Sagittarius 2017-2018

Forecast for Sagittarius  2016-2018
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You are born with an innate need to explore, be on the move, experience new places to eat, towns to check out and social venues to enjoy. Travel, whether close to home or far away brings renewed zest into your mind. You have a spirit of adventure, and a bit of a dramatic global and truly large scope perspective on just about everything. Many Sagittarians wish to speak several languages as they want to feel internationally connected.
Your priorities in life are all about freedom and liberation, not only physically, but also your mind. Sometimes a problem develops with how passionately you form an opinion with your unique and open insight, almost prophetic I would say, however, it's important to try to be just as open and accepting with another's' perspective and passionate opinion even though you believe they are wrong.

Being on some sort of crusade to bring a larger awareness of an issue to others makes you the happiest. Your positive outlook is your greatest asset. This outlook you have on life naturally avoids any critical, complaining, negative fixating as if it were the most annoying state of consciousness one could ever be in. Hence, good fortune follows you throughout your life, because of your true goodwill nature towards others, and optimistic positive thinking.
It isn't that you don't see the problems, you simply replace them with a powerful philosophical or spiritual understanding to bring you back to happiness.  It helps you get off it and move on with a more wonderful state of being. Some might say you are brushing off certain details that might have been seriously important to another person. It’s good to slow down sometimes and make an attempt to have empathy over someone else's’ complaints, yet the other side of this is the understanding that many of these individuals fill their lives with nit picky petty fault finding, and you’re done with that.

Saturn in Sagittarius conjoin Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you are halfway through this approximately 2 ½ year cycle which began at the end of 2014-through December 2017. When this planet Saturn moves over your Sun Sign, challenging realities come at you to handle and contemplate. They could have everything to do with an authority person, a parent, a partner or someone over you in some way.
The body can feel the pressure, but mainly it is the intensity of handling truth and some form of hampering your natural spontaneity. It is a once in 29 ½ year cycle where you are having to be the example, be seriously work and goal driven and harness the intensity of the discipline. Are you required to deliver some form of professional excellence, handling financial issues successfully and maturely, or be more aware of those who are not following normal behavior and deal with them?
Are you dealing with anyone who has issues with boundaries, honesty, reliability or consistently? Do you trust them freely or are you having to monitor them in some way? Is there a strange sort of synchronicity occurring all around you with how you are coming up with clues and information to guide you to the truth? ......MORE IN FULL REPORT

Uranus in Aries trine Sun in Sagittariuspoppy-163304__180.jpg

This  cycle is very stimulating and exciting for you and will come mostly one time in your life, possibly twice in your lifetime. A trine from Uranus to any of our planets, but especially our Sun, is dynamic, exciting and creates breakthroughs in our life. This particular one is in fire signs, so you are looking at a time of intense feelings, will, drive to motivate self and /or others to accomplish some pretty powerful changes and fun in your life. I would not be surprised if your dynamic outspoken self really comes out in the open even more boldly during this period. You are brave, bold and totally telling people like it is.
This cycle is different from the others, because it is quick like lightning, fireworks and  brings electric change. Inspirations can come suddenly out of nowhere! The most wonderful quality of this aspect is the opportunity to be cut free from suffering and realize a liberation where once there was oppression. Truth comes out all over the place, so if you have felt something was not right, you will eventually know what it’s all been about.

If you are stuck in some challenging situation and see no end, Uranus will come into your world and transform the entire frustrating situation into one of liberation and a new day! I can’t promise it will all come out the way you would like, but it will alter your situation. Certain frustrating situations begin to get resolved in one form or another. It is important to cooperate with the situation and do whatever it takes to take advantage of a new start when it shows up.
So this is a very nice exciting astrological cycle to feel liberated from oppression, even those situations you have been enduring for so so so long!! It can bring new relationships into your life also. Relationships with others where you feel they really get where you are coming from and understand your abilities.
It can open the way for a career acceleration.
There might be new job, new friendships, new communities or groups to join or interact with.
Possibly you could be introduced to a new style, new methodology, new software new technology, or a new type of healing you definitely need for your future happiness.
You will see these particular cycles coming in - emotional and mental impulses and excitement, pushing you to make that necessary change for you to finally feel happier and feel like you are moving forward with your life and getting out of the stuck old doldrums.  Remember, no matter if your dates match below or not, all Sagittarius are receiving this stimulating desire to improve their lives and trigger revelations, deceptions and hypocrisies in a courageous major way, throughout 2010--2019!

Now there is a mystical side of this cycle which has to do with a kind of spiritual transcendental truth being given to you about things in which you have suffered through. If you pay attention and trust the insights you are being given at this time,  you’ll begin putting a puzzle together, and many times, it is the solving and resolving of this puzzle that could have been trailing on from even past lives.  It is like a scavenger hunt and each piece is creating a picture of truth only for you. You will come out of this period smarter, wiser, and touched by a higher mind comforting you with an important truth. Something has decided it is time for you to know certain things truly important for your soul.  It is also time to begin spiritually or psychologically coming up higher once again.

Your dreams or impressions are important. You might be experiencing  a strange synchronicity such as continually thinking about certain problems in your mind or issues and literally within a few days running into a book or movie or a person that presents the answer. Synchronicity is the key here! It is commonly accompanied with a “not quite in your body” feeling, and electrical charge all over. You are being quickened with the new insight.
The answer can be an outright factual communication of how to solve this problem through someone who just happens to come into your life at this time.  But many times, it's in metaphor or story or a strange coincidence at a movie or a book and lo and behold you find yourself watching the movie, or reading the story with great detail with all the emotion and intricacies of exactly the problem that you're going through in your life that you've been asking for resolution. You put the book down, or walk out of the movie with magic all around you now, and a greater sharpness of purpose for your life occurs.  Something changed in your world, and you feel.......More in full report...

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