being built over fault lines
and the question is, why?   This may not be a fragile earthquake zone but a nice example,   a
3.7  Earthquake Washington State September 4, 2011
  in exact location of  4km long interferometer GRAVITY sensor array at the
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.  
It is right next to a nuclear facility.   46.408°N, 119.266°W

HAITi and Chili Quakes
I try to keep up with weekly earthquake forecast and there tons of 5.0 and over
happening every week. It has escalated up 51 %.

The buzz around is some of these quakes are not natural...but artificially created
for whatever reason. Even now the one in Virginia.
 Dead Fish, Birds falling dead out of the sky and Crabs, Sea life dead washed up on
the shores...this is not normal at all, and is occurring because of abnormality somewhere.
 Crazy mega sinkholes increasing 2010-20??

November 9 2011 National Emergency Test using new equipment.
Nov 9 announcement test......
FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), will conduct the first nationwide 
(November 9 on same day as earth moving through tail debris of comet
and comet YU55 zips over moon),
Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test on
November 9, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.
FEMA, the FCC, and NOAA’s vision for improving the EAS is incremental, which means testing the readiness 
and effectiveness of the EAS as it currently exists today is the first step.
A more effective and functional EAS requires continual testing to identify necessary 
improvements so that all levels of the system can better serve our communities 
and deliver critical information that will save lives and property.“Although the EAS 
is frequently used by State and local governments to send weather alerts and other
emergencies, there has never been a national activation of the system.The purpose
of the November 9, 2011 Test is to assess the readiness and effectiveness of the
current system and identify incremental improvements to better serve our
communities in the preservation of life and property.”
On November 9 Uranus will trine the U.S. Natal is a positive community nation wide, world wide release of truth, direction, admittance to something to the public, and a bonding together of a unified truth to get prepared in some way It is also bringing some facts to the table. It will return again, December 25 through January 7 2012.
Whether there is actually an announcement on that date by the president, or it is just a routine test truly using new equipment, something out of the ordinary in a revelation and insight that will protect our future and bring to us a clearer course of action, will occur. A truth will finally begin to completely emerge.  
The second peak of a Uranus trine, the November 9th date,  is always the strongest and continues to electrify our minds with truth and exposure all the way to the third peak, January 7 2012. It will specifically cut the lightbearer's free on all levels, to become galvanized into an independent action, for the protection of our way of life on every level. It is ingenious and affective. This is the alchemists' perfect astrology cycle for achieving the desired results !!
 Mars Retrograde January 23, 2012 at 23 degrees
January 13 - February 2 2012  Mars conjoins U.S, Neptune Exact. 

The Space is becoming dense, and the rays of Mars will be drowned in the 
Light of the Mother of the World."  M.             Leaves 1925 pg 133 Agni Yoga

I was reminded of a peculiar activity called "emotional farming"  which is certain types of fallen ones ( the ones described above) harvest emotions because they have none, and so they need emotional energy.  This Mars conjoin the U.S. Neptune will be an interesting time to see if indeed some large event breaks into the physical..which could create any kind of mass emotional distress.   
Could it be true, that there is a harvesting of emotions coming from our Chakras just as those would harvest crops, or livestock, etc??  Lets not give it any chance to precipitate into that situations, shall we?
This cycle could also be an Intense period of criticism and super analysis of financial, economic global crisis, election debates, election issues, investigation and questioning of candidates' positions all beginning on this January 2012;
Escalation of productive talks over land, security, borders, toxins, and sleuthing out secrets and with amazing technology discovering terrorists agendas and locations.

January 11 through January 30th 2012 is entire time it is building up to some kind of aggressive movement somewhere in the world, military, reaction to an invasion or some other kind of potential natural disaster which could require great sacrifice from many people to correct the situation.
 Look up Virgo, the categories of some time of affliction or crisis in the area of Virgo; animals,
agriculture, purity and quality control in food, water (U.S. chart) high levels of radiation from Pacific?
Service, military, health departments, employment, jobs, work force, microbes, tiny particles.

.March 27 through May 12 2012 Mars goes direct..
..Mars is moving from retrograde to direct at 3* Virgo and inconjuncts Uranus at 3* Aries
. I'll post more about this on my blog, to get into the nitty gritty of week by week timing.
This could be another cataclysmic event, and when an inconjunct is involved, such as in the
last March through April mercury retro, it is possible that either the situation is so grave,
the powers that be feel the need to step in and get involved in some way, such as when
the flooding occurred in the Madrid fault states, they felt the need to add an additional 
water to the area by blowing the levee and moving people out of their homes.  
Remember Mars will be in Virgo which also governs not just military involvement, but also  machines, devices, engineering, and our jobs and employment, and service.
An inconjunct is a terrible inconvenience we feel helpless to turn around at that time. 
Weather atmospheric and Earth manipulation comes under the category of Uranus in the 4th, as it pertains to the dangerous accumulative affects these microwaves have had for the past several year upon the earth and atmosphere. This has been going on for a while, but was the most obvious on the week of April 25 through 4/27 in the southeast.
Many are convinced HAARP was used in Chili, Japan and possibly Haiti Earthquakes....
(April 28 2011 Anti-HAARP device on Dutchsinse interview.)
John Hutchinson using electromagnetic manipulation and frequencies..he invented...using anti haarp device
. Via waves. In the back of his van.
This interview included John Hutchison's plans to send out a frequency to be picked up by as many people as possible, and rebroadcast from certain points around the world by HAM and SHORT WAVE radio operators.

The plan is to counteract the radioactive nuclides in the air / water using resonating frequencies.. VLF to UHF.

New Energy Series 2: John Hutchison Part 1 --

My reason for including John's device was this:  I often believed vibration coming from the human heart and voice
can counteract HAARP.  I applauded John for inventing this device to roll back the frequency waves mechanically,
but think I'd rather do it with my affirmations to the Angels!

On top of all this, who wants to have to consider an Alien Invasion? 

Is it a scripted fake? A Hoax? But for what purpose?   Could it be True? 
Is there already a war going on between different factions attempting to take control over Earth's resources and the population underground and in space? Or is it all of it?

( List of Alien Invasion and other Alien warning movies from fall 2010 through 2011)
Remember the war of the worlds broadcast and the panic which spread through the public, not knowing it was a hoax? just seems very suspicious these movies are coming out and documentaries.......escalating a low grade panic among many.
We need to stay out of the fear of the fixation upon an Alien Invasion which has
permeated the airwaves this year especially, and move into the power of your hearts,
and will not happen.

  1. Falling Skies
  2. Paul- two British comic book geeks run into an Alien outside of area 51.
  3. Battle Los Angeles
  4. Cowboys and Aliens Arizona ( most disturbing do they know this stuff?)
  5. Monsters - directed by Gareth Edwards super sized aliens have landed in Mexico and a huge portion of the country has been quarantined and walled off while the military fights the greatest. A photo journalist hires a guide to travel through the infected zone in search of a girl.
  6. Michael Bay “ Confidential Alien Project.” about Alien Abductions
  7. Skyline ....aliens swoop down in ships, sucking people up into ships...dodging giant prowling aliens and escaping mysterious blue lights that absolutely wreak havoc on people's skin. 
    Includes serious scenes of military and UFO's war scene.
  8. Battleship - based on the board game:"There's a group of life forms from some other 
    planet have come to our planet for something. They've got a very specific agenda. 
    That agenda is not global domination. It's an agenda and that agenda puts them 
    into conflict with members of our military.
  9. Alien 5 Ridley Scotts' series
  10. Super 8- an alien being transported in a train, the train wrecks and the alien gets out..
    he just wants to go back home and begins building a ship....he eats people, and the military quarantines the town.
  11. Area 51...3 teens enter area 51
  12. Predator 2
  13. The Darkest Hour group of young tourists stranded in Moscow after an alien attack
  14. the Event-The plot centers on a group of aliens some of whom have been detained by the U.S. Gov for sixty-six years since their ship crashed in Alaska, while others have secretly assimilated among the general populace
  15. V
  16. Ancient Aliens- The history channel which was the most revealing of what was going on behind the scenes to me...and its premise, that they are our original gods and creators , by taking every reference in ancient texts which refer to God, and translating it into possibly meaning the Annunaki. This series is extensive, and there are some 12 I believe documentaries which is the series that began to cause the public alarm, wondering" Hey, what are they preparing us for anyway?"

  1. The Discovery Channel- When Aliens Attack. May 2011  Link to Movie
    This documentary is the most disturbing of all...someone put an incredible amount of analysis into this movie describing from the government's first awareness of objects entering the area around Earth in space to the survivors using common items to battle and outsmart them when the military fails....Nick Pope UK military of defense, Travis Taylor, ( Alien invasion: How to Defend  Earth) and Michael Michaud, one of the authors of the UN’s protocol for alien contact 
    ( Contact with Alien Civilizations)  and appearances from other credible sources,
    (Brian De Toy – LtC director of defense studies, west point.
    tracing devices, satellites detect and defend against space threats, systems in place airborne or space threat...telescopes, etc...)
    describe in great graphic detail the plans of military preparedness not if but when they come. Hint hint, narrator...”it's not an asteroid coming close to earth, but what is it?”
    Read synopsis here by Tim Evans supervising producer.
Documented Expose on Phil Schnieder
shooting 7 foot tall grey aliens in underground cavern and Ed Fouche area 51 employee revealing alien technology incorporated into military.
Military u.s. Space command in Peterson Airforce Base Colorado

The technology for advanced space flight, ground and space defense, and any number of amazing discoveries can be found on sites such as

Extraterrestrials interfering with Nuclear Missle Bases
On September 27, 2010, less than a month before the incident at F.E. Warren, six of those individuals participated in a UFO-Nukes Connection press conference in Washington D.C. and described UFO activity at F.E. Warren's missile sites—as well as those located near Malmstrom AFB, Montana and Walker AFB, New Mexico—in the 1960s and '70s. Another participant, a former deputy base commander, discussed his own 1980 sighting of a disc-shaped object that hovered near a nuclear bomb storage depot and apparently directed laser-like beams of light down onto it.
The press conference received tremendous media coverage, resulting in thousands of online and print articles as well as broadcast news stories worldwide. CNN streamed the event live...I watched it, and they were humble factual and genuine military, coming out and relaying their personal experiences.

( I deeply apologize for putting you through this, but I promised I would get this out; and now here is the antidote below)

The Antidote

All of these undesirable situations above deteriorate and fall apart against one weapon. Do
you want to know what it is?  A person who is vibrating an an incredibly high frequency all
the time.  How does one get to that high frequency?

The prayers, the meditations, and the affirmations and decrees,are they key, and there are
many 1,000's of people who have been engaged in these for years, and they are  working! 
Let's keep it up ...until every last threat has been dissolved in the fires of love, the power of 
love, the wisdom of love.   Remember, at the beginning of this extremely long article, was the matrix.
The all seeing eye of God inside your own head.  The process of creating with God's particles of love,
a magical beautiful world, so lovely and concrete,  degree by degree, astrology cycle
by astrology cycle, it will replace the old outworn world and all its traumas and ancient
visitors, who never belonged here in the first place.
Stay out of the hypnotic preoccupation of doomsday Internet.  It is counterproductive 
to our visualization.
This piece of work is to simply present the dates and only some of the issues which 
must be replace with perfection and order and a higher standard. 
2011 and 2012 and beyond, comet or no comet, reveals something possibly interfering 
with our modern 
way of life which we have become very used to, so I still stand on my position to be prepared, but not scared. Stay focused, that is our test. Stay focused on what each one of us knows we are responsible for, and do it beautifully, with love, kindness, art, music, theatre, joy, and acts of service.   Remember to visualize and meditate daily upon all things which are the ideal of the perfect
world for you, your family, and the planet. The cities, the countries, the economy, you can go
as far as you like.
As for me, I am visualizing a blinding cobalt electric blue-teal sheath around the entire Planet Earth, and then around every country and every constructive person and their business.  I pray and say out loud for this to completely reverse any negative activity or disruptive event no matter what.

I'll finish this with a fascinating list of links regarding our own Sun changing. I believe this is the purifying agent bathing all planets and us with a step up of accelerating particles because of the solar system's new movement from 1998 to present into the Galactic Center.  This is the shift, in my opinion, not really caused by the Mayan comet, dwarf Marduk, Nibiru, or companion comets, etc...described in " the Quickening" by Keith Wyatt. No offense intended. ( decided to NOT comment on "The Quickening" except I found it had a hypnotic subconscious permeating wave that seemed to attempt to lull me into a passive state. accept the comet's and planet's destiny to 
instigate a spiritual oneness shift in my consciousness if I would just let go all my fears!
...I thought God was doing it, geez,
please help me out here...comments welcome.)

Thank you for your reading through all this material, and dates, and foreign astrological jargon for some of you.   I needed to get this off my chest.  I leave you with some exciting news about our own Sun. What I gather, and I'm open to astronomical correction, is that our Sun is emanating a new particle which is having an amazing affect on DNA.   Remember the DNA is where the power is, and activated by love.  LIke a DNA upgrade.  Enjoy..

* The Interstellar 'Etheric' Cloud Index * Essential Background Information

* Strange cosmic ray hotspots stalk southern skies *

* Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle? *

* The Sun Influences the Decay of Radioactive Elements *

* Mysteriously, Solar Activity Found to Influence Behavior of Radioactive Materials On Earth *

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